What is selenium certification and its requirement

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Selenium is a versatile and important testing tool used by businesses all over the world. Professionals with Selenium certification will become more and more in demand. Selenium training could be the first step in starting or advancing your IT career.

During a time when websites Because Selenium automates testing to discover faults before they cause crises, it is crucial at a time when websites are handling unfathomable volumes of mission-critical traffic, making Selenium specialists in high demand. What then is selenium? Selenium is a platform for testing web applications' software. By instructing the browser to carry out tasks that regular online or app users would carry out, it automates the testing of the functionality & graphical user interface (GUI) of websites. In an automated framework, Selenium provides a very effective method for creating test scripts. Selenium has seen a great deal of modification since Jason Huggins created it in 2004, and numerous components have been added along the road to increase its effectiveness. Selenium is made up of four parts: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium RC (Remote Control), also called Selenium 1, Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and Selenium Grid. Download the ebooks to learn more about it.

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Table of Content:
The Numerous Benefits of Selenium:
Selenium: Where and When It Is Used:
Why Selenium Certification Is Important:
Why work as a Selenium tester for A4Q?

The Numerous Benefits of Selenium:
Selenium is the greatest software-testing suite even though several automation technologies get results that are comparable to those of Selenium.

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These benefits consist of:
  • With Selenium, simple functionality testing of web apps can be done quickly and easily.
  • Selenium is free software, which allows for the unrestricted downloading and modification of the source code, and it is backed by a sizable developer community.
  • Different browsers can be used to conduct Selenium tests.
  • Selenium is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and others.
  • You are allowed to employ language bindings to implement any language with which you are aqua, including JavaScript, Python, PHP, and C#, even if it has its scripting language.
  • Selenium can be used to test iPhone or Android-based applications because it is supported on mobile devices.
  • When testing, scripts are only minimally CPU or RAM intensive.
  • For more capability, Selenium is easily linked with some other open-source technologies.
  • Selenium is capable to run tests concurrently.
  • Whereas the browser is minimized, Selenium can run tests.
Selenium: Where and When It Is Used:
Software developers must produce software quickly without sacrificing quality because there are so many software & mobile apps that are constantly released and modified. Global organizations face the task of continuously enhancing performance and resolving urgent problems in an era of highly interactive and responsive software processes. They have used agile approaches for their software development because of this. Test automation is the basis of agile development. Selenium is the go-to automated testing tool since it is open source, free, and has a wide range of uses. Selenium can be used to run software applications across business requirements in repetitive functional testing, ensuring that all functionalities are working as they should. Organizations that use Selenium lessen the need for manual testing, which lowers costs, saves time, guarantees that tests are carried out consistently, and ensures that feedback is received more quickly.

Why Selenium Certification Is Important:
You can undoubtedly understand that choosing a job with Selenium abilities is a smart move now that you've seen how frequently it's used and how many applications it has. If you are already a tester, you are aware of the impending doom of manual testing and are aware that you require instruction in automated testing. You can now see the possibility of gaining these abilities even if you aren't a tester yet. A dominant force in the testing industry since Selenium's introduction, there is now a high need for skilled laborers, making Selenium test a lucrative expertise. Selenium is mentioned as a condition of employment three times more frequently in job advertisements than comparable automation technologies like QTP. Additionally, these jobs pay highly since there is a shortage of candidates who meet the requirements to fill them. The typical income for a Selenium tester mostly in the United States, according to Indeed.com, ranges from $67,073 for a quality control analyst to $94,634 for an automation engineer. However, these vocations require specific abilities and training. Being proficient with Selenium implies that you have a wealth of coding knowledge, abilities, and experience. Getting the right training and certification is the greatest method to develop this ability. If you believe you don't have enough time to pursue this level of study, reconsider. There are online Selenium courses offered by qualified instructors that you may fit into your hectic schedule while continuing your day job. And after you're done, you'll receive your Selenium certification, which will help you launch a new career in quality assurance and automation engineering or advance your current one.

Why work as a Selenium tester for A4Q?
An independent, globally recognized certification for Selenium WebDriver test automation skills is the A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation Certification.
  • You will be able to build and execute Selenium WebDriver tests on your own after completing the course.
  • You will be able to develop a sustainable test automation system by effectively using test automation principles.
  • You'll have the ability to pick and use the appropriate test automation tools.
  • You will be able to create maintainable Selenium WebDriver scripts which run functional web application testing.
Based on the corresponding curriculum, the Certified Selenium Tester - Foundation Level exam is given. The Learning Goals (Objectives) of the curricula identify all of the test sections. The Learning Objectives, therefore,  serve as the foundation for the tests. The test is a multiple-choice nature. Either participants in an open test or students who have taken an authorized course are eligible to take the Certified Selenium Tester exam where no prior course attendance is required. 60 minutes plus 25% more time for non-native speakers for the Certified Selenium Tester - Foundation Level test
To pass the tests, you must receive a score of 65%.

What does Selenium testing call for?

You must be familiar with the languages that Selenium WebDriver supports to study it. These include Ruby, Java, and Python. You should begin learning any language if you don't know any programming languages.

Does Selenium need coding?

The fact that Selenium is free, open-source, and supports a variety of operating systems, programming languages, and browsers is just one of its advantages. Cons include the need for coding expertise, the length of time required for setup and maintenance, and the necessity of third parties for many testing procedures.

What does a Selenium tester make?

The average yearly compensation for a Selenium Automation Tester in India is 7.0 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 4.0 Lakhs to 15.0 Lakhs.

What are Selenium's 5 Uses?

To create pigments for ceramics, paint, and plastics, selenium is employed. Both a photovoltaic activity (which turns light into electricity) and a photoconductive action are present in selenium (electrical resistance decreases with increased illumination). As a result, photocells, solar cells, and photocopiers can all benefit from it.

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