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Coal plays an important role in running any industry, what do you know,? where is the coal mine in India? if not, read the article completely to know about all details of coal fields.

The major coal fields in India ,Coal mines in india 

 Do you know what is the most basic thing to run any industry?
Coal ,Coal is such a thing which is the raw material for running almost every industrial unit, if there is no coal then there will be a lot of impact on the efficiency of our industrial units. Its fuel is supplied by coal only. The coal field is from where coal is produced, maximum coal is produced in Bihar and Jharkhand.
Coal is found in rocky layers , mostly of two geological ages, namely Gondwana and Tertiary deposits.

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Coal production in India; from the beginning till now


The first coal mine in India was opened in 1774 at Raniganj in West Bengal, but the actual coal mining begins. In 1814 the total production of coal has increased from about 120 million tonnes in 1980 - 81 to more than 728 million tonnes in 2018 -19
The coal mines were nationalised by the government of India in 1973 -74. this gives a boost to the coal mining activities, especially lignite mining. India is second-largest producer of coal in the world after China.

The Coal Fields of Gondwana Land

About 90% of the total coal in India is found in the Northeastern part of the Deccan Peninsula this region includes Jharkhand Orissa Chhattisgarh West Bengal Madhya Pradesh Telangana Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra etc
Chhattisgarhi is the the largest producer of coal in India but holds third position with respect of Reserve the reserves. main coalfield are in Korba Surguja ,Bilaspur, koriya etc Orissa rank second concerning reserves and coal production in India .most of the coal field are the Dhenkanal, Sambalpur and sundargarh district.
Jharkhand is the third largest producer of coal but has the largest Reserve of coal in India the main coalfield are in jhariya Bokaro Giridih karanpur Ramgarh daltonganj etc.

The tertiary coalfields

Main liya kar ine association with limestone these whole fields are mostly found in Assam Meghalaya Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir awesome coal has high cooking quality with low as content the high sulphur contain makes it on suitable for metallurgical uses.

The lignite coalfields

The lignite cold field are located mostly in Tamilnadu and Gujarat .other lignite producing state and union territory is Rajasthan Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal .the famous Neyveli lignite mines are in Tamilnadu. most of the lignite coal is used for the generation of thermal electricity. some production is also used in the chemical and fertilizer industries.Giridih ( Coal Field) gives the finest coking coal in India for metallurgical purposes.
Below are the details of Coalfield are found in all Indian states and union territories.….


  • Jharia, Dhanbad, Bokaro, Jayanti, Godda, Giridih (Karbhari Coal Field), Ramgarh, Karanpura, Daltonganj Jharkhan Dhanbad – One of the oldest in
  • Jharkhand and the richest coalfields of India. Here the best metallurgical coal fields like the coking coal.
  • Giridih ( Karbhari coalfield) produced best coking coal in India for metallurgical purposes.

West Bengal(Gondwana Coalfields)

  • Raniganj Coalfield, Dalingkot (Darjeeling) Birbhum,
  • Chinakuri West Bengal Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri produce large quantities of coal.
  • Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri are the chief producing districts.


  • Korba, Bishrampur, Sonhat, Jhilmil, Hasdo-Arand
  • Gondvana Coalfield


  • Jharsuguda, Himgiri, Rampur, Talcher
  • Talchar ranks second in coal storage after Raniganj.(24374 million tonnes).
  • Most of the coal is suitable for steam and gas production and is used in thermal power stations in Talcher.
  • Gondwana Coalfields

Telangana/ Andhra Pradesh

  • Singareni, Kothagudem, Kantapalli
  • Most of the coal reserves are in the Godavari Valley. The raw variety is explored. Exploitable fisheries are located in Kothagudem and Singareni.
  • Gondvana Coalfield


  • Neyveli
  • Tertiary coalfield


  • Wardha, Walarpur,Warora ,Kamptee(Nagpur), Wun field, and Ghughus
  • Gondwana Coalfields


  • Asam coal has a low ash content and high coking qualities. Sulphur content is high, good for metallurgical purposes.
  • Tertiary Coalfields
  • Coal is best for liquid fuels and hydrogenation processes.


  •  Darrangiri (Garo hills), Cherrapunji, Liotryngew, Maolong and Langrin
  • Tertiary coalfield

Madhya Pradesh

  • Singrauli, Sohagpur, Johila, Umaria, Satpura coalfield
  • Singrauli is the largest coalfield of MP. Gondwana Coalfields. 

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Q1-Which is the largest coal field in India?

Answer-Which is the largest coal field in India?
Talcher coalfield is known to be India's largest repository of coal and often referred to as the 'black diamond' of the state. Talcher region is known in the country for hosting the largest deposits of power grade coal.

Q2- Which is the city of coal in India?

Answer-  Dhanbad, the largest coal producing city, has been called the coal capital of India.

Q3-Which state has the largest coal field in India?

Answer-Jharkhand has the largest reserves of coal in India followed by Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

Q4-Which region in India is richest in coal?

Answer- Damodar valley is rich in coal & it is also known as the prime core of coking coal in India.

Q5 -Which is the oldest coal mine in India?

Answer- The Raniganj coalfield is the oldest coal mine in India. It was first mined in 1774.

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