Vice President of India from Independence till now

Updated Tue, 20 Jun 2023 03:56 PM IST


Do you know who was appointed as the first Vice President of India and who is at this time, who have become the Vice President of India till now, if not then read this article completely to know?

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Vice President of India: A complete details

The President of India hosts the highest executive office power in India. the union executive in India consists of the president the vice president and the prime minister and the union council of ministers. the president is the nominal executive which means he holes only some ceremonial power. the prime minister the real executive. it is the prime minister who takes all the important decisions for the country.

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But this does not mean that the President. or is the biggest post under our constitution. Thus the post of Vice President is very important for our constitution.
When the President of India is unable to perform his functions for any reason or he is not present for any reason, then all his work is done by the Vice President, while holding this office, the Vice President holds all the powers in the same way as the President.

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Vice President of india

Article 63 of constitution provide that their cell be avoid President of India the office of the vice president is the second highest constitutional post in India.

Vice President:Qualifications for election

The qualifications needed to be a vice President of the India are the following
• He or she must be the citizen of India
• he or she must be 35 years old
• he or she must not hold any office of profit
• he or she must be qualified for election as a member of the Rajya Sabha

VICE President of India :Term of office

The term of office of the President is 5 years .there is no fixed retirement age of the Vice President. there is no limit to the number of times that the price president can be selected. the vice president may resigned from office in written address to the president. he or he may also be removed by the president hall violation of the constellations the removal proceedings can be initiated window members of the register bahut against the voice president the lock sabha has to be in agreement and advance notice of 14 days must be given to him or her prior to the initiation of the removal proceedings.

Vice President of India :Power and function

The vice President of India also has some power and functions these are discussed below……
• The vice president discharge the functions of the president, if he or she is temporarily unable to discharge them owning to absence in less or any other cause.
• The vice president steps in as the acting president whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the President because of reasons including death resignation and removal through impeachment. the vice president cell takes over the duties of the president until a new President is elected and resumes office. However, the vice president can hold this office only for 6 months.
• The vice president is the ex-office chairman of the Rajya Sabha. he or she is not a member of a Rajya Sabha. vice president conducts the business of the house. he or she maintains discipline and decorum in the house and conducts the discussion and debates and lets members speak in the house. he or he may use casting in case of a tie on any bill.


Vice president: From independence till now

Below is a list of Vice-Presidents of India who have been elected so far under the system of the Indian Constitution……
1 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 13 May 1952 14 May 1957
2 Zakir Hussain 13 May 1962 12 May 1967
3 V V Giri 13 May 1967 3 May 1969
4 Gopal Swaroop Pathak 31 August 1969 30 August 1974
5 BD Jatti 31 August 1974 30 August 1979
6 Mohd Hidayatullah 31 August 1979 30 August 1984
7 Ramaswami Venkataraman 31 August 1984 27 July 1987
8 Shankar Dayal Sharma 3 September 1987 24 July 1992
9 KR Narayanan 21 August 1992 24 July 1997
10 Krishna Kant ^ 21 August 1997 27 July 2002 KR
11 Bhairon Singh Shekhawat 19 August 2002 21 July 2007
12 Mohammadd Hamid Ansari 11 August 2007 19 July 2017
13 Venkaiah Naidu 8 August 2017 –present time

 The president who privously is a vice president

There have been many such Vice Presidents in India who were later elected as President. Below are the information about all the Presidents who were previously elected Vice Presidents…
1. Sarvepali Radharishinan (1888-1975)
The famous philosopher Radharishina served as the country’s first vice president. He served in that capacity for two consecutive terms from 1952 to 1962. He was elected President of the Republic in 1962.
2. Zakir Hussein (1897-1969)
Zakir Hussein served as the country’s vice president from 1962 to 1967. In 1967, he was elected the country’s first Muslim president. A.D. He died in 1969 while in power. He also served as President for a short time.
3. Vive Grie (1894-1980)
In 1967, he was elected the country’s third vice president. A.D. Following the death of President Zakir Hussein in 1969, he was elected interim president. The country’s fourth president has since been elected. He was the only politician to be elected as an independent candidate.
4. R. Vencataram (1910-2009)
He was elected the country’s seventh vice president in 1984. He served as the country’s eighth president from 1987 to 1992.
5. Shankar Dial Sharma (1918-1999)
He was the country’s eighth vice president under President R. Ventataram. He previously served as Prime Minister and Minister for the Coalition. A.D. In 1992, he was elected the ninth president of the country.
6. K. R. Narayanan (1921-2005)
India’s foreign ministry official Narayanana enters politics at the request of Indira Gandhi. He won three consecutive Lock elections and served as Minister of the Union. A.D. He was elected ninth vice president in 1992 and became president in 1997. He was the country’s first Dalit president.

Q1- Who is a first vice president?

Answer-the First Vice-President means the Vice-President elected by the Management Committee who, in addition to her/his other duties, shall take the office of the President in the case of vacancy of the latter.

Q2- Who is the current Vice-President of India?

Answer- Venkaiah Naidu is the Vice-President of India currently. He took over the office of Vice-President on August 11th, 2017 after defeating UPA candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

Q3-. Who is the head of Rajya Sabha?

Answer- The Vice President of India (currently, Venkaiah Naidu) is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, who presides over its sessions.

Q4- What is the parmanent salary of vice President?

Answer- The salary of vice President is Vice President ₹400,000 (US$5,200)

Q5 - Who is the two time president of India?

Answer- Rajendra Prasad, the first president of India, is the only person to have held office for two terms.

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