How to Schedule a LinkedIn Post for Free: Update Now

Safalta Expert Published by: Priya Bawa Updated Sun, 27 Nov 2022 12:40 AM IST

What exactly is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is the internet's largest professional network. LinkedIn can help you locate the ideal job or internship, establish and deepen professional contacts, and gain the skills you need to advance in your career. LinkedIn may be accessed via a desktop, LinkedIn phone app, mobile internet experience, or LinkedIn Lite Samsung mobile app.
By showing your wholly unique story via experience, talents, and education, a full LinkedIn profile may assist you in connecting with prospects.
LinkedIn may also be used to arrange offline meetings, join groups, create articles, share images and videos, and much more. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Table of Content:
1) Why should you utilize LinkedIn?
2) How to Schedule Free LinkedIn Posts
3) Advantages of Having a LinkedIn Profile

Why should you utilize LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is increasingly being used by organizations to evaluate and recruit new workers. This is why having a LinkedIn account might help you when looking for your future career. After you join up, you may add content to your personal page, which is essentially an online CV with a brief explanation of your talents and career experience.
You may expand your network by adding contacts (also known as connections) with other LinkedIn members.

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You'll be able to earn talent evaluations, ask for suggestions, and locate new career prospects as you build contacts.
You may also join communities devoted to certain businesses, industries, and jobs. Groups may stay updated on the latest developments in your field and help you connect with people who share similar professional integrity.
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How to Schedule Free LinkedIn Posts:
Register using Hootsuite here to get a free account. You may sign up using your email address or a LinkedIn profile (Facebook or Twitter). You should use this link to sign up for a free account; else, your free trial will be restricted to 30 days. The dashboard will appear until you have purchased and successfully signed in. Inside the right-hand corner, hit the green "New Post" option.
From here, you must connect to and activate your LinkedIn profile. Click on the "Select a social network" area to do so. Choose LinkedIn and then proceed to connect and permit Hootsuite to publish on your behalf. You are now ready to plan your first post after connecting your LinkedIn account.
Select LinkedIn in the "Post to" option on the upper left. Include any media that you are including with the post.
Set a time for this post to go live by clicking the "Schedule for later" button in the bottom right corner; this time seems to be more least 5 minutes in the future.
Write your article in the text area, and you'll see a sample of the way it will appear on the right side. Companies can be tagged using the usual @name method.
Once you've chosen your intended time and date, the green button will change to "Schedule," click it, and your first post will be scheduled. You can access your scheduled post calendar by clicking "Publisher" in the left column. From here, you can alter the content, and timing, or even remove each scheduled post.
Advantages of Having a LinkedIn Profile:
Simple Job Applications:
The traditional hiring procedure has been pushed aside in favor of LinkedIn. The days of running about with photocopies of your résumé are long gone. With the convenience of submitting the necessary details on your LinkedIn page, not only will recruiters examine your profile, but you can also frequently update your abilities. Because the employer itself is aware of his skills and wants to investigate them further, the initial tension of a job application is decreased. This provides you with a wonderful opportunity to capitalize on the situation and fully utilize the app.
You can obtain social evidence for your abilities and skills:
Allow others to recommend and recognize you relying on your skills and prior work. When others suggest or endorse you, anybody who views your profile will be able to see this, demonstrating that you have other specialists backing up your claim to have particular talents. This is quite effective at building connections. You may increase your reputation by allowing your contacts to write recommendations and comments on your page.
Having a LinkedIn profile helps you to develop a personal brand. This allows you to show employers who you are and what your abilities are. You create a distinct brand for yourself by emphasizing your abilities, qualities, and hobbies. Bosses know what I represent after you've established a brand for yourself, and the process of obtaining a job offer becomes more simplified.
Make use of LinkedIn as just a research tool:
Having a LinkedIn account also allows you to use the site to investigate firms, interviewers, recruiters, and recruitment agencies – this is useful before filing paperwork and investigating who will be interviewing you.
Positive Public Image:
The process of performing a social media inquiry has recently become more popular among employers. In most situations, students fall behind in the same subject owing to a series of benign social media posts. Having a LinkedIn page demonstrates to companies how serious you are, allowing you to project a good social image.
  LinkedIn is the largest professional relationship on the internet. LinkedIn may assist you in finding the appropriate job or internship, making and deepening professional relationships, and gaining the skills required to grow in your career. LinkedIn may be visited on a PC, a LinkedIn phone app, a mobile internet session, or the LinkedIn Lite Samsung mobile app.
A complete LinkedIn profile will help you connect with prospects by displaying your whole unique narrative via experience, abilities, and education.
LinkedIn can be used to organise offsite meetings, join groups, write articles, exchange photographs and videos, and do a variety of other things.

What exactly does LinkedIn do?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform geared toward the corporate community. The site's purpose is to allow registered users to create and maintain business networks of individuals they trust and understand.

What is LinkedIn and what are its advantages?

Linkedin is a great network community that assists students and employees in making business contacts, sharing experiences, and showcasing their resumes in order to discover and apply for employment.

What exactly is LinkedIn, and how should you use it?

Some regard it as a social networking site similar to Facebook, while others see it as a job board. Both ideas are right to some level, but unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is more aimed toward professionals, whereas most job boards, LinkedIn provides more than simply allow you to look for jobs.

Is my LinkedIn profile visible to the public?

In general, any LinkedIn users who have checked in to or our applications may see your profile. Under the Profile privacy area of the Setting & Privacy page, you may customise what shows on your profile, network notifications, and your facebook account private preferences.

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