Polymorphism in Java

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Polymorphism refers to the existence of several forms. Polymorphism may be simply defined as a message's capacity to be presented in several forms.
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Real-world Example: Polymorphism

Different traits might exist in the same individual at the same time. A father, a spouse, and an employee are all dual roles that a man plays.

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Therefore, the same person exhibits diverse behaviour depending on the circumstance. Polymorphism is the term for this. One of the key components of object-oriented programming is polymorphism.

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We are able to carry out a single activity in several ways because to polymorphism. To put it another way, polymorphism enables the definition of a single interface with various implementations. It implies numerous forms since "poly" means many and "morphs" means forms.

Polymorphism types

  • Compile-time Polymorphism
  • Runtime Polymorphism

Compile-time polymorphism

Static polymorphism is another name for it. In order to create this form of polymorphism, either operators or functions must be overloaded.

Method Overloading: These functions are referred to as being overloaded when they have many instances of the same name but distinct arguments. A change in the number of arguments or/and a change in the type of arguments might cause a function to be overloaded.



 Runtime polymorphism

Additionally called Dynamic Method Dispatch. A function call to the overridden method is resolved during this procedure at runtime. Method Overriding is used to accomplish this kind of polymorphism. Contrarily, method overriding happens when a derived class defines one of the base class's member functions. It is referred to as overriding that basic function.




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