Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Pune: Fee Structure, Placement, Reviews, and More

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Today, "digital marketing" is the trendy and popular buzzword in the professional world. Global digital transformation is, of course, the main driver of this course's strong demand.

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Today, the hottest term in the career world is digital marketing. The main driver of this course's increasing demand is, of course, the global digital transformation. A short-term education in digital marketing can advance your career and help you find a profitable job, which is another very crucial element. Digital marketing in India would be that golden egg that delivers big returns over the long run with minimal effort and financial input. The top 10 digital marketing courses in Pune are listed here.


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Table of Content:
The PIIDM is the Pashium International Institute of Digital Marketing


The best digital marketing courses in Pune are offered by IIM SKILLS, a prestigious institution. IIM SKILLS has successfully trained 5000+ learners in over 1000+ batches in only five short years. IIM SKILLS has offices all over India and even in the United Arab Emirates, giving it a presence that knows no borders. The institute gives its students a helping hand by making crucial adjustments that have a favorable impact on their careers and enable them to start on the right foot. Aspiring students are introduced to a wide range of professional alternatives by the training programs at IIM SKILLS, which open up the doors to new possibilities. IIM SKILLS takes pleasure in establishing new standards and advancing the future.

Along with CAT coaching, it offers instruction in content writing & digital marketing. Every one of their training courses has been carefully and methodically put together. Global standards and regulations are met by the training. IIM SKILLS develops trainees into competent professionals through their practical courses that are focused on the workplace. IIM SKILLS is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities & thinking creatively and unconventionally. It places a strong emphasis on educating pupils and believes that doing so will prepare them for the workforce. The instruction is in line with international business norms.

The following are some of the course's highlights from IIM SKILLS:
  • The master's program in digital marketing.
  • Three months are allotted for the course's duration (180 hours).
  • Weekend and weekday batches are available. The entire course is delivered online.
  • Course Fee: 34,900 INR plus GST.
  • Course Curriculum: The 40-module course covers all key facets of digital marketing in depth.
  • The expertise of 40 tools for digital marketing is also included. Candidates are given access to ongoing projects.
  • They gain practical experience using the different tools and how to use them.
  • Through the LMS, all candidates have unlimited access to the learning library.
  • Implementation in practice is given more weight. Only 60+ hours of live online instruction and 120+ hours of assignments are spent on the course.
  • A limited batch size guarantees that knowledgeable teachers pay close attention to each student. In addition to teaching, mentors and trainers inspire applicants and assist them with practical work.
  • Placement and internships: The institute offers a three-month internship that is optional. Placement assistance includes creating resumes, preparing for interviews, and locating related positions.
  • 13 certificates are included in this course.
  • IIM SKILLS certification of course completion.
  • Eight certifications from Google.
  • Three certificates from HubSpot.
  • One certification from Facebook.
  • Candidates are prepared by the institute for all of the aforementioned certifications. 


One of Pune's top digital marketing schools, Victorious Digital was founded in 2014. Additionally, it offers training in
  • Software e.formation of personality.
  • computer learning.
  • Certification for Salesforce, etc. However, it is best renowned for its digital marketing programs in Pune.
The institute strives to help people improve their skills and produce polished, employable professionals. Whatever the subject, Victorious Digital offers flexible scheduling, reasonable costs, and practical training that can be applied right away. The institute emphasizes each student's abilities and performance. For its many training programs, it has certified and trained staff.
One certification from Facebook. Candidates are prepared by the institute for all of the aforementioned certifications.

The following are some of the course's highlights from Victorious Digital:
  • Program for digital marketing training.
  • Course length: two months or eight weeks
  • Batch: There are both in-person and online sessions available.
  • The institute offers a variety of digital marketing training options, so interested individuals can inquire for more details.
  • Course 42 modules program which takes a practical training approach.
  • Only 10-15 students are admitted to the institute's micro-batches per batch.
  • Other essential characteristics include:
  • Ad campaigns are funded using real money.
  • preparing interview questions and answers.
  • feedback sessions with students.
  • talks about each module.
  • grooming appointments.
  • All candidates will receive an internship and placement, which is guaranteed.


In Pune, a training centre known as Digital TITA is well-known for its digital marketing programs. It provides training courses in both general sub-modules of digital marketing, such as:
  • optimization for search engines.
  • Facebook optimization
  • AdWords on Google.
  • creation of content.
  • web development and design.
  • making infographics.
  • Certification in Analytics and Adwords.
  • The school offers top-notch instruction. 500+ students have received training from Digital TITA to date in 100+ batches. All of the instructors are qualified professionals who provide learners with hands-on training.
The following are some of the course's highlights from Digital TITA:
  • Digital marketing course is its name.
  • Batch: There are weekday and weekend options.
  • Course Curriculum: There are about 30 units in the course.
  • The course covers information on more than 50 different digital marketing tools.
  • The trainees participate in at least five active projects. Assignments like SEO for eCommerce websites, GTM tagging for websites, and social media optimization are some of the ongoing tasks.
  • Placement and Internship: For two to three months, there is an internship on live projects. Upon completion, candidates are also given an internship certification. The institute provides complete aid with career placement.
  • The curriculum offers ten or more certifications.
  • Certification by DigitalTITA
  • Google Adwords Certification Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Mobile Ads: Google Video Certification Certification
  • Advanced Adwords Certification for Google


LIPS India is a project of IIT/IIM graduates and a facility with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. It offers top-notch digital marketing courses in Pune in the related industry. Additionally, it offers training courses in:
  • construction and design of websites.
  • As separate courses, other related digital marketing modules.
  • Share market education
  • E-commerce.
  • data analysis.
The following are some of the course's highlights from LIPS India:
  • Digital marketing course is its name.
  • Digital marketing training online.
  • The course's duration is:
  • More than 120 hours are spent in the classroom (three to four months)
  • The online course is 100 hours or longer.
  • Batch: Weekday and weekend batches are options for the classroom course.
  • A morning and an afternoon batch are offered for the online course from Monday through Friday.
  • course cost
  • A classroom course costs between INR 27,000 and 30,000. (GST included).
  • The cost of the online course is INR 14,500.
Course Content:
  • There are roughly 16 modules in the classroom curriculum. The creator, an IIM alum, serves as the principal mentor.
  • Real-time sponsored campaigns in Google and social media are covered in the training.
  • The principal instructor again for the online course is the founder. The online course, which has more than 16 courses, provides six months of access to all recorded sessions. It includes access to live data platforms, help from trainers for in-the-moment implementation, and live Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns.
  • The LIPSINDIA learning portal, live search console data, paid infographics, accessibility to paid SEO tools, etc. are all available to LIPS students for life.
  • Every module includes real-world assignments that let candidates put what they've learned into practice.


An educational institution called Digital Skills provides digital marketing courses in Pune for a range of audiences, including professionals, students, and companies looking to grow. It offers programs that are pertinent to the industry and was established by the digital marketing firm Yashus Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd.  Download ebooks to gain extensive knowledge about them

The institute offers every course in digital marketing from A to Z as well as tailored programs for various market groups, including:
  • Homemakers.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Kids.
  • authors of the content.
  • market analysts.
  • enterprise analysts.
  • graphic artists.
  • NGOs.
  • The property.
The following are some of the course's highlights:
  • The integrated digital marketing course is named after it.
  • Course length: 30 hours of part-time instruction (two and a half months).
  • Batch: Weekday/weekend and online/classroom batches are both available.
  • Candidates may get in touch with the institute to inquire about the course cost.
  • Course Content: For convenience, the syllabus comprises 16 units. Leading specialists in the field are teaching the in-depth course. Students, job seekers, professionals in the workforce, and business owners can all benefit from it.
  • There are just nine students in each tiny group.
  • The faculty has over 15 years of expertise, and the curriculum is current.
  • For better understanding, the course material contains a ratio of 30% theory to 70% practical.
  • There is a no-cost trial session.
Boost your skills by learning:

The PIIDM is the Pashium International Institute of Digital Marketing.

PIIDM, which was founded just over two years ago, is one of Pune's leading institutions for digital marketing training. The founder has a wealth of experience in the field of digital marketing, having worked as a consultant on more than 50 firms. In actuality, Pashium Web Solution Pvt Ltd, which offers services in digital marketing, has a training division.

To educate and prepare budding digital marketers, PIIDM was founded. The institute offers training courses in addition to digital marketing in:
  • Website design.
  • optimization for search engines.
  • Adwords on Google.
  • Social media promotion.
  • designing graphics.
Highlights of the PIIDM course in digital marketing include:
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Program, Version 2.0 (two courses in one program).
  • The course lasts for two months during the week, three months over the weekend, and four months on Sundays exclusively.
  • Batch: Only on weekdays, weekends, and Sundays, with time flexibility. There is also an online course accessible.
  • Candidates should get in touch with the institute for information on course fees.
  • 50+ up-to-date course modules with 80+ hours of in-person instruction make up the course curriculum.
  • As part of their practical learning, candidates learn about more than 50 marketing tools and complete more than 50 tasks.
A management 360 program is part of this training, which is a bonus. It improves the candidates' management skills and increases their likelihood of securing a lucrative position. The Management 360 Program has courses like Writing a Resume.
  • Interview techniques.
  • group conversation
  • Agency activity.
  • brand promotion.
  • Modules for business.
  • customer briefing
  • sales administration.
  • business startups and entrepreneurship.
  • the corporate workshop on campus.
  • Placement aid as well as internship opportunities are provided to students by PIIDM.
  • Certification: Candidates may obtain seven certifications from Google, including one for inbound marketing and one for email marketing, in addition to the course completion certification from PIIDM.
In Pune, MIDM is a renowned institution that offers digital marketing courses. The institute has expanded into several additional industries and offers training for:
  • HR education.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • designing websites.
  • graphics creation.
  • C++ and C courses.
  • Courses in Java and Advanced Java.
  • courses in election management.
Having placed over 250 students in over 75 batches to date, MIDM also offers a scholarship program. The institute also offers industrial training and handles logo design. Additionally, MIDM hosts workshops on digital marketing where you may gain exclusive knowledge of the tried-and-true procedures that go into a fruitful digital marketing plan.

Highlights of the MIDM course on digital marketing include:
  • DM Crash Course is the name of the course.
  • Advanced Course in Digital Marketing.
  • Four weekends make up the course's duration for the crash course.
  • For a batch that includes only Sundays, the advanced course lasts four months, three months over the weekend, and two months during the week.
  • Weekend for the crash course batch.
  • Only the advanced class will have a classroom session with the option of a weekend, weekday, or Sunday.
  • The crash course costs INR 10,000 in course fees.
  • Students can phone the institute to inquire about the normal course's tuition costs.
  • Course Curriculum:
  • The crash course's curriculum, which is broken down into 17 sections, contains all crucial facets of digital marketing.

 One of the top schools offering digital marketing courses in Pune is The School of Internet Marketing. It specializes in teaching digital marketing with a few courses in graphic design. In Pune, they have three or four locations.

SIM takes pleasure in offering effective training courses to organizations, professionals, and job seekers. The instructors here have significant experience and exposure to digital marketing in actual businesses to help pupils. The institute offers distinct courses for various aspects of digital marketing, including program:
  • optimization for search engines.
  • creating a website's planning.
  • regional SEO
  • AdWords on Google.
  • social media promotion.
  • using Google Analytics
  • The crash course's curriculum, which is broken down into 17 sections, contains all crucial facets of digital marketing.
The following are some of the course's highlights from the School of Internet Marketing:
  • Advanced training in digital marketing.
  • The course lasts for two months during the week and two and a half months on the weekend.
  • Weekend and weekday batches, respectively.
  • Course Curriculum: There are more than 60 mastery tools and 42+ modules. It covers a variety of subjects, including fundamental video creation and editing, growth hacking, and SMS marketing.
  • With 24 active projects, it offers all practical training. Another benefit is the ability to focus on each student individually in a micro-batch of 10–12 pupils.
  • SIM offers an internship with certification along with job placement. Additionally, it offers 100% support for job placement.
  • After the course, candidates are prepared to receive 9+ certifications.

ADM is yet another prestigious institution in Pune that provides digital marketing degrees. ADM has collaborated with some of the top corporations in the world since its founding in 2010. The creator has substantial management experience in several internet enterprises, including those in content, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and other sectors.

The academy is now providing a free master class. At the Academy of Digital Marketing, there are further courses in: Highlights of the Academy of Digital Marketing's course in digital marketing include:
  • Digital marketing course is its name.
  • The course will last 45 to 60 days.
  • Batch: Weekday and weekend choices for a flexible batch schedule.
  • Course Fee: The academy is now providing a special discount, making the course's two months of INR 24,997 inclusive of GST.
  • Course Content: The 15 lessons in this course cover every facet of digital marketing. Students gain proficiency with a variety of crucial digital marketing technologies.
  • There are just 10 to 15 students in the tiny batch. As a result, the teacher gives each student her undivided attention.
  • The students have the opportunity to work on actual projects and earn useful experience. The ADM is a division of the digital marketing firm Tattvam Media. Students thus have the opportunity to work on current projects.
  • ADM guarantees complete placement help. Due to its connection to Tattvam Media, its parent firm, ADM has a network of agencies and businesses looking for qualified digital marketers.
  • Students who complete the course are awarded the ADM certification in digital marketing. In addition, ADM trains students for eleven certifications that are recognized and used by the industry.


ExcelR has expanded significantly since it was founded in 2014. In the consulting and training industry, it is currently a titan. The institute offers excellent, top-notch training courses that benefit scholars and professionals all over the world.

It has a global presence with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, the Netherlands, Australia, and India. Over 140,000 students and professionals have received training from ExcelR in a variety of fields. It provides top-notch digital marketing training in Pune. The following additional courses are available:

  • data analysis.
  • project administration.
  • technical education.
  • Certifications in lean six sigma.
  • tool instruction.
  • Utilizing the cloud.
  • Robotics using AR and VR.
  • Blockchaiprogramg.
  • AI programme.
  • Internet of things, among numerous others.
The following are some of the course's highlights at ExcelR:
  • Name of the Course: For its digital marketing course, ExcelR has come up with the original notion of a Jumbo Pass Limited-time time offer).
  • The course's duration is: For a whole year, and the Jumbo Pass provides access to all batches.
  • Course Fee: The Jumbo Pass costs INR 29,500.
  • Course 42 units make up the course's curriculum. Incorporated are Quora marketing, resume building, YouTube monetization, and affiliate marketing.
  • The curriculum of the institute was carefully designed. The Jumbo Pass provides a blended learning environment that combines instructor-led, online, and classroom instruction.
  • The institute features outstanding instructors with extensive professional backgrounds.
  • Lifelong access to self-paced study is provided through the program.
  • Placement: The institute provides support for assured placement.
Today, "digital marketing" is the trendy and popular buzzword in the professional world. Global digital transformation is, of course, the main driver of this course's strong demand.

Which digital marketing course is the finest in Pune?

The city offers several excellent digital marketing courses. When preparing to enroll in a digital marketing school, you should have a checklist ready. Important criteria include the course curriculum, cost, and duration. Choose the institution that meets all or the majority of your criteria on the list. The best digital marketing courses, both online and off, are included here.

How long are the courses in digital marketing?

A thorough digital marketing program lasts between three and six months (12 weeks-24 weeks). The training also includes case studies and practical assignments.

What standards should be used to select a digital marketing course?

When selecting a digital marketing school, you should pay close attention to the curriculum, the credentials and experience of the instructors, the amount of practical tasks included in the curriculum, and internship opportunities. Additionally, you want to determine whether the cost is reasonable given the features offered.

What is the cost of the courses in digital marketing?

Depending on the institution, the training method, and the brand name, the course selection might be highly diverse. A thorough digital marketing course may cost between Rs 25000 and Rs 35000 in tuition.

How much does digital marketing pay?

The average yearly income for a digital marketer in India is 3.0 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 0.4 Lakhs to 9.4 Lakhs. Salary projections are based on the most recent 2.7k wages provided by digital marketers.

What course in digital marketing is popular?

Master pay-per-click (PPC), digital analytics, SEO, and content marketing. Master digital strategy, mobile marketing, and social media.

Is working in digital marketing stressful?

However, just like any other career, working as a digital marketer may be difficult at times. You need to remain up with trends and always be competitive, which is a key factor. The digital marketing sector is continually changing due to algorithm changes, the emergence of new platforms, and customer emphasis shifts.

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