8 Graphic Design Trends In 2022

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The events of 2020 had a long-term impact on graphic design trends. We've already experienced the pandemic. The #StopAAPIHate movement and the Black Lives Matter movement gained popularity. Climate change has also wreaked havoc on our lives. Plus, there are global political shifts.

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These events have altered the way firms and marketers connect with clients in the corporate world. There has been a noticeable shift toward inclusion. Brands are likewise attempting to back up their claims with facts and figures. Vibrant colours are being used by a growing number of brands. Branded memes have resurfaced in popularity. Register here to prepare for the course you are interested for.

In 2022, what design breakthroughs will be the most popular? The most important graphic design trends are highlighted below.

-Inclusive visuals 

-Data visualisations that are entertaining

-Backgrounds with lots of colour

-Icons and images in bright colours

-Fonts with serifs

-Memes with a brand name


-Screenshots from social media

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1. Inclusive visuals

Showcasing the diversity of human life is a necessity now more than ever before. That’s why it’s the top graphic design trend of 2022. Many have been regularly using diverse icons and illustrations in our templates to reflect workforce and audience.

They also have been writing about diversity in design and creating visuals around the topic. The events of 2020 around racial reckoning had been a long time coming. Brands have since realized the importance of creating a more representative marketing strategy.

Companies are now sharing the makeup of their workforce. They’re also implementing inclusive visuals in their marketing campaigns. 2020 has impacted the way brands approach representation. You can see how Slack has been populating its visuals with more diverse groups of people over the last year. 

Creating visual marketing materials that appeal to wider audiences is fast becoming the default.

We’re seeing more images and icons that reflect more races, genders, and body types. Cis-gender, White, able-bodied males were considered the default in visual media. That’s slowly beginning to change.

By being more representative, brands can reach audiences that they hadn’t catered to before. It also helps reflect the world as it is now. Plus, this approach helps attract a more diverse workforce. In 2022, showcase the diversity of the world in your marketing designs. It’s a great way to reflect your vast customer base and cement your brand as part of a bigger whole.

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2. Fun data visualizations

Last year, we saw a proliferation of data visualizations  in the fields of healthcare and marketing. This was understandable. There was a lot of complex data to share with the pandemic raging on.

With hosts of bad infographics being shared online and on news channels, there was a call for simplified data visualizations. That’s the route a lot of marketers took. Creating simple charts and graphs that shared a story was the best way to keep audiences engaged and informed. It looks like brands have taken that approach to a whole other level. Instead of simple charts, we’re seeing more fun data visuals becoming the graphic design trend of 2022.

Twitter marketing has been creating colorful and engaging charts and graphs for a variety of topics over the past year. These data visualizations easily catch the eye of users on Twitter. But they’re not just visually appealing. These graphs cover fun topics like gaming or summer activities, like this tweet thread. This graphic design trend works best if you don’t do too much. Keep the design simple and the content relevant. 

Data visuals have become part and parcel of marketing now. We know that users are going to stop to look at a chart or graph.

But brands have moved away from sharing yet more devastating news about the pandemic. Instead, they’re creating data-related content about topics that are appealing and enjoyable. 

Data is important, especially in the wake of the pandemic. With rampant misinformation, there has been a rising demand for brands to be more accountable. But that doesn’t mean that data needs to be boring.

Brands can have some fun with topics. Just ensure that the content remains relevant to your audience and niche.

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3. Bold backgrounds

We’ve seen a move towards muted colors over the past few years. But graphic design trends for 2022 are going back to bolder and brighter colors. While these colors won’t be the focus of designs, they will help visuals stand out in the busy online space.

Spotify has been using bold backgrounds across its social channels over the past year. 

Visually, the bold colors, contrasted with the lighter text, make the images pop on a social feed. It immediately makes you want to click to find out more.

This is a trend that has caught on with other brands, even outside the entertainment sphere. Mailshake has embraced the multicoloured bold background on its blog posts. Bold backgrounds are one of the graphic design trends that returns regularly. What’s interesting about them is that these backgrounds aren’t meant to overwhelm the text. Instead, it’s a tool to make the information stand out. Bold backgrounds can be overwhelming if you overuse them. They can also saturate your feed very quickly. We suggest using a combination of bright colors and muted tones. This will feel soothing for the eye.

With so much content being shared online throughout 2020-21, it isn’t surprising that brands have gone back to this old favorite to capture audience attention.

But remember to use bright backgrounds sparsely. They are meant to make the information on a page stand out, not drown it.

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4. Colorful icons and illustrations

Sticking with the theme of color, it wasn’t surprising that brands decided to pair their bold backgrounds with equally colorful icons and illustrations.

Icons have long been a powerful marketing tool. They share messages at a glance and are universally acknowledged. 

Most icons mean the same thing in multiple languages. This makes them an easily accessible way to reach audiences.

We’ve been seeing illustrations become more popular over the years. There was a heavy focus on stock photos and images a few years ago. But illustrations are making a comeback. 

The brand is really leaning into colors with its visuals. Though there isn’t a color scheme to follow, the visuals unmistakably belong to the brand.

Interestingly, while flat icons and illustrations were all the rage for 2021, we’re now seeing a mix.

Colorful icons and illustrations are visually appealing but they still need to adhere to your brand guidelines. They also need to reflect the central message of your blog posts, social media posts, or infographics.


5. Serif fonts

Serif fonts made a comeback for 2021. It looks like they’re here to stay for 2022, as well. These classical type fonts have been in existence for centuries.

They can look outdated sometimes, which is why we see them falling out of favor.

But serif fonts are also elegant fonts. They look stylish and nostalgic. But more importantly, because brands so often use sans serif fonts, any serif font immediately catches the eye.  And in a crowded online sphere, particularly because of the pandemic, arresting users’ attention has become paramount.

One brand that has embraced serif fonts over the past year is Intercom. They’re using a stylish version on their homepage that manages to marry a classic style with modern aesthetics. Serif fonts look dependable and calming, which is what users need to see right now. Mailchimp has paired its fonts with the right visuals on its homepage to create that effect.

Users in the B2B sector want to connect with brands that are trustworthy. This is especially true in the volatile environment we currently live in. That’s what a serif font can do. Flat and 3D icons and illustrations are being used across the board. The primary connection between them is how colorful they are. Brand consistency is crucial in an online space that is overwhelmed with content. Mailchimp has found the formula that makes them recognizable.


6. Branded memes

Everyone loves memes. Or at least, they love to hate memes. It’s impossible to avoid them. There’s a meme for everything. And everything can be turned into a meme. Some memes tend to catch on faster than others. Viral memes do have a short lifespan, though.

They can fizzle out within a day, or even within a few hours. But some memes are everlasting and continue to be recognized years later.

As with fun data visualizations, the state of the world in 2020 and 2021 impacted how brands use memes. This has given rise to one of the most fun graphic design trends of 2022: branded memes. Over on Instagram, Zapier continued to keep things light with the recently popular star wars meme. It’s a great way to highlight the usefulness of their product. Memes are fun and engaging. They share universal messages which make them an easy visual to adapt to your business needs.

The important thing to remember with this 2022 graphic design trend is avoiding overuse. Memes can become stale very quickly.

Don’t rely on memes as the sole method of visual communication. Use a variety of visual tools and pepper in memes from time to time.



If there’s one thing we know about graphic design trends, it’s that they’re cyclical. A handful of years ago, quotes were all the rage. Inspirational quotes from marketing gurus, business tycoons and experts were everywhere.

Then people started getting frustrated with the same quotes showing up all the time. Or worse, being forwarded to them by over-eager relatives. That’s now changing. We’re seeing quotes make a comeback but with a difference. We aren’t seeing the same inspirational quotes from before. Instead, the quotes being shared in marketing visuals have more to do with education than inspiration.

The use of quotes in visual marketing has evolved. There’s certainly room for quotes in marketing collateral now. The trick is to find one soundbite that stands out and use that for your visual.


8. Social screencaps

Brands have been sharing versions of the same post on multiple social media channels for a while now. But each platform has its unique voice and appeal. It isn’t always feasible to create separate content all the time. Brands need to share announcements, contests or product launches on all channels. And they want to share it at the same time. The way to do this is through social media screencaps. They have been gaining popularity amongst individuals and brands.


Last year, we saw the rise of social slide decks as a method of sharing multiple visuals on different channels. While slide decks have caught on heavily, we’ve seen the graphic trend of social screencaps take over in time for 2022. Users aren’t visiting social media for sales-y content. They want to be entertained while they learn tips and tricks. Bringing multiple platforms together through social screencaps helps solve that problem.


The pandemic and the changing social and political landscape of the world have had a direct impact on graphic design trends in 2022. These occurrences have had a significant impact on how companies connect with their customers. However, it has altered the way brands present themselves. Over the last 18 months, there has been a lot of self-reflection. In all facet of their business, brands strive to put their best foot forward. Companies' graphics will serve as a window into their mindset and mission. As a result, we're seeing more inclusive data visualisations and images. Furthermore, branded memes are expected to continue popular in the near future.


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