What Should You Know About the Future of Jobs?

Safalta Expert Published by: Gaurav Bawa Updated Mon, 26 Sep 2022 02:17 AM IST


What are the future skills that will be in great demand?

It has been a long time since everyone has become accustomed to this pandemic. Masks, like clothes, have become a part of our everyday lives. We were going about our daily lives when the lockdown occurred. There came a time when we had to modify ourselves when we had to take safeguards to protect our own and others' safety. This is what has occurred throughout time.

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Technology has altered and continues to change everything at an alarming rate, which in turn alters people's interests. We kind of get accustomed to the changes because they seem obvious. Actually, we had to shape ourselves according to the environment and needsHowever, sometimes change comes so quickly that we just want to go with it rather than think about it and try to control its pace. You know, the fundamental essence of change is to change, or you could argue that change must happen for a good, but only up to a point where it will only create devastation. This is what will happen with artificial intelligence. The advancement of AI will have a significant impact on future job opportunities.
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Table Of Content 

Jobs in the Future
In the year 2030,
By the year 2040
What jobs will continue to be in demand in the future?

The preceding statement will become clear later on when we consider the future of jobs in 2040. The saturation point will be visible there. So, now let us discuss them one by one.

Jobs in the Future

Jobs in any corporate sector are often classified into four levels:

Level 1 – Manufacturer or Worker
Level 2 – Employee
Level 3 – Manager/Employer/Research
Level 4 – CEO

AI is unquestionably beneficial to humanity. We have yet to reach the point where we can utilize technology to solve all of our issues and make things feasible for us. People who are concerned about the emergence of AI are not mistaken, since once it crosses the line, only God knows what will happen. The premise is that AI hasn't progressed far enough (only approximately 40%) to warrant alarm. It will still take around 6 years to attain saturation. People who are interested in it must develop it to its full potential before focusing just on controlling and managing it.

In the year 2030,

Level 1: With the exponential expansion of AI, it is more likely that all employment at this level will be eliminated. This level of work is easily performed by robots. Then why would any corporation want to pay anyone for that work? Companies will just need to make a one-time investment, and then robots will be able to perform the work considerably more quickly and precisely. A piece of software can simply handle these robots. As a result, everyone working at this level will lose their jobs, which will have an influence on the competition at level 2.

Level 2: This is where there will be fierce rivalry since this level will serve as the foundation for entry into the corporate sector. People must develop a variety of abilities in order to maximize their chances of selection. The number of employees or openings at this level will practically remain constant because many developer jobs, such as coding, will be replaced or automated by software, and to handle such software (at both levels 1 and 2), we will need some technical person.

Level 3: This is where the corporation will suffer since it will have to choose employees from level 2 (who will practically become robots) who have the necessary attributes for this position. To be engaged as a manager or researcher, a person must have some intellect or consciousness, such as EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, and must know how to arrange things to make the greatest use of them. They must also have prior experience working at level 2 to understand how things are done, and whoever is promoted to this level will be rewarded handsomely.

Level 4: There is no need to discuss this level. It will always be secular (You know what it takes to become the CEO of a company).


 By the year 2040

So, if AI goes out of limit or saturation, then it will impose a great impact on level 2 and a little on 3 (the rest of the levels will not be affected). This is what will happen at these levels.

Highly powerful organizations will implement more and more AI due to which the jobs at level 2 will also be gone and replaced by highly developed software. Such high software will require only monitoring and handling which can be done with some technical persons. We need to control AI to not reach this situation.

What jobs will continue to be in demand in the future?

Your wait is finally ended. These are the amazing vocations or careers that will always exist regardless of how far AI advances.

Jobs that need emotions, such as acting, bartending, and so on. Because some robots lack emotions and so cannot accomplish certain tasks.

  • Teaching is a necessary talent that can never be replaced.
  • Doctor and Surgery: While AI can assist in diagnosis, it cannot conduct surgery or therapy.
  • Research in a Specific Field: While AI may certainly assist with research, it cannot do research on its own.
  • Consultation: Obviously, you will not seek advice from a robot. Will you do it?\
  • Writing: While AI may assist you with editing and formatting, it cannot imagine.
  • Quantum: The best talent that will be at its pinnacle by 2022, and this is the new slice of the pie where the next millionaire will be born.

There are several other disciplines (such as coding) that will be in great demand.
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Space Systems (Space Exploration)
  • VR and AR
  • Biodegradable materials, for example.

The only difference is that as long as AI stays within its limits, every job has a bright future. Nobody can replace you if you are the greatest at anything. But keep in mind that mastering just one ability will not suffice in the future. You must understand how to link everything.


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