Know the Key Components of UI/UX Designs In Graphic Designing

Safalta Expert Published by: Trisha Bharati Updated Tue, 02 Aug 2022 11:47 AM IST

As more and more activities go digitised, UX/UI design has become more "trendy" than before. With the "internet of things," almost everything today requires some type of user experience consideration.

What is UX/UI design? You might be thinking about whether you've heard the word before. What does it imply in reality? We will discuss each one of them in detail in this blog. If you have artistic taste and want to build your professional career in the same field then join our online Graphics Designing Courses at the best marketing price and learn at your own pace without any restrictions.  Let’s know what exactly the UI/UX design means and its key components. 

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Understand What is UI ( User Interface)? 

The User Interface is considered to be the process which enhances the interactivity and the presentation of the web and the mobile development application., it mainly focuses on the appearance of the app and its interaction with the user. Everything is seen on the screen including the button, pages and all other visual elements of the UI which is the User Interface UI of the application. 

Understand What is UX ( User Experience)? 

UX stands for the User Experience in mainly focuses on the user experiences when they entered the application of the website.  The main objective of the UX is to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the user. It constructs the fundamental framework of every programme while keeping clients in mind. It mostly focuses on wireframing an application and properly organising all of its parts and components to produce the user flow.

Key Components of UI/UX Design 

The following are the key components of the UI/UX design which everyone must know: 


It is considered to be user-friendly. It mainly deals with leveraging data which determines the design decisions.

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The terms "usability" and "user-friendliness" are interchangeable. Along with determining if users receive the information they seek when using the app or visiting the website for the first time and whether it is simple to navigate, usability also considers how to deal with problems.


Creating a sample of the programme to test its functionality, appearance, and usability before it is released is known as wireframing. It is an inexpensive way to test functionality and determine whether the application accomplishes its goals.

Visual Design

It is like defining the company’s brand name. It is one of the most important components of the UI/UX as it affects the behaviour of the user. However, it’s not only about the colour, best images, icons, fonts etc but also take care of the appearance which creates an impact on the users. 

What fundamentals of UI UX design are there?

There are numerous significant principles in UX design, but to make things a little clearer, we've divided them into five key ideas: Strategy, usability, inclusion, and validation; and empathy

What are the four main steps in creating a UI?

The user research, design, testing, and implementation phases may be used to separate the UX design process into its four main parts. Although the steps in the UX design process usually happen in that sequence, it's crucial to remember that UX is an iterative process.

What UI design software is employed?

The UI/UX design solution for applications, websites, and more is Adobe XD. The quick, efficient, and enjoyable wireframing tool is Balsamiq. The tool for group interface design is called Figma. Digital product design, workflow, and collaboration using InVision

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