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HTML tags function similarly to keywords in that they specify how a web browser will structure and present text. A web browser can tell the difference between plain material and HTML content with the aid of tags. Opening tag, content, and closing tag are the three essential components of an HTML tag. However, certain HTML tags are not closed. An HTML document is viewed by a web browser from top to bottom and left to right.

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In order to generate HTML documents and render their characteristics, HTML tags are employed. Every HTML tag has a unique set of features.  Download these FREE Ebooks:
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To distinguish between ordinary text and HTML text, a web browser needs a few basic tags in an HTML file. According to the needs of your code, you may use as many tags as you like.
  • All HTML tags need to be wrapped inside these brackets ( >).
  • Every HTML tag has a distinct function.
  • If you have already used an open tag, you must use a close tag after it (except some tags)



HTML Tag Examples


Paragraph Tag



Heading Tag

 Bold Tag 

 Italic Tag 

 Underline Tag

Please take note that HTML tags are usually written in lowercase.

Explicit HTML Tags

Some HTML tags, such br and hr, are not closed.

The symbol br, which means to break a line of code, is used in tags.
Hr stands for Horizontal Rule in the tag. To add a line across the page, use this tag.

HTML List Tags