Google Cloud Training: Process, How to Apply, and More  

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This summary is intended to assist you to comprehend the broader Google Cloud ecosystem. Below, you'll get a quick overview of some of the most regularly used functions, as well as links to information that may help you go further. Understanding what's accessible and how the pieces interact will help you decide how to continue. You'll also be directed to several tutorials that will allow you to test out Google Cloud in a variety of circumstances. Boost your Skills by learning:  Digital Marketing

Table of Content:
1) What exactly has been included?
2) How can you get ready?
3) Modules of instruction
4) Modules
5) ACG (A Cloud Guru)
6) Intellipaat
7) Udemy
8) India's Ducat
What exactly has been included?

This curriculum includes over 40 hours of content spanning 10 subjects, as well as tools like as customizable presentations and teaching notes, hands-on laboratories via Google Cloud Skills Boost, instructor guidelines and teaching materials, and various knowledge tests.

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1) Introduction to digital marketing
2) Website Planning and Creation

How can you get ready?

Consider studying Google Cloud Computing Foundations on-demand to assist prepare or supplement student learning. By completing these steps, you may have free access to the course, such as the self-paced labs.
Modules of instruction

Assist students in developing cloud services skills and preparing for jobs in a cloud-first future.


Explore the ten-course modules and answers to commonly asked topics.  

  • Security: Explain how cloud security is managed in Google Cloud.
  • Networks: Show how to establish secure cloud networks.
  • Managed Services: Talk about the various cloud application-managed managed service choices.
  • Big data: Explore a selection of cloud-based managed big data services
  • Interface: Describe the many methods by which a user can communicate with Google Cloud.
  • Computing: Investigate Google Cloud's computing choices.
  • Storage: Use both unstructured and structured storage methods.
  • Automation: Locate cloud mechanization and management software.
  • Machine learning: Define machine learning, its language, and its value proposition.
  • Cloud Fundamentals: Explain whatever the cloud is and explain why it is a technological and business game changer.
1. ACG (A Cloud Guru):

Improve your GCP abilities with our continually developing and updated selection of Google Cloud-certified training and courses. If you're just getting started, studying for a GCP certificate, or diving deep into specialized Google Cloud subjects, we've got you covered.
  • The greatest method of learning is to practice.
85% of students agree that doing helps them remember more of what they're learning.
  • It is more effective.
84% of our students say they have improved their work performance.
  • Develop your career
Our material and technologies directly aided 94% of our learners' careers.
Why should you study Google Cloud with ACG?
We think that doing is the greatest way for individuals to learn. Our courses explain basic topics through entertaining video lectures taught by seasoned cloud experts, then put you in the driver's seat with interactive labs set in actual, live GCP settings. This technique reinforces concepts, improves knowledge retention, and provides useful experience developing and smashing things in the cloud, so you're better equipped to apply your new abilities in your day-to-day job.
Who should enrol in this Google Cloud training course?
This Google Cloud Architect credential class is open to the following individuals:
This GCP certificate is open to IT professionals, software engineers, managers, those wishing to deploy SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services, network and system administrators, and project managers.  
2. Intellipaat:

This online Google Cloud certification course will assist you in passing the Google Certified Cloud Architect certification examination. This GCP certification course will provide you with hands-on experience with Google Cloud services like storage, computing, databases, and security. Develop and deploy sustainable Google Cloud products for organizations now.
The Most Important Points
  • Job Guidance with Certification
  • Self-paced Videos for 24 Hours
  • Upgrades are free for life.
  • Mentoring Assistance
  • 48-hour project and exercises
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Instructor-Led Training for 24 Hours
Lesson 1: Google Cloud Preview Overview
Lesson 02 - Google Cloud Services Demonstration
Lesson 03 - Google Computing Services Demonstration
Lesson 04 - Google Storage Services Demonstration
Lesson 05 - Preview of Google Cloud APIs
Module 06 - Preview of Google Networking Services
Lesson 07 - IAM & Security Services
Intellipaat's GCP Certification Course:

This GCP course is intended to prepare students for the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification test. The entire course adheres to the certification curriculum and assists you in obtaining the greatest positions in major MNCs. As part of this program, you will work on real-time projects and tasks that have huge significance in real-world industrial settings, allowing you to easily advance your career.
There will be a quiz at the conclusion of this GCP certification training program that fully replicates the sort of questions answered in the certification test and helps you achieve higher points.
After completing the project work (after expert assessment) and scoring at least 60%, an Intellipaat Course Completion Certificate will be provided.
3. Udemy:

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification
What you'll discover
  • Learn how to design and launch safe, resilient the on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Learn the best practices for developing safe and dependable apps on the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experiment with Google Cloud Platform's computation, network, memory, and database capabilities.
  • Begin your path to becoming a Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer.
This course includes:
  • 17 hours of video on demand and 26 articles.
  • Mobile and television access
  • Completion certificate
  • Captions that are closed
The Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer exam tests your knowledge of:
  • Set up access and security
  • Plan and set up a cloud solution
  • Configure a cloud solution environment
  • Install and configure a cloud solution

4. India's Ducat:

Were you seeking the finest Online Cloud Computing Training Institute in Noida? DUCAT provides Cloud Computing training classes in Noida with actual projects taught by qualified instructors. Our Cloud Computing training program in Noida is tailored specifically for Undergraduates (UG), Graduates, Young Professionals, and Freelance writers. You give end-to-end Cloud Domain learning with deep digs to help every profile build a winning career.
Ducat is a well-known name that provides the finest to students and helps them become professionals in their fields. The institute provides training in accordance with industry standards, assisting students in obtaining employment in their desired careers at MNCs. Undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, working professionals, and freelancers can all benefit from the institute's curriculum. It is the company's 20+ years of industry expertise that provides the best IT training to pupils. It is a combination of academic learning and practical activities that provides maximum exposure and aids in reshaping the children's future with successful job alternatives.
Why Should You Attend DUCAT Cloud Computing Training in Noida?
  • Students can use the laboratories at any time.
  • We also train our students for interviews and give them every tool they need to land a job.
  • Students will work on real-world projects.
  • Learners are welcome to repeat the course at no cost.
  • Regular and weekend sessions are available.
  • Ducat Noida offers a well-recognized Course Completion Certificate as well as a project letter.
  • We also provide complete placement assistance.
  • They also offer internships in a variety of sectors.
  • There are also Discussion Zones.
  • Internet access is available around the clock.
This program has approximately 40 hours of information spread over ten areas, as well as features like as configurable presentations and available-to-access, hands-on laboratories through Google Cloud Skills Boost, teacher instructions and educational materials, and numerous knowledge exams.

What is the cost of Google Cloud coaching?

To register, you must pay a certificate fee. The price of the foundation certificate is $99, the associated cloud engineer certification is $125, and all professional certificates are $200.

Can my Google Cloud certificate help me get work?

The issue is, cloud qualifications do not ensure you cloud employment (much like any certificate). There's no disputing that they can help you get started in the cloud, but when it comes to obtaining that cloud services job, hands-on expertise is what will truly set you apart.

Is Google Cloud accreditation offered for free?

You get lifetime access to Google Cloud courses once you join. As a result, you may go in at any moment and study it for free on the web.

Are Google Cloud classes available for free?

Beginning in 2022, technical professionals and programmers will be able to receive free beginning education on how to utilize Google Cloud.

Is it simple to learn Google Cloud?

Learning the Google Cloud Platform is not tough for you if you have any familiarity with cloud computing and have used AWS in the past, and this course makes it even simpler. Businesses are embracing several clouds.

Is Google Cloud a coding requirement?

Numerous services are available through platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, many of which don't require coding.

What type of SQL does Google Cloud Platform use?

A relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server is called Cloud SQL. By doing this, you are relieved of database administration duties and given more time to handle your data.

Is it possible to land a job with just a Google Cloud certification?

Additionally, it demonstrates that you have put time and money into developing your skill set. However, credentials alone won't cut it if you want to work in the field of cloud computing; you also need to have appropriate abilities and experience that will convince employers of your ability.

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