How to analyze Instagram insights with these free tools

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If you are an Instagram creator, you'll be looking for new ways to expand your audience every day. You must be investigating the cause of your stale follower count and the lack of desired likes/views on your posts and reels. Any effective Instagram marketing strategy is built on Instagram analytics. Data is the basis for all wise marketing decisions, and there is plenty of it to tell you what is and isn't effective on Instagram as well as provide ideas for novel tactics you might want to try.  

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What are the analytics on Instagram?
Instagram analytics metrics
Instagram analytics


What are the analytics on Instagram?

You can view important metrics and information about your Instagram performance using the tools called Instagram analytics. This information can be very general (such as the number of times a particular post was seen or liked) or very specific (such as the time that your account's followers are most likely to be online).

Instagram analytics metrics

  • The number of people you engage with as followers or reach.
  • The rate at which you are gaining or losing followers.
  • How many people visit your website as a result of Instagram referral traffic
  • The best times to post are: Which posting periods receive the most feedback?
  • The number of comments you get as a percentage of your followers or audience's reach.
  • How many users shared your reel?
  • Total likes, comments, shares, and saves
  • How many users watch your reel compared to TikTok?

Instagram analytics

1. Hootsuite

You can view an overview of your Instagram metrics right in your social streams thanks to the social media analytics features included in Hootsuite's professional plan, ensuring that you always have a quick view of your most crucial outcomes. Consider it your daily dose of summary data and a chance to identify any unusual activity spikes every time you glance at your dashboard. When you want to delve deeper, you can drill down into specific metrics and customizable reports that you can tailor to your own needs, or view all of your Instagram metrics on one screen in the Instagram overview report.

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2. Keyhole

Along with the standard Instagram metrics, Keyhole specializes in hashtag analytics and keyword tracking. It can be used to track promotions, user-generated content, and Instagram contests in real-time as well as evaluate the effectiveness of branded hashtags. When you collaborate with influencers, tracking Instagram analytics is also a useful tool.

3. Panoramiq Insights

You can track and report on follower and activity analytics with this straightforward but useful Instagram analytics tool, and it also provides thorough reporting on your posts and stories on Instagram. Your reports can be exported to PDF or CSV.


A desktop and mobile analytics tool called offers in-depth insights into Instagram. It monitors daily audience changes and hourly content information. Benchmarking your basic Instagram metrics against a cohort of relevant accounts is an intriguing feature. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the top followers and even the filters that work best for your content.

5. Squarelovin

You can track specific KPIs with Squarelovin's Instagram analytics tool to see how your efforts are paying off and what types of content are most effective.

The best use of Instagram analytics data is when it's compiled into a report that lets you compare outcomes and identify trends. Check out Hootsuite's Instagram analytics if you'd prefer to receive your analytics reports automatically. Hootsuite's analytics include three Instagram analytics report templates that let you generate reports on engagement, audience, and post-performance automatically.

How can I access Instagram analytics in 2023?

You need a Business or Creator account to access Instagram analytics. Check out our step-by-step instructions to convert to an Instagram Business account if you're still using a personal account.



What are the tools for Instagram analytics?

Without context, managing data is challenging. Apps and tools for Instagram analytics are created to make it easier for you to monitor, comprehend, and utilize Instagram metrics and results.



Why bother with Instagram analytics?

By all means, feel free to simply fling content against a wall to see what sticks. But you'll need Instagram analytics if you want to know who your audience is and what content resonates with them.

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