Top 10 Sites for Video Hosting (A Hosting Guide)

Safalta expert Published by: Ishika Jain Updated Fri, 06 Jan 2023 11:30 AM IST


Modern video hosting services have changed from their beginnings as a straightforward space on the internet for your videos.

You would like to host videos to improve the viewing experience, free up computer storage, share videos, or compile video data. However, there are so many video hosting websites that it can be difficult to even know where to start. For ease of use, we reviewed the top 10 video hosting services. On your website, you'll also discover how to host a video.

Table of Content:
Google Drive
Jetpack VideoPress


If you wish to host videos and produce live video content, then share videos online to increase your subscriber base, YouTube is ideal. What's best? And it's free! YouTube is by far the most widely used online video-sharing sharing service in the world, with two billion monthly users.

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It is the second-largest search engine behind Google and the most popular social media platform. This makes it perfect for hosting as well as for attracting and growing a sizable online following. Download ebooks to gain extensive knowledge about them

Key characteristics:
  • Since YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, using it to help you improve your SEO can also help you become more visible online.
  • You receive a portion of the money made by advertisements on your films.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data storage
  • Incorporates privacy controls
  • Allows for live streaming
  • Basic editing capabilities
  • Easily embed videos Basic analytics
  • Automatically playing ads can make videos on a company website seem unprofessional. You can't tell who watched your videos with video analytics.
  • The built-in player is uncontrollable, and more sophisticated editing tools aren't available.
  • No download possibilities

Facebook is your greatest option if you're seeking a platform to host your films and distribute them to other markets. With 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook has the greatest user base, making it the ideal platform for individuals looking for an audience. Facebook is a good choice if you're looking for a substitute for websites that contain videos, such as Youtube. Although Facebook's primary function is as a social media site, it is actively promoting video content via Facebook Watch, making it one of the internet's top providers of video content.
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Key characteristics:
  • Excellent for businesses trying to expand their audience who have a marketing budget
  • Online free video sharing with the embed function.
  • Unlimited online video hosting is free.
  • No cap on the size of files.
  • Live broadcasting
  • If you want to host videos on Facebook and expand your audience, organic reach is horrible, therefore you'll almost certainly require an advertising spend.
  • Videos are reduced in resolution by compression
  • Doesn't have players that can be changed
  • Videos always have advertisements playing
Google Drive

If you want to host videos privately and don't want to use a platform that also serves as a social network, Google Drive is the best option. You can host videos on G-Drive and work together with your team and stakeholders. Google Drive lacks the social media networks' emphasis on community building because it is intended for cloud storage. You can still share video links using privacy settings, submit videos for free online (with restrictions), and watch your videos online.

Key characteristics:
  • Free up to 15 GB of storage for video content
  • Supports video caption tracks
  • Easy to access, paid video hosting of up to 5 TB
  • Include video

  • Restricts the size of files, the resolution of the playback, and the total amount of storage
  • Expect technical issues while uploading huge videos.
  • The user interfaces for managing videos and digital files may be improved.
  • Not all video formats might function on all devices.
  • Lack of video analytics
  • Unaltered video


Do you need a user-friendly, all-in-one video hosting website? You may record, edit, share, work together on, and host videos all in one location with VEED! Because they are spared the headache of intricate and time-consuming video editing, business owners, instructors, and musicians adore it. Because VEED makes generating onboarding videos, video tutorials, conference videos, talking head videos, and even sales videos simple, even if you've never generated a video before, businesses and their teams adore it.

Key characteristics:
  • Professionals may discuss, give feedback, and download the finished movie in a collaborative workspace with quick and secure video hosting.
  • Save videos using the preset options for YouTube and Instagram.
  • To distribute videos in low-resolution or even 4K, use export presets.
  • Brand toolkit to create consistently branded videos
  • Includes a voice recorder, screen, and webcam.
  • Two hours of automated subtitles are permissible.
  • Convert audio files into text and vice versa
  • Video conversion and compression
  • Not designed for mobile 
  • There are no analytics

The best users of SproutVideo are businesses and seasoned digital marketers who depend on video analytics to evaluate leads. SproutVideo offers marketing organizations lead capture forms, audience building, comprehensive video analytics, collaboration, and sharing capabilities, and audience tracking in order to track engagement and expand their client base. One of the top platforms for on-demand or video hosting for companies and marketers, the player is simple to personalize.

Important characteristics:
  • Works with all popular content management systems and makes embedding movies on websites simple.
  • Offers security features including single sign-on, password protection, and login security
  • Has tools for automatically detecting bandwidth and adjusting quality for fluid video playback.
  • Offers CTA locations, lead capture forms, and social sharing buttons inside the video.
  • You may integrate with solutions from third parties like HubSpot, Zapier, and Mailchimp.
  • Enables the creation of video websites if necessary.
  • Allows you to create personalized playlists
  • Has video analytics available
  • It's a complicated video hosting service that novice users may find difficult to use.

One of the top video hosting platforms for virtual commerce is Vidyard. To help you at every point of the sales cycle, from prospecting to proposals, Vidyard offers remote selling tools. The subscription plans are appropriate for more established teams that primarily rely on on-brand video & analytics for sales teams, even though the free plan has enough capabilities to get you started by using video for sales.

Key characteristics:
  • Enhances sales and income by seamlessly integrating with social media and third-party services like Hootsuite, Marketo, and Salesforce.
  • CTAs and A/B testing are already included in the video marketing tools.
  • Unlimited hosting of excellent videos without ads
  • Unlimited media sharing and recording
  • Encrypts your videos, offers precise analytics and allows personalized branding
  • Individual video playback
  • Allows for live streaming
  • A limitless bandwidth
  • On-page comments
  • Both the free and pro plans lack captions. In the $300 monthly team plan, you must manually add captions; in the business plan, you must spend $1,250 monthly to enable automatic captions.
  • Limited embeds from the free to corporate plans, ranging from 1 to 100.
  • The platform is challenging to use.

For online marketers who wish to share effective video marketing campaigns, Wistia is ideal. Superior analytics, visitor engagement tracking, spectator tracking, and heat maps are all provided by Wistia to help you transform your videos into effective marketing tools.

Key characteristics:
  • It integrates with other applications, email marketing platforms, CRMs, content management systems, Google Ads accounts, as well as other marketing automation software
  • Enables A/B testing, allows you to include keywords in your videos, enables you to insert CTAs and forms, creates bespoke audiences for Facebook or Instagram, and provides top-notch customer care.
  • Modern lead generation resources
  • Supports the creation of podcasts
  • Versatile video player\
  • Excellent analytics
  • Has restrictions and extra costs on how many videos you may embed for each plan.

The website Uscreen offers more than just video hosting. Uscreen is the platform for you if you want to monetize your online videos to expand your streaming business. With Uscreen, you can advertise and make money off of your on-demand entertainment from one convenient streaming platform. Uscreen is used to disseminate video courses by educators, small and mid-sized e-learning companies, and startups. Because it can be used to develop over-the-top (OTT) applications, or programs that let you broadcast content on mobile and TV devices, this platform is distinctive.

Key characteristics:
  • Includes a live-streaming function and video on demand (VOD) that can be paid per View (PPV) monetized (pay per view) paywallReaches a worldwide audience using a CDN (content delivery network)
  • Allows you to make playlists, chapters, and episodes.
  • With the HTML5 video player, quick playback
  • Consicustomizationmisation is offered
  • 24/7 customer service is available.
  • Tools for sales and marketing
  • Image-in-image functionality
  • Full ownership of data
  • Does not support the monetization of AVOD 
  • more costly than comparable options
  • Videos cannot be stored indefinitely

If you're a professional wanting to save, manage, & share high-quality movies with company clients, teams, or organizations, Vimeo is indeed the place to upload videos. One of the few platforms, Vimeo has established the reputation of offering premium video hosting services at no cost but without commercials. It is a haven for budding filmmakers and video editors in particular because you can publish, make, edit, & record videos, host live streams, then arrange them into channels.

Key characteristics:
  • Organize & share your videos tastefully on Vimeo Showcase, either publicly or privately.
  • Presentations, webinars, as well as other events can all be streamed live.
  • Features for marketing and advertising like lead capture
  • Utilize Vimeo On-Demand to market your content.
  • simple tools for creating video content
  • Customizations for video players
  • aspects of team collaboration
  • offering OTT services
  • Permit downloading of videos
  • Small-scale integration You must use Zapier to link any Vimeo account to every CRM program.
  • Except for Enterprise plans, there are no automatic translations or live captions.
  • Low upload cap in the fundamental plan
Jetpack VideoPress

If you own a WordPress website and want to embed ad-free, branded, and customized videos, Jetpack VideoPress is fantastic. It is a component of the Jetpack plugin, which provides limitless hosting for WordPress videos. Manage your videos easily with VideoPress by having them hosted by a CDN (content delivery network). Your films may also become mobile-optimized as a result. Additional capabilities offered by VideoPress include picture-in-picture, volume control, plus playing speed adjustment. Never will your ad-free videos display associated videos from those other websites. Videos are kept on WordPress servers, so you won't run out of room.

Key characteristics:
  • Utilises a worldwide CDN to speed up video loading full HD 60 frames per second (1080p)
  • numerous logins ideal for team members
  • Unlimited free hosting for videos
  • versatile video player
  • Image-in-image mode
  • Ad-free
  • While the software has a free version, many of its functions require a membership.
  • has no sophisticated features, such as in-depth analytics, CTAs, integrations, etc.
  • Not suitable for usage on mobile
Modern video hosting services have changed from their beginnings as a straightforward space on the internet for your videos.

Is Vimeo a website that hosts videos?

The innovative standard for video hosting is Vimeo. There isn't and shouldn't be an alternative.

Is GoDaddy the ideal host?

Yes, GoDaddy is a reputable host. Generous server resources, a free domain with every web hosting package, and simple cPanel hosting management are all provided by GoDaddy. Its servers run quickly and reliably, with a fantastic uptime percentage of 99.98%.

Is Vimeo superior to YouTube?

In addition to supporting higher sound quality than YouTube, Vimeo uses a higher bitrate. To obtain this quality, however, you must be subscribed to one of their paying programs. The identical video will have a greater quality on Vimeo when it is uploaded compared to YouTube. Again, YouTube frequently prioritizes quantity over quality.

Which nation uses Vimeo the most?

The US is home to the majority of's users, followed by the UK and India.

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