Top 10 in demand jobs for secure future

Safalta Expert Published by: Shivani Goyal Updated Mon, 27 May 2024 04:50 PM IST


Business development, programming, and counselling require these skills. These jobs are also amongst the best careers for the next ten years. Technological- This includes everything from basic to advanced IT skills, data analysis, and engineering. These future skills are likely to be the most highly paid

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The job market in India is rapidly changing, as highlighted by a recent study from the World Economic Forum predicting a 22% transformation by 2027. This shift implies that certain jobs are losing demand or being automated. However, this evolution opens new and improved opportunities for success. This guide presents a list of the 10 best jobs for 2024, featuring roles with high demand, significant growth prospects, and competitive salaries. Whether you're a student beginning your professional journey or an experienced professional seeking a fresh start, this curated list aims to equip you with the insights needed to navigate the changing landscape, stay ahead, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


  1.  AI and ML Engineers

  2. Data Scientist Career

  3. Software Developer Care

  4. Digital Marketing Specialist Career

  5. Cyber Security Expert Career

  6. Web Development Career

  7. Healthcare Professional

  8. Product management

  9. Data engineering

  10. Cloud Computing Professional

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AI and ML Engineer

AI and ML jobs are in demand today and they are certainly the best tech jobs for the future.

Source: Safalta

Reports from various sources have highlighted the growth rate in demand and salary in the domain. AI and ML specialists are involved in developing systems that can process information like humans and make intelligent decisions. These systems have found use in speech recognition, natural language processing, automated stock trading, fraud detection in banking and finance, security, home automation and innumerable applications in various industries. ML models use data from various sources that are relevant to the problem. They are then trained to recognise a pattern in the data. With the availability of immense data and computing power, ML is finding innovative applications even in our daily lives, like recommender systems in streaming services and e-commerce.AL and ML salary in india range between 3.5 lakhs to 2.70 lakhs, wit an average annual salary of 11.6 lakhs.


Data Scientist Career

Data scientists are some of the most sought-after professionals in various industries. As data is much more easily available and computing power is getting cheaper, data scientists can successfully provide answers to real-world problems. This has led to an increase in their demand throughout the entire spectrum of industries. As a data scientist, you are required to derive insights from data. The insights are used for data-driven decision making. The professionals are required to design data storage, manipulation and analysis to answer specific questions. They create predictive models for various business scenarios. Data scientists are part of the ML teams also where their skills are used to work on data.
Average salary 14 lakhs 


Software Developer Career

This role has been in demand for several decades now and will remain equally, if not more, popular in the future. It doesn’t come as a surprise considering the explosive growth of apps and software solutions for almost every domain. As a software developer, you conceptualize and create the blueprint of a software solution for any given problem. You then write the code to develop the solution yourself or work with programmers to get it ready. The solution or product is then tested using various methods and the documentation is completed for the end-user. You are involved in the complete life cycle of the product and are expected to have a good combination of developer salary based on industry it services 8.3 lakhs software product 10.2 lakhs hardar 8.7 lakhs engineering 8.6 lakhs 


Digital Marketing Specialist Career

Promoting businesses, reaching potential customers and converting them into paying customers for profitability is the primary goal of a for-profit company. The process through which companies achieve this has changed a lot over the years. It’s still evolving and digital marketing is at the centre of this change. A digital marketer capitalizes on the reach of social media and other digital media channels to achieve the business goals of a company. A digital marketing specialist and the team members use their knowledge of organic and paid marketing on social media channels, search engine results and other web properties to reach potential customers. They create a marketing mix that engages potential customers, adds value to their lives and converts them as paid customers.
Marketing specialist in india are between 2.6 lakhs to 12.6 lakhs with an average of 5.1 lakhs as an annual salary.

Cyber Security Expert Career

While the internet has transformed almost every business by adding a lot of convenience to our lives, it has also made businesses and individuals more vulnerable to malicious practices. Almost every month there’s news of a top company account getting hacked or crucial details getting accessed by hackers. Considering the amount of financial and personal information stored in data centres worldwide, their protection is crucial. Cyber security experts manage everything that relates to the security of their company’s computer system security. They ensure that the vulnerabilities of their systems and data are tested regularly. If any loophole is detected, measures are taken to fix them. Cyber security professionals are experts in networking technology with the latest information on tools and techniques used in the domain. Cyberwarfare is an ongoing activity that is far from its end. The demand for such professionals is bound to grow. If you wish to be in this high demand job in future, it’ll be beneficial if you study for a degree in computer networks. There are several certifications in ethical hacking that give you exposure in the field. it is identifies that salry bases on cyber security engineer has an average annual salary of 6.0 lakhs .    

Web Development Career

The need for Web Development has been fuelled by a rise in digital literacy among enterprises. Businesses can work effectively on a worldwide scale thanks to interactive websites. This is why Web Development is one of the most in-demand services in all industries. Web development jobs are plentiful, and they are among the highest-paying professions in India. Web developers can work from home or take on freelancing assignments and set up shop anywhere they like.The average salary for a Web Developer is 6 lakhs.

  • Build the frontend and backend of the website architecture

  • Facilitate and design user interactions on web pages

  • Design APIs

  • Create servers and database functionalities
  • Optimize applications for multiple platforms

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Healthcare Professional:

Healthcare Professionals encompass a broad range, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical practitioners. The demand for healthcare professionals remains high due to the growing healthcare needs of the population.  average salary heatthcare professional is 2.5 to 25 lakhs.

Product Management :

A product manager is a professional who manages the product development process for the organization. This is one of top high-demand jobs in India 2024.The day-to-day tasks include a wide variety of strategic and tactical duties. Most or product owners do not take on all these responsibilities. At least some of them are owned by other teams or departments in most companies.the product manager salaries in india range 5.1 lakhs to 34.2 lakhs with an average annual salary of 16.9 lakhs . But most product professionals spend the majority of their time focused on the following

    • Coordinating Development: Assuming they have received a green light to move forward with their product’s strategic plan, coordinate with the relevant teams—product marketing, development, etc.—to begin executing the plan.
    • Acting on Feedback and Data Analysis: Finally, after building, testing, and introducing the product to the marketplace, learning via data analysis and soliciting direct feedback from users, what works, what doesn’t, and what to add. Working with the relevant teams to incorporate this feedback into future product iterations.

Data Engineering:

Data engineering is the pratice of designing and building systems dor collecting storing and analysing data at scale. it is a broad field with appications in just about every industry.organisations can collect massive amount of data and they need the right prople and technology to ensure it is in a highly usable state by the time it reaches data scientists and addition to making the live of data scientists easier, working as a data engineer can allow you to make a tangible different in a world.Data engineering:

These are some commom tasks you might perform when working with data:
  • Acquire dataset that align with business needs
  • Support the development of data streaming systems.
  • Implement new .system for data analytics and business intelligence operations.
  • Develop business intelligence reports for company advisors. 
The average salary for a Data Engineer is ₹10,00000 per year in India

Cloud Computing Professional : 

If you are wondering what to do in future, especially in the field of cloud technology, the role of a cloud computing professional is highly promising. Cloud technology helps companies in reducing operating costs and becoming more efficient. It facilitates collaboration and productivity along with those benefits. That’s why more and more companies have started implementing cloud technology. The demand for cloud computing professionals is increasing steadily, and it’s one of the best career options for next decade.As organizations continue to adopt cloud-based solutions for their operations, the need for skilled professionals proficient in cloud computing will persist. Pursuing a career in cloud technology equips individuals with valuable skills that are not only in demand but also contribute significantly to shaping the future of technology and business operations.average cloud computing professional salary average annual salary 7.2 lakhs.and salary based on cities example
bangalore 7.5 lakhs new delhi 7.6 lakhs mumbai 6.3 lakhs pune 7.3 lakhs noida 7.6 lakhs.

The job market is rapidly evolving, driven by technological advancement and changing societal needs the top 10 demand jobs of the future in a field including technology healthcare and green energy, the importance of specialized skills continous adaptable .professions such as data scientists al specialists and renewable energy engineers are set to grow significantly offering promising career prospects and job security

what are the key skills need for future in demand job

Critical skills include proficiency in technology and data analysis, strong problem-solving abilities, and continous learing.

How can I prepare for a career in one of these fields?

Pursue relevant education and training, stay updated on industry trends, gain practical experience through internships or projects, and develop a strong professional network. Continuous learning and adaptability are key.

Are these jobs recession-proof?

While no job is entirely recession-proof, these roles tend to be more resilient during economic downturns due to their essential nature or involvement in critical sectors like healthcare, technology, and finance.

Will remote work opportunities be available in these fields?

Yes, many of these professions offer remote work opportunities, especially in tech-related roles like software development, data analysis, and digital marketing. However, the extent of remote work availability may vary based on industry and employer preferences.

What are the salary prospects for these careers?

Salaries vary depending on factors like location, experience, and industry demand. Generally, these professions offer competitive salaries with potential for growth and advancement over time, especially as you gain expertise and specialization in your field.

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