SEO Interview 20+ Questions

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If you're applying for a beginner-level SEO job, use these SEO interview questions for recent graduates or novices to prepare for your job interview. Many of these are suitable SEO interview questions for someone with a good education in SEO or some practical on-the-job experience.Download these FREE Ebooks:
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SEO Interview Questions ( 25-30 Questions)

1.What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO? 

This brings us back to the subject of the things over which you have no control. On-page SEO covers aspects that are under your control, such as keywords, content, page structure, internal linking, load time, and so on.


Off-page SEO involves non-controllable factors such as backlinks.
What is the distinction between do-follow and no-follow links, and how are they used? 

2.What is the distinction between do-follow and no-follow links, and how are they used? 

Nofollow links exist because we don't want every single webpage or link to be crawled and ranked by a search engine. As a result, no-follow link properties instruct search engine bots not to follow a certain link. A user can still click on the link, but a bot cannot. All other links, on the other hand, might be termed do-follow links, even if they don't need extra qualities to encourage search engine bots to follow them—the bots will follow them by default.

3.How does SEO work for videos? 

Videos are becoming more popular on the internet, which might help SEO if the videos made gain attention and thus share and backlinks. However, getting the film seen may necessitate SEO, because Google cannot watch videos. To rank a video, it requires the same information as text-based pages. Because search engines can crawl text, including the transcript as text is an easy method to accomplish SEO for a video. Furthermore, the same care should be used with keywords, page names, and descriptions.

4. What mechanism do you employ when redirecting a page? 

In general, the three most commonly used redirects are 301, 302, and Meta Refresh. 

Refresh the meta, 

For SEO, use 301, "Moved Permanently." 

302, "Found" or "Temporarily Moved."

5.What is page speed, and why is it important? 

Page speed relates to how quickly your site loads for a user, which Google considers when ranking websites because a faster loading page directly translates to a better user experience. If the interviewer asks you how you would improve page speed, give examples such as reducing image sizes, enabling compression, reducing redirects, removing render-blocking JavaScript, leveraging browser caching, improving server response time, using a content distribution network to compress files, optimising the code, and so on.

6.What exactly are backlinks? 

A backlink is created when one website links to another. Backlinks to your website, in other words, are essentially a signal to search engines that people approve of your material.

7.What is link building and why is it important? 

Google exists to serve the needs of the searcher. That is, Google is continuously attempting to decide which results are most relevant to each particular searcher and moment. Google analyses credibility in addition to relevance. As a result, the search engine checks to see whether any other websites have connected to yours. If this is the case, it signifies your material is worth linking to and, as a result, more reputable as compared to a website that is not connected to outside. In a word, link building is the process through which SEO specialists attempt to obtain links to their websites in order to boost search results.

8.Which SEO tools do you use on a regular basis? 

Various tools can make SEO jobs easier to do, and which one is best for you depends on your requirements.

  • ahref

  • kwfinder
  • sem haste
  • quack SEO
  • Moz
9.How did you get into SEO? 

Obviously, the response will vary depending on your specific scenario, but it is important since a potential employer wants to confirm that you are knowledgeable about SEO best practises. An employer may be sceptical of the quality of your ability if you learnt SEO by the seat of your pants at your previous job since someone had to do it. And, if that's the case, you may always get certified before applying for that job to ensure you have the necessary training!

10.What factors contribute to a website's search engine friendliness? 

Keywords, quality content, titles, metadata, and other criteria all contribute to a website's search engine friendliness. These elements are required for a website to be ranked by a search engine and hence found by a user.

11.Describe LSI. 

LSI Keywords are semantically related to the primary phrase used by search engine visitors. 

The keyword relevancy increases when we utilise LSI keywords to optimise a page. Without having to worry about keyword stuffing, LSI allows you to optimise keywords on a web page. To estimate the relevance of a search phrase, Google's algorithm employs LSI keywords. It helps search engines interpret the semantic structure of keywords and extract the meaning of the text in order to offer the best SERP results.

12.What exactly is an XML Sitemap? 

The acronym "Extensible Markup Language" (XML) stands for "Extensible Markup Language." An XML sitemap's objective is to inform search engines about the most current changes made to them. It includes a list of websites as well as how frequently they are updated. We can use an XML sitemap to request that search engines scan and index our important pages on a regular basis. A sitemap is one of the first things a search engine looks for when it discovers a website.

13.What exactly is an HTML Sitemap? 

HTML sitemap is a new website that allows visitors to examine a list of pages that have been structured to help them understand and navigate the site quickly. If your website only has a few user-accessible pages, an HTML sitemap isn't necessary. HTML sitemaps are extremely useful if you have a huge website.

13.What is the Meta Tag for Robot? 

The Robots Meta Tag instructs search engines how to handle the page by using directives such as FOLLOW, NOFOLLOW, INDEX, and NOINDEX.

14.What exactly are anchor texts? What is the significance of anchor text in SEO? 

Anchor text is the visible text in a hyperlink. Anchor texts help users grasp the page's purpose. If keywords are used, it has SEO worth as well. If you are overly optimised, Google may punish you. 

Natural anchor text, as well as variation, such as branded, long tail, photo links, partial and precise matches, is essential. Search engines use anchor text to assess the context of the page to which it is linked. This is important for SEO since it tells search engines what the site is about.

15.What exactly is robots.txt? 

The file is called robots.txt. This file handles everything. It instructs search engine crawlers on how to index and cache a website, the file of a webpage or directory, and a domain.

16.What does the term "bounce rate" mean in SEO? 

This question would be missing from any SEO Interview Questions and Answers handbook. The percentage of website visitors that leave the landing page without reading any other pages or taking any action is referred to as the bounce rate. 

According to Google, the bounce rate is defined as single-page visits divided by all sessions, or the proportion of all sessions on your site in which people saw only one page and sent only one request to the Analytics server.

17.What does it mean to have a long tail keyword? 

Long-tail phrases are highly specialised and contain more than four words. Long-tail keywords, as opposed to wide keywords, reflect the purpose and quality of the search, which can lead to a large number of sales if properly targeted. Long-tail keywords are best used on a blog. They have a lesser search volume than wide keywords, but when we mix a lot of long-tail keywords, we get a lot of traffic with a good conversion rate.

18.What exactly is a ccTLD? 

A ccTLD is an abbreviation for a country code top-level domain. Each country has its own domain extension. Every ccTLD has only two characters. For example,.in denotes India, denotes the United States.

19.What exactly is a TLD? 

The top-level domain is the last part of an internet address (TLD). There are numerous TLDs available,,.net,.org,, and more.

20.What exactly is Google Sandbox? 

According to the Google Sandbox Effect, new sites are frequently on probation (within a box) and hence cannot rank successfully for their most crucial keywords. 

According to the theory, Google should think twice before leaving the fake area. It could be caused by creating too many connections in too little time. 

It was never formally announced, although it was discussed while Google was discussing other things.

21. What types of analytics do you conduct and what do you look for? 

Because of the nature of the work, you may be asked multiple of these SEO analyst interview questions. Prepare yourself. Discuss the analytics tools you use, what you look for, and how you use those metrics to measure performance and make changes.

22. Which Webmaster tool do you employ, and why? 

Google Webmaster Tools is a collection of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools supplied by Google to assist you in managing the visibility of your website in Google Search results. They are now gathered and stored within Google Search Console, and they provide you with all of the information you require to improve your search ranking. 

The Google Webmaster tool is a powerful tool that allows website owners to monitor how their websites interact with Google.

23.What exactly are rich snippets? 

Rich snippets are prominent text at the top of organic search results, in a box, and often with a picture. Webmasters can mark up information with structured data so that search engines can readily identify the type of content and present it as a rich snippet. Rich snippets are not part of SEO, but when used correctly, they can improve SERP results.

24.How has Hummingbird altered the search landscape? 

Hummingbird, which was released in 2013, has helped to make search more contextual, moving us away from rigid keyword adherence and toward understanding a searcher's intent.

25.AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source project designed to improve the performance of mobile web pages. The campaign was spearheaded by Twitter and Google. The AMP technology enables lighter, faster-loading websites for smartphone and tablet users.

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