Top Business Analytics Companies 2022- In India

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Check out the  top business analytics companies in India to watch out for in 2022 here at

Digitization and data analysis now drive all organisational decisions and activities. Data from digital systems must be collected and analysed in order for businesses to make complex and intelligent judgments. Businesses rely on big data and data science to improve productivity as a result of digital transformation, which has raised demand for business analytics solutions and prompted the emergence of business analytics companies. Business analytics businesses in India offer all-inclusive, competitively cost business reporting solutions that are simple to learn, implement, manage, and maintain.

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The best business analytics businesses in India to watch in 2022 are listed below-

Absolut Data

Absolut Data is disrupting traditional scientific technique by merging innovation, complicated data, and advanced analytics in a diagnostic manner. Their brand, NAVIK, provides a series of incredible products for advertising, sales, and examination professionals that allow them to harness the power of artificial intelligence.

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BRIDGEi2i is well-known for its success in digital transformation.

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To deliver relevant AI-controlled examination answers for client experience and functional viability, they combine data engineering, sophisticated analytics, artificial intelligence solutions, and counselling aptitude. They simplify, expedite, and rationalise the customer's path from information to impact.

Cartesian Consulting

In the year 2009, Cartesian Consulting was founded in India. It now includes offices in India, Singapore, and North America, as well as a rapidly growing team of 150 representatives who work for more than 50 businesses in ten countries. Cartesian Consulting has grown into a globally recognised brand in less than a decade. What sets Cartesian Consulting apart from other business analytics firms is its ability to quickly use advanced analytics in a company setting and see results.


Convergytics provides digital analytics, business intelligence, CRM, and price analytics solutions by leveraging the power of big data. Consumer packaged goods, healthcare, telephony, and banking are among the businesses they support. It assists associations with adjusting to continually changing business sector scenarios by settling on information-driven and significant choices.

Latent View

Latent View is a business analytics firm established in New Jersey with offices in Mumbai and Chennai. There are unlimited options for R&D at Latent View, and its R&D centre is named IdeaLabs. It's the engine that drives Latent View's big data and predictive analytics software. Retail, financial services, and consumer packaged goods industries are among the industries that the organisation serves.

Mu Sigma Analytics 

Mu Sigma is a well-known decision sciences and business analytics firm that helps businesses improve their decision-making capabilities by providing best-in-class and accurate data analytics solutions. MuSigma is well-known for its specialist in-demand analytics, marketing analytics, network planning, and optimization solutions for a variety of industries.


Manthan's business analytics aims to bring technology and consumer experience closer together. Companies have taken over the world of retail. Manthan provides big data and artificial intelligence-driven decision-making solutions for all sectors, including restaurants, fashion and apparel, e-commerce, food, groceries, and convenience stores.

MAIA Intelligence 

The company is committed to growing and improving its business intelligence reporting and assessment services in order to meet the needs of corporate enterprises and application service providers. The firm rigorously adheres to administrative and professional standards, and it has an internal network and techniques for providing BI tools and prospects to its clients. The intelligence products are designed with the client's current and future needs in mind, resulting in increased productivity and competency through the conversion of data into usable knowledge.

Tiger Analytics 

Tiger Analytics has been a trusted data science and data engineering partner for over 500 companies. The headquarters of Tiger Analytics are in Silicon Valley, with a global delivery facility in Chennai. They bring a wealth of knowledge in consumer analytics, marketing science, and operations and planning analytics to the table. It is one of the greatest business analytics firms to work for since competent business analysts are well compensated.


Harbinger is a self-motivated Indian company. TechAxes aspires to be the global market leader in business intelligence. TechAxes, a vendor of analytics software and BI solutions, provides a full range of services to businesses looking to meet their methodical requirements. Incorporated Analytics, outsourced development, consumption & help services for BPM systems, customization, and business performance assessment are among TechAxes' main offerings.



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