What is page speed analyse tool?

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Page speed analysis tools are crucial for every business as it helps in improving the website user's experience and thus increase the traffic on it.

Content creators are aware of the fact that having a great experience for website visitors ensures more views, traffic, and relevance in search engines. Therefore it becomes crucial to be aware of the tools which help in improving the website performance by improving the loading time and response time so that it becomes successful in grabbing the user's attention. One of the best indicators of website performance is page load speed and several indicators help in analyzing and optimizing the factors contributing to this. Let's list out some of the best website speed test tools that can be used to ensure better performance of the website. 

Table of Content:
1) Google Page Speed Insights
2) Gtmetrix
3) Pingdom
4) WebPageTest 
5) IsItWP Speed test  tool
6) Uptrends
7) KeyCDN Tool
8) Yellow Lab Tools

1) Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights is very easy to use and a powerful tool that presents a detailed report on the page loading performance for both mobile and desktop. The data includes both lab and field metrics which helps understand both the performance issues and the user experiences.

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On analyzing the web page, a performance is depicted which helps in understanding if any actions need to be taken. A score above 90 indicates the good performance of the website.

2) GTmetrix:

It is another effective tool that provides a better user experience to visitors. In simpler terms, it works by analyzing and seeking an answer to what is causing issues on the site and accordingly optimizing the site's performance. This tool provides a summary of the prime factors which are connected to the site's speed and it offers visual indicators in the form of graphs. Despite these features, it also provides an option to analyze page speed for mobile devices and allows us to test from different servers and locations.

3) Pingdom:

Pingdom is one of the popular tools to analyze the speed of the website It offers two different monitoring options including synthetic and real users. In synthetic monitoring, the interaction is simulated and it checks for uptime page speed and page flow. While on the other hand, real user monitoring takes into account interactions by real users. Its pricing starts from $10 per month but could be used for free for the initial 30 days trial period.

4) WebPageTest

Although not a simpler tool to use, its interesting features make the users try it once. his tool allows the users to find elaborate options to test the website speed ranging from simple to advanced options. It allows testing speed from different locations and browsers. It also provides a feature to run a visual comparison of two URLs using this tool. An overall in-depth report is obtained which helps in understanding the performance of the site.

5) IsltWP Speed Test Tool:

It is a free website speed test tool that gives a clear idea of how fast your website loads. On entering the webpage URL, the tool provides a performance overview and also suggests measures that can be taken to improve the speed. Information about other aspects that impact page load time is also given in this tool.

6) Uptrends:

Uptrends is another website monitoring tool that provides detailed insights to ensure consistent performance on the site. It helps in identifying issues on different browsers that may affect site performance. It also provides an opportunity to set up web applications and API monitoring using this tool. It gives timely notifications through phone calls, SMS, email, and push notifications to ensure that issues are properly responded to

7)KeyCDN tools:

This tool offers a website speed test that could be run from 10 different locations It provides detailed instructions on the areas which could be worked upon to improve the performance of the site. The results include details on requests and the size of the content served and also about loading times.

8) Yellow Lab Tools:

This is a free and open-source online performance measuring tool for the website. It allows for performing page audits and resolve and performance issues related to the webpage. It works by examining and detecting problems referring to HTML, CSS, images, fonts, and all other elements on the web page. These issues could be detected in the early stages and consequently fix them to improve the website performance.
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  To have a rich, beautiful and engaging experience for website users, it becomes essential for any company to have enriching digital visibility to avoid any sort of nuisance for the users. For this purpose, several webpage speed test tools have been developed which help in overcoming the problems associated while using the website.

What is a page speed analyse tool?

It is a tool developed to provide real-time performance reports of the website and at the same time provide a solution to the problems encountered. It analyzes the load speed of the websites and suggests ways to make them fast.

Which are the top 5 page speed anayse tools?

Although there are many effective tools, the top 5 are mostly used are Pingdom, Uptrends, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, WebPage Test.

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