What Is LOR (Letter Of Recommendation)? Types Of LOR, Contents, Sample

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LOR Stands for a (Letter Of Recommendation) which is a document approving an individual’s skills or intellectual performance. LOR is needed when a person or an individual is looking for an academic qualification or applying for a job at a prestigious institution. LOR is required when a person wants to study any academic discipline like  MS, MBA, or Ph.D. aboard.

Even Masters students can also get a letter of recommendation from their respective university professors like the head of a department. other people also get their recommendation letters from their previous employers, coworkers, etc.

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Letter of Recommendation contains around 3 to 4 paragraphs in which a professor (but only those professor who has taught a student before) describes the skills, qualifications, achievements, and qualities of the student that makes him unique and fit for that particular job or position.

Table of Content 
What Is a Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)?
Types Of Letter Of Recommendation
Important Content Of Letter Of Recommendation 
Sample Of Letter OF Recommendation (LOR)


What Is a Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)?

A letter of Recommendation or LOR is a file or a document issued through your Head of Department, seniors, or Reporting manager with whom you have got performed in the past.  LOR is formed by a person reasonably attesting to your experience, skills, expertise, qualities, and achievements. A letter of Recommendation is a kind of formal letter which is drafted by the professor. A formal letter also includes letters like a resignation letter, job application letter, offer letter, complaint letter, invitation letter, appointment letter, appointment letter for employees, thank you letter, experience letter, authorization letter, etc. these all letters are covered under a formal letter. 


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Types Of Letter Of Recommendation

Depending upon the designation of a recommender, LOC can be broadly classified into the following two categories:

  • Academic LOR 
  • Professional LOR   
  1. Academic LOR:  An academic LOR is a recommendation letter delivered by a faculty associate of your existing or previous academic institution. Academic LOR's direct intent is to provide the other files or documents oriented by students such as transcripts, SOPs, certificates of achievements, etc. Academic LOR should also take care of things such as  English being the most common language at most universities, the name of the university that you are applying to, name of the course. The letter should also include the official phone number plus the email id of the writer and should be written through school participants or members with a position of authority who treated you withinside a different capacity. And it usually contains 1 to 2 pages in length.
  2. Professional LOR: Professional Lor is provided by your professor, previous employees, and coworkers with whom you have worked. It's a mandatory requirement in terms of admission for professional programs like MS, MBA, Ph.D., and BBA. Professional LOR concentrates on specifying the candidate’s capability to work in various environments, and cooperation and rewards their exposure regarding the profession. Most international business schools and colleges demand an amount of knowledge from the applicant. Moreover, it also indicates how the survival period of the candidate has been in the association. 
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Important Content Of Letter Of Recommendation 

There is a few fundamental pieces of information that an individual should take care of on how to submit a letter of recommendation to international universities.

You can check the following points below:   

  • The recommender should have a relationship with the student. 
  • The student should have some qualities, Qualifying in academics, and extracurricular potential.
  • The professor should not mention those skills or achievements in the LOR which the student doesn't have.
  • The student should have that potential, zeal, and dedication toward the prestigious program. 
  • Mention all certified or uncertified skills which are relevant for LOR. 
  • Indicates all those factors which going to affect the performance of the student. 
  • Students should have analytical and critical thinking.
  • Proof of appropriate work experience.

Sample Of Letter OF Recommendation (LOR)

LOR sample written by the Head of the School

As the headmistress of the senior secondary, section, school, and city, I even have known (name of the student) to be one of the brightest students of the school in his/her both academics and extracurricular activities. (Student Name) first gained admission to our academy in 2008 and has left an optimistic impression on all the academic teachers and including me also. I had the opportunity to teach him English in his 11th class. Based on my consideration he is one of the most intelligent, sincere, and honest students. Even I have had the opportunity to educate him and he is always trying to perform to the best of his possibilities.


(Student Name) percolates self-assurance and has continuously verified a concentrated feeling of determination closer to his/her studies. He/ She has constantly performed a lively element in study room discussions and has engaged in brainstorming classes at our school. (Student Name)’s notion that thoughts sprout from brainstorming has led him/her to constantly provoke such debate and meetings for that reason growing colorful getting-to-know surroundings for the complete class. He/ She together with his/her five-member crew even installation a progressive platform in which college students can publish and proportion educational troubles and solutions. This platform brought about a boom withinside the direct interplay among academics and college students and inculcated a more healthy getting-to-know surrounding at school.

Besides excelling at academics, (Student Name)’s substantial hobbies in sports, especially basketball, and has commanded the school playgroup at multiple inter-school extracurricular activities and competitions. His/her leadership talents and willpower to his/her group have gained the faculty many awards over the years. And we're extremely proud to name him/her our own.

To conclude, I would just like to highlight(Student Name)'s capability for performing excellence in everything he/she undertakes and I honestly accept that he/she is one of the excellent students for seeking a span of his/her choice at your respected university. Here, I extend my wholehearted recommendation for his/her candidature for admission into the undergraduate program. I am open to answering any additional questions that you might have.

I want him/her all of the excellent for his/her destiny endeavors.







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