Most In-Demand and High-Paying Career Opportunities

Safalta Expert Published by: Gaurav Bawa Updated Sun, 25 Sep 2022 03:07 AM IST


According to studies, professional possibilities such as Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, and so on would be in high demand.

Those most concerned in this circumstance are college students or freshmen who are set to begin their professional careers in the future years. They're worried about choosing a suitable job option that will offer them a head start in the professional world. Though no one can dispute that several job profiles will become obsolete and out of a need in the coming year, it is equally true that some others will see a significant increase in popularity and demand. According to estimates, job possibilities such as Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, and so on would be in high demand in the next years. So, all you have to do is identify the professional possibilities that will dominate the market in 2022-23 and then upskill yourself to establish a fulfilling career in that industry.

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Okay, let us make things easy for you - we've included a list of many of the most in-demand and well-paying job alternatives in the future years below.

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Data Science Professional

If you ask random industry professionals if it is worthwhile to pursue a career in Data Science in the future year, odds are that 9 out of 10 will say yes. And when Harvard Business Review has already dubbed it the "Sexiest Job of the Twenty-First Century," there isn't much left to debate. Furthermore, since organizations rely increasingly on data-driven insights to develop, enterprises from all industrial sectors are collaborating with Data Science technologies and seeking skilled Data Science personnel. According to the IBM estimate, there will be a 30% increase in Data Science positions by the end of this year.
Furthermore, the typical income of a Data Science professional (with less than one year of experience) is approximately INR 5-6 LPA, and you may establish a rewarding career in the Data Science area under several specific roles such as Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Analyst, and so on.

Digital Marketing Expert

Do you know that one of the few industries unaffected by the epidemic is digital marketing?
Yes, it has surfaced as a lifesaver for most internet firms by assisting them in reaching out to their target audience and fulfilling their commercial goals even throughout the global pandemic. And, given the continually growing number of internet users, the future of Digital Marketing Professionals appears to be exceptional and prosperous. According to projections, the Digital Marketing business in India will be worth roughly INR 230 billion by the beginning of 2022, and it is expected to develop at a rate of 12-13% per year in terms of employment creation.
Digital Marketing encompasses a wide range of specialist disciplines, including SEO Specialists, PPC Experts, Social Media marketers, and many others. Aside from enticing career options, a Digital Marketing Expert may simply launch his own ventures such as blogging, affiliate marketing, and so on.

UI/UX Designer

However, UI/UX Designers have always been in high demand in the employment market, but in today's environment, businesses are focusing more on improving user experience in order to attract a big number of consumers, and therefore the need for UI/UX Designers is expanding in the tech industry. Every digital behemoth, whether Adobe, Google, or Amazon, is searching for skilled UI/UX Designers for their various platforms and products. In India, the average income for a User Interface / User Experience Designer is roughly INR 6-8 LPA.
In general, UI Designers are in charge of developing the layout and interfaces, whereas UX Designers are in charge of making the user's interaction with the interface more comfortable and engaging. Along with the necessary technical skills, you must also focus on your creativity, problem-solving, and research abilities in order to have a rewarding career as a UI/UX Designer. Furthermore, it is advised that you have a decent portfolio of your work in order to get recognized by companies or clients.

Full-Stack Developer

Though companies continue to hire specialized individuals such as frontend developers, backend developers, database engineers, and so on, full-stack developers have begun to gain an advantage over the former as it provides organizations with much-needed flexibility in resource planning and other aspects. Full Stack Developers are often IT experts who have learned both back-end and front-end development. Indeed, Full Stack Developer is a significant career option for all those who want to make it big in the development business, and yes, if you're already adept with either front-end development abilities or backend development skills, you can still become a full-stack developer by learning the other.
In addition, Full-Stack Engineer/Developer was named fourth in LinkedIn's Report 2020 list of top emerging careers. Meanwhile, the average income of Full Stack Developers is greater than that of other software developers. A Full Stack Developer with 5-8 years of experience may expect to earn roughly 13-15 LPA.

CyberSecurity Professional

With the rising amount of cyber-attacks and hacking operations, cybersecurity specialists are in higher demand than ever before in the computer sector. Indeed, estimates indicate that job prospects in cybersecurity have increased by around 7-8% in the previous several months. And it is anticipated that by 2022-23, there will be around 3 million new work possibilities for CyberSecurity Professionals.
Meanwhile, if you want to have a fulfilling career in cybersecurity, you should focus on hands-on experience and practical exposure, as well as having some essential credentials to make your career path easier. Furthermore, the cybersecurity area is large in and of itself, with multiple particular positions such as Ethical Hacker, Cybersecurity Consultant, Network Security Engineer, and others. Furthermore, the typical yearly compensation of an entry-level cybersecurity specialist in India is roughly INR 4-5 lakh.

Cloud Computing Professional

In today's world, the cloud is single-handedly dominating the digital sector, and businesses are increasingly dependent on cloud technology to expand and remain competitive. According to projections, about 80% of apps or software would be created around Cloud Technologies in the future years. And the global Cloud Computing industry is expected to reach USD 350-380 billion by 2022-23. As a result, the demand for highly qualified cloud computing specialists is increasing quickly, and it will undoubtedly be a rewarding career option in 2022.
Furthermore, career opportunities in Cloud Computing span from entry-level highly experienced, and you may quickly break into this industry by honing the necessary ability. Cloud Computing career fields include Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, and so on, with the typical income of an entry-level cloud professional in India being approximately INR 5-7 lakh.

Content Developer

Content Development is one of those professional paths with extremely promising future possibilities. Whether we're talking about top ed-tech businesses, digital marketing organizations, or anything else, they all rely significantly on providing high-quality content. And this specific professional domain is expected to develop by 13-15% every year, providing individuals with several employment chances. As a content developer, you can write material for blogs, training programs, and social media postings, among other things. You may also create material for podcasts and YouTube videos, however, it is essential that you define your specialist area or specialization before embarking on a career as a content creator. Furthermore, content producers are well compensated for their abilities. And, definitely, the best part about this career path is that you can find plenty of possibilities as a freelancer and build your own blog or website in any area.

What is the highest paying form of coding?

Scala and Java-based Clojure topped the list of highest-paying programming languages last year. Scala and Clojure continue to lead the lists this year, with engineers making $182,000 and $175,000, respectively.

Is it better to study Python than Java?

Python is more adaptable, easier to read, and has a simpler syntax than Java. This general-purpose, interpreted language is the fourth most popular coding language, according to Stack Overflow.

Which coding language is most popular in India?

Working on Python, one of the best programming languages in the Indian employment market, saves you more time than working on any other programming language.

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