10 Top Most WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Safalta Expert Published by: Mishri Chourasia Updated Sat, 12 Nov 2022 10:41 PM IST

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Nowadays, WhatsApp marketing is the most common messaging platform in the world. Most importantly WhatsApp marketing permits you to stay in contact with your customers. This advertising channel is a must-have for agencies that need to connect to audiences in growing countries. For Example, there is a total of 340 million monthly WhatsApp users in India and nearly 100 million in Brazil. WhatsApp marketing is an excellent option for promoting any brand, product, or service.

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Around 68 million Americans access WhatsApp at least once a month. This app has many features that drive it attractive to users. Click here to buy a course on Digital Marketing-  Digital Marketing Specialization Course.

WhatsApp marketing guides the benefit of messenger for retail purposes. You use the contact or communication channel to deliver your buyers or opportunities with individual information, so-called service notifications. Achievable goals are to maintain client loyalty, and satisfaction and decline costs, like customer acquisition costs (CACs) and lengthen customer lifetime value (CLV).

Table of Content
Tools For WhatsApp Marketing

  1. Whappext
  2.  Wapp Blaster
  3. Postoplan
  4. WhatSender
  5. Allwebmart
  6. Yellow.ai
  7. Interakt
  8. Whatsapp Business API Sandbox
  9. RapBooster
  10. WAAM-iT-Sender

Tools For WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing tools enable a business to send bulk messages to their clients without not having to save their contact details. You can say that this is a marketing strategy that businesses follow to enhance their growth. Furthermore, if you want to make your text or message more attractive and interesting you can also use images, documents, videos, etc so that your clients understand your message more clearly.

So now let's discuss the Main Top 10 Whatsapp Marketing Tools which are going to help you shortly while you are sending messages to your customers.
1. Whappext:  Whappext is a unique tool that is used for sending bulk messages to clients or customers at the same time. This tool allows you to speak to your current and potential customers or clients. Whappext also allows you to connect with your customer worldwide.
Key Features 
  • Easy to use for business campaigns.
  • Supports multi-media and multi-language
  • Data security for business and customer data
  • Share video links to get more clients or customer
  •  The one-time expense for any license with lifetime consent and updates
  • Autopilot mode to react automatically.
  • Easy format procedure to start sending messages instantly.
  • Wapp Blaster: WappBlaster is one of the top-ranked WhatsApp marketing tools that helps you to mail unlimited bulk messages to your current and potential clients. This intuitively invented tool offers several features for influential marketing.

2. Wapp Blaster: WappBlaster is one of the top-ranked WhatsApp marketing tools that helps you to mail unlimited bulk messages to your current and potential clients. This intuitively invented tool offers several features for influential marketing.

Key Features
  • Schedule text
  • Instantly upload and creation of a database of clients.
  • Multi-language functionality.
  • Anti-blocking algorithm for bulk messages.
  • You can send text, images, and videos along with a caption.
  • You can switch between several accounts in a running campaign because it supports multiple accounts.
  • Efficiently generate reports of messages that you have sent.
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3. Postoplan: Postoplan helps you get into social media marketing campaigns. Apart from social media marketing,  Postoplan is the perfect WhatsApp marketing tool to give maximum enterprise engagement to clients. Apart from sending bulk messages. It delivers adequate efficiency to transmit bulk e-marketing messages to consumers in real-time just within a click. This is beneficial to create a brand image more specifically.

Key Features
  • Easy to filter and import contacts to complete a market-relevance list.
  •  Manageable to customize messages and e-marketing campaigns.
  • Seo tools for social media marketing and Bulk messaging.
  • Anti spammer tool

4. WhatSender: Whatsender is the most user-friendly marketing tool that helps you to send bulk marketing messages right from your pc laptop. This tool can be easily customized according to the needs of the customer. You can send personal messages or greetings to your friend or business regarding messages like promotions and offers, creating awareness through this platform using your pc. 

Key Features
  • Add a recipient or customize messages or other variables.
  • Get credentials to new contacts from WhatsApp groups
  • Develop a record after sending messages.
  • Automatically mail messages at a scheduled time.
  • Filter contacts to conduct targeted campaigns.

5. Allwebmart: Allwebmart is one of the excellent WhatsApp marketing tools for small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness. This tool allows you to send bulk messages to your clients and inform them about the company's services. This tool permits you to mail up to 20 messages per minute, which indicates you can target up to 5000 customers a day without fearing message spam. 

Key Features
  • Create a report on sent messages instantly.
  • Very easy to create and add a WhatsApp group
  • You can add infinite characters to your message.
  • Send bulk messages without any credit limit.
  • You can add images, videos, and audio to your text to make your marketing more unique and attractive.
  • You can send 100 messages to an unknown person and 3000  to a known person. 

6. Yellow.ai: Doing WhatsApp business is the easiest way to maintain contact with your clients on the largest messaging app in the world. You can acquire your own WhatsApp Business account and provide truly multi-channel knowledge to your customers. Yellow.ai is suitable for small businesses, academic institutions, low scale enterprises. It delivers dependable efficiency to keep contacts and send bulk messages immediately. As a result, you can deliver your customers with the most polite possible customer service and create strong relationships with them.

Key Features:
  • Simply filter the contacts and send messages directly.
  • Multi-language efficiency
  • Extract contacts from WhatsApp groups and details.
  • Manageable to mail bulk messages in multimedia support.
  • Functional with multiple accounts
7. Interakt. Shop: Interakt tool is one of the advanced messaging to the maximum number of customers. It suggests a shared inbox for WhatsApp so your whole team can contact you online to help with customer support. It also helps automated charge notifications to users and good contact management on your admin dashboard.

Key Features
  • Simple to organize clients with requirements into groups.
  • Efficient to count total WhatsApp numbers to get the most customers.
  • Multimedia and multi-language support.
  • Personalized inbox to handle messages and customers.
  • Permits individual responses to clients' questions.
  • Manageable to track e-marketing campaigns.

8. Whatsapp Business API Sandbox: Whatsapp Business API Sandbox by Auto chat will assist you with WhatsApp API integration without any particular setup. This tool doesn’t need any infrastructure setup as you can initiate utilizing the software merely by enlisting your Whatsapp business with them and you are acceptable to proceed. This tool arrives with a concise messaging interface wherein you can compose to mail and accept messages on a single screen. There is no necessity to hold multiple accounts.

Key Features:
  • Customize extra different features like a chatbox to improve the client's understanding.
  • Do different tests using a sandbox
  • Abide in the benefits of nearly all functionalities of WhatsApp without postponing account support.
  • Threat protection features for secured conversations
  • 24/7 customer support

9. RapBooster: RapBooster is an authorized bulk WhatsApp chat automation tool that qualifies you with the power to conduct campaigns and increase outcomes at every stage of your business. You can count numerous sender IDs and send personalized messages, resulting in a more comprehensive and targeted reach. It delivers the efficiency to mail personalized messages to all buyers immediately. The software keeps multimedia structures like texts, docs, images, videos, and audio.

Key Features:
  • Auto-replies and timetable message efficiency.
  • Multimedia channel and multi-accounts adding.
  • Bulk messaging on WhatsApp groups and customers is effortless.
  • Simple to use for chat, replies, and managing client questions.
  • Import and fetch all targeted customers from .txt, CSV, and excel files.

10. WAAM-iT-Sender: WAAM-it Sender is a web-based WhatsApp marketing software made operating the official WhatsApp API that has been earning popularity in current times. Furthermore, open for free download, this app allows you to send personalized messages to all your contact connections using a spreadsheet. You can beautify your messages with pictures, videos, emojis, and other files. The tool allows you to multi-language aid in up to 60 languages, which is the capacity to get clients worldwide.

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