How to Write Detailed LinkedIn Work Experience?

Safalta Expert Published by: Gaurav Bawa Updated Fri, 07 Oct 2022 06:53 AM IST


Consider what your target audience is searching for in your profile. Then, keep them in mind as you write. In other words, by demonstrating your prior job successes to your leads, you are offering them a cause to work with you as well.

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Table Of Content 

What to Include in Your LinkedIn Work Experience Section and How to Create It?
How to Display LinkedIn Promotions
How to Inform Your LinkedIn Network about Your Promotion
Top 5 LinkedIn Work Experience Best Practices to Remember

One of the most important areas of your LinkedIn profile is your employment experience. Yes, your title, profile image, and summary are all eye-catching. However, your job experience is the substance of your resume. It's where your leads will go to decide whether or not they want to work with you. Typically, your LinkedIn summary will incorporate your beliefs and qualities, as well as your prior experience.
For example, if you've assisted other SaaS businesses in achieving significant success, which you can demonstrate in your work experience, other business owners reading your outcomes may be more willing to collaborate with you as well.

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This part is a pitch for your target audience as well as a showcase of your prior work outcomes and experience. Your leads will be looking at your work outcomes (which we'll show you how to write about further down) and wondering how you can get comparable results for them as well. You'll know how to create Linkedin job experience results that stand out and get you recognised by the conclusion of this post. We'll also show you instances of other positions. Click here to buy a course on Digital Marketing 

Here's what we'll talk about:
  • What to Include and How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Work Experience Section
  • LinkedIn Work Experience: Top 5 Best Practices to Remember
  • Top 5 Best Examples of LinkedIn Work Experience

What to Include in Your LinkedIn Work Experience Section and How to Create It?

  • It is simple to create a LinkedIn job experience area.
  • Simply go to your profile, scroll down to the Experience section, and click the + symbol on the right.
  • Then, a window popup will assist you in navigating each component and information you may provide.

As a general guideline, you should make your job experience part as precise as possible. But we'll go over this in greater detail later. First, let's talk about how to get the most out of this part. The popup that asks for your job experience is now extremely simple. However, there are a few factors to consider while describing your professional experience on LinkedIn.

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How to Display LinkedIn Promotions

It is vital to update your LinkedIn profile. However, adding a promotion to your job experience section might be difficult for many people. Not sure how to express it? Or perhaps you should upgrade your network?
Here's what you need to know if you're unsure how to format it: Go to your profile, scroll down, choose the position you were promoted to (most likely the one you're now working in), and click the plus symbol. Then, in the add experience window, write in the specifics of your new position, including your new title, employment type, start date, and all other information. You can also choose whether or not to end your existing position right now. The section should then be saved. As an example, here's what a promoted position on LinkedIn should look like:

How to Inform Your LinkedIn Network about Your Promotion

Did you get a raise? Congratulations! Here's how to do it on LinkedIn. When you edit your job experience, LinkedIn asks if you want to alert your network. The solution to this question is self-evident. If you're editing anything significant (for example, a promotion, a new primary job, or beginning your own business), you should inform your network. Are you making short modifications or revising your existing positions to reflect the greatest LinkedIn marketing practices? No, you do not need to alert your network. And, in case you're curious, this is what happens when someone decides to inform their LinkedIn network. Most individuals in your network will receive an update on your new employment, with the opportunity to congratulate you.

Top 5 LinkedIn Work Experience Best Practices to Remember


1 We'll go over some work experience best practices first, and then show you some real-life examples of how to do it well. Write for your intended audience. This is critical. In general, write for your target audience in your LinkedIn title, summary, and other parts. It all boils down to the terminology you employ to characterize past roles. Consider the individual viewing your profile and learning about your professional experience (marketing manager? startup CEO? human resources?). Then, keep them in mind as you write. Consider their knowledge of your industry. For example, if you're looking for a marketing position, chances are the marketing manager already knows what you've done in past roles. So there's no need to go over your everyday duties. In the same manner, analyse the terminology you used in past jobs.


  • Ran marketing initiatives to create leads - ambiguous and lacking in information to determine if you're a suitable prospect.
  • Cold email outreach efforts were conducted with SaaS business owners who... - Much more particular, demonstrating that you understand your target demographic.

Include noteworthy accomplishments, statistics, and results. This is one of the finest methods to use your past work expertise. Wherever feasible, you should incorporate any form of actual results, achievements, or statistics in your professional experience.
Most leads that look at your LinkedIn page will want to know two things:
  • What you've previously accomplished.
  • If you can provide comparable outcomes for them.
With that in mind, you should constantly put your best foot forward and highlight your previous achievements. More examples will be provided below. But, keeping this in mind, let's look at the preceding example and see if we can enhance it.
  • Cold email outreach efforts were sent to SaaS business owners in comparison to:
  • Cold email outreach initiatives with an average open rate of 58% were conducted. Using omnichannel marketing, I generated 61+ leads each month.

Do you see how detailed that is? In addition to emphasizing your accomplishments, you may also include particular information about your experience that distinguishes you. Then, if you're wondering how to structure your job experience or major accomplishments, read on.


For improved formatting and readability, use bullet points or emojis. Instead of dumping information regarding your past position, it's typically best to arrange your core point with bullet points or emojis. Ideally, your job experience roles should be formatted as follows:

  • A 1-2 phrase summary of what the firm does.
  • (Optional): Your key tasks in one phrase.
  • Key achievement #1.
  • Key achievement #2.
  • Key achievement #3.

Because the important successes are the main highlights, you may highlight them using bullet points or even emojis.
As an example:

  • In sales outreach activities, I generated x dollars.
  •  I trained three new sales representatives from the ground up.
  •  Created corporate standards and a daily checklist, which are still in use today.

Simple strategy, but as we'll see in the examples section below, it can make a tremendous difference.

4 Combine your job experience part with your summary and headline. One thing to remember when creating your LinkedIn work experience is that it does not exist in a vacuum. In other words, people normally read your headline first, then your synopsis, and then your professional experience. Your headline is intriguing. Your summary captures your leads' attention and generally concludes with a targeted CTA. Finally, your professional expertise convinces them that you know what you're talking about. With this in mind, experiment with your profile flow. To attract attention, people may add their most noteworthy accomplishments in the headline as well. However, it is the job experience or summary portions that provide the greatest context. You may also highlight in the summary section that prospective leads should keep scrolling if they want to learn more details about what you've done (and what you can help them with too).

Don't make things too complicated. Finally, one typical error individuals make in their LinkedIn employment sections is including too much padding around the important pieces. Most work experience sections do not require an introduction, a statement of your professional function, or even a list of your daily tasks. As stated in advice #1, you should write for your intended audience. So, most likely, the individual looking through your job descriptions is aware of some of your everyday tasks. At the same time, you don't need to create long, superfluous phrases that drag out the entire section. Keep it simple and only contain what is required.

Here's an example of what you should NOT write:

  • My daily responsibilities at Company X included ensuring that our lead-generation efforts ran successfully. One of the most exciting times was when I was in charge of a new project concerning...


  • Four fresh lead-generating efforts were launched. On average, we generated 100+ leads each week and improved our LinkedIn campaigns from the ground up.


How should a job experience paragraph be written?

Include your employment title, the name of the firm, and the dates you worked. Make a list of 5 bullet points that explain your accomplishments. Make your work experience section relevant to the job opening by emphasising your most relevant roles and obligations. When feasible, use action words and quantify.

How do I write my 1 year experience on a resume?

Remove unnecessary information and convey your tasks and experiences briefly. Include the following numbers: Including statistics makes your CV measurable and your accomplishments credible. Include as many genuine statistics as possible, particularly in the important achievements area under your job experience.

Which is more important, accurate job experience or working experience?

If you wish to highlight your prior employment or experience on a CV or resume, the acceptable spelling is "work experience." "Working experience" is neither wrong or grammatically incorrect, but it is rare and unlikely to be used.

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