SendGrid or SendinBlue: Which is better for promoting your business?

Safalta expert Published by: Ishika Jain Updated Sat, 07 Jan 2023 01:51 PM IST


Email marketing services SendGrid and Sendinblue both provide full solutions with drag-and-drop editors, no-cost email templates, testing tools, and dedicated IPs.

Despite the wide range of marketing strategies available to businesses today, email advertising remains one of the best options. You may reach your target audience directly through email, whether they are at work, at home, or on the road. More importantly, you can leverage the email strategy to retain consumers and produce repeat business with the correct automated campaign. Of course, managing every aspect of a complete email campaign by yourself would be very unfeasible, especially as your company expands. Having the appropriate email software for marketing automation in place is essential for this reason. Attractive email marketing solutions like Sendinblue and SendGrid, which come with a variety of capabilities to improve your marketing campaigns, are available today.

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Through the use of sales funnels and templates, both these techniques are quite effective at increasing sales and cultivating customer loyalty.

Table of Content:
Comparison of Sendinblue and SendGrid
Prices for Sendinblue and SendGrid
Email Templates & Editing in Sendinblue and SendGrid
Features of Sendinblue vs. SendGrid
SendGrid vs. Sendinblue: Conclusion

Comparison of Sendinblue and SendGrid

Sendinblue began as a low-cost email marketing business, but over time, it has grown to be much more. Sendinblue provides everything from CRM capabilities to SMS marketing, SMTP relay, or even live chat customer care, making it a full-service digital marketing provider today. Sendinblue promises to make communicating with your customers as easy as possible and is appropriate for both transactional email & promotional messages. You may use A/B testing to provide the greatest results, and many functional alternatives are many functional alternatives that are always being improved. The customer service is also excellent. Another very well-known provider for individuals interested in email advertising is SendGrid. In contrast to Sendinblue, SendGrid continues to place a strong emphasis on email marketing. This service serves organizations like Uber and Spotify and has been operating a tiny bit longer than Sendinblue. This organization offers a dedicated IP address, real-time reporting, email templates, and other services.

Prices for Sendinblue and SendGrid
Budget is only one factor in selecting the best marketing strategy. However, we must consider the pricing limits that apply to each of us. Thankfully, Sendinblue and SendGrid are both reasonably priced utilities. For a very long time, SendinBluee has been known for providing a number of the most economical marketing options available. To get you started, there is a free subscription that allows you to save an unlimited number of contacts and send up to 300 emails every day.

Other packages consist of:
  • With Lite, you may send up to 100,000 emails each month for $25 with no sending cap, email support, A/B testing, and access to comprehensive analytics.
  • Up to 1,000,000 emails, advertising automation, retargeting & Facebook advertisements, multi-user access, landing pages, and phone assistance are included in the premium package, which costs $65 per month.
  • Enterprise: (Only by quote) includes everything in the Premium package custom email volumes, prioritized sending, 20+ landing pages, accessibility for an additional 10 users, SSO SAML, Customer engagement management, priority support, and other capabilities.

Just pause until you see what SendGrid has to offer if you thought Sendinblue's price structure was flexible. The email API SMTP plans are the first kind of plans offered. If you want accessibility to delivery optimization tools, a layout editor, statistics, ticket assistance, and other features, these start at $0 per month. The 40,000 emails allowed by the free plan are sufficient. In addition, you have the following premium choices:
  • Important: $14.95 per month for 50,000 emails; for an additional $29.95 per month, you can raise to 100,000 emails.
  • Pro: $89.95 per month includes a dedicated IP address and up to 200,000 emails. For further than 1.4 million emails each month, you can go to as much as $749.
  • Premier: If you plan to send more than 1.5 million emails, get in touch with SendGrid for a personalized quotation.
Email Templates & Editing in Sendinblue and SendGrid
You must be able to produce stunning communications if you want to make the most of email marketing solutions. You won't need to engage a professional designer if you use a tool like SendGrid or SendinBluee. There are 200 responsive email templates available through Sendinblue, and while some are more appealing than others, there are sufficient alternatives that you ought to be able to locate something usable. If you don't like the template right away, you can alter it using Sendinblue's drag-and-drop tool.
With Sendinblue, you may view the final version of your emails on a smartphone before sending them. Similar to other services, SendGrid offers a wide variety of free and paid email designs. The templates offered by SendGrid cover a variety of different email types, and several simple design tools let you adjust anything to your needs. You can create compelling transactional emails that alter to show your consumers what they've purchased or locate messages designed exclusively for order receipts. This makes it simple to offer your audience a professional experience right away. Download ebooks to gain extensive knowledge about them.

Features of Sendinblue vs. SendGrid
SendGrid and Sendinblue are quite similar  Both of these strategies aid in connecting with your intended audience and fostering stronger relationships as a result. You can send & schedule emails using both of these services as your initial action. There are a tonne of templates available to select from that will get getting started, and you're able to even modify those designs in any way you like. You can send email blasts immediately or automatically based on a schedule you choose with the help of SendGrid and Sendinblue. However, you do have a little bit more flexibility with SendinBluee to schedule the emails you want to deliver at the time that works best for you. Both of these solutions let you build automatic email sequences that perfectly react to the behaviors and activities of your subscribers from the standpoint of marketing automation. A welcome campaign, for example, may start automatically when subscribers join up for your newsletters. Sendinblue's automation features are a bit more sophisticated than SendGrid's. Sendinblue provides a variety of marketing automation templates so you can essentially copy and paste your material into an established solution. This will help you get launched as quickly as possible.

SendGrid has the following features:
  • robotic campaigns
  • adaptable templates
  • HTML editing or drag-and-drop
  • recurrent emails sent automatically
  • series based on time
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Proven capacity to deliver
  • Exclusive IP addresses
  • control over transactional and marketing emails
  • transparency of the whole email procedure
  • collaborative capabilities
  • The history of emails add-ons
  • landing pages and registration forms
  • testing for spam and emails
  • outstanding email statistics
  • listing control
SendinBlue's features include:
  • email advertising
  • SMS advertising
  • Live chat capabilities
  • CRM tracking for customer service
  • automation in marketing
  • Targeted segmentation and sending
  • transactional email
  • Page landings
  • enrollment forms
  • Facebook access to ads
  • campaigns for retargeting
  • reports on click-through and open rates
  • Heat maps in email
  • Testing A/B
  • Current statistics
  • Send-time improvement
  • access to API
  • Integrators and plugins
Notably, Sendinblue has integrated CRM capabilities whereas SendGrid provides contact management & segmentation features. Sendinblue allows you to import an unlimited number of contacts, whereas SendGrid's capabilities are determined by the subscription plan you select. Additionally, Sendinblue ought to give you access to more best-in-class segmentation.

Reporting and analytics between Sendinblue and SendGrid
An email marketing tool's reporting and analytics features can assist you to make sure you're receiving the most value for your money. From this perspective, SendGrid does have a lot to offer, including the ability to monitor the specific success of each campaign and follow campaign outcomes for up to 30 days. Basic reporting is accessible and is only for the specific email campaign in question from Sendinblue. However, Sendinblue does provide some good A/B testing. The impact of your subject lines, call-to-action-to-action buttons, email content, as well as the time you send your communications may all be evaluated by testing your autoresponders with emails in a variety of ways.

Sendinblue also gives customers access to a variety of reporting tools that are already included in the program to assist you in gaining an in-depth understanding of how your campaigns are contributing to your company's bottom line. SendGrid includes an open connection with Google Analytics, which can aid with some useful enhanced reporting, and it has a tonne of capability for A/B testing as well. Through its platform, SendGrid provides a variety of action-triggered & real-time statistics, including the ability to track sends, control link clicks, and receive spam alerts. The email platform a client uses, their country of origin, and the type of device they prefer to view their emails on can all be used to assess engagement.

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Customer Support: Sendinblue vs. SendGrid
Customer service may be the last consideration when selecting an email infrastructure provider, but it is just as crucial as user-friendliness In a perfect world, you wouldn't ever require assistance with emails, SPF, or SEO. However, marketers from all walks of life occasionally need a little help. You require customer support if you want to research your ISP options, inquire about price possibilities, or simply learn more about how every SaaS service functions.

You may find more information about using your service in the specialized help section of SendGrid's website. There is a selection of beginner-friendly troubleshooting articles and FAQs, and you can use the search bar to enter your problem. You should be able to submit a support ticket that allows you access to live chat assistance, a service that is always available, depending on the type of subscription you select for your SendGrid experience. In specific circumstances, you can also request phone support, however, this service is only accessible during regular business hours. SendGrid's advanced assistance is primarily reserved for the rising spending tiers, similar to Sendinblue, which is one of the reasons the site's support section doesn't have the top ratings. Do bear in mind that you may be able to find further help by searching internet forums & social media pages for support from the community. Since SendGrid and Sendinblue both have a sizable customer base, finding out more information about them is typically not difficult if you know where to go.

SendGrid vs. Sendinblue: Conclusion
So how do you choose between SendGrid and Sendinblue in the end? If you're seeking versatility and scalability in email marketing platforms, these two are both really good choices. SendGrid is less user-friendly for beginners than Sendinblue, nevertheless. However, your needs as a business owner will typically dictate which solution you select for your small business. You would probably prefer the extensive list of simple-to-use capabilities that come with Sendinblue if you have your own eCommerce business and frequently visited the website. If you are a business organization with higher levels of requirements regarding email quantity and consistency, SendGrid is more likely to perform for you. You can connect your SendGrid account to your SaaS programs to have access to new transactional email alternatives. After reading this comparative review, if you're still unsure which tool is best for you, why not try the free trial versions of both services? Even though the extracted features are constrained in any free trial, both applications are available in free editions. Remember that until you update, you might not be able to use all of the features available in any of these tools. Email marketing services SendGrid and Sendinblue both provide full solutions with drag-and-drop editors, no-cost email templates, testing tools, and dedicated IPs.

Is SendGrid a viable marketing tool?

SendGrid is an excellent choice if email deliverability is your top priority when it comes to email marketing software features. It excels at this more than almost all of its rivals. To track business campaigns and improve performance, it also includes a top-notch email editor and thorough statistics.

What is the best use for SendinBlue?

Sendinblue is one of the greatest solutions for trigger-based & transactional emails, and it offers much more functionality besides just email marketing campaigns. You may create campaigns that are triggered by clicks, opens, and even website visits using its automation workflow builder.

Why does SendGrid have users?

Through the use of SendGrid, a cloud-based SMTP provider, you may send emails without worrying about maintaining email servers. The technical specifics are fully handled by SendGrid, including infrastructure scaling, ISP outreach, reputation monitoring, whitelist services, and real-time analytics.

Sendinblue is suspended; why?

The suspension may occur for several reasons, including unsatisfactory campaign outcomes in the past or after the upload of new contacts. We use automated tools to track performance, however occasionally false positive cases occur.

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