Top 30 Highest Paid Jobs in the United States (US)

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There is no one job that is perfect for everyone, but many of the best jobs share a few characteristics: they pay well, continually challenge us, fit our abilities and skills, aren't overly stressful, give us room to develop in our careers, and offer a happy work-life balance.

Even while it's not everything, money is almost always something. Because of this, a lot of individuals are curious about the richest professions. Fortunately, there are a surprising number of well-paying positions available across both white-collar & blue-collar industries, covering a range of subjects. Why is that relevant? It simply means that almost everyone can find something they like. That's fantastic news, especially if you're looking for a rewarding job.

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Are you prepared to discover more about the American jobs with the greatest salaries now? Great! What you should know is as follows.


Table of Content:
What Do Jobs With High Pay Mean?
Highest-Paying Jobs: Top 30

What Do Jobs With High Pay Mean?

It's crucial to realize that "high-paying" is typically a subjective term. Even the definition given by the Cambridge Dictionary, which states that "high-paying" is "used to characterize labour for which people receive a lot of money," is frustratingly ambiguous. People generally concur that six-figure jobs typically qualify. So it is where we will concentrate. What is required to obtain high-paying jobs? It depends. It's important to remember that each position has specific requirements.

What you'll need in terms of talents differs according to the position. Each field has specific technical prowess. While pursuing your degree, you'll typically lay your foundation. But if you need more direction, research the job descriptions to find out all the details. Communication, responsibility, attention to detail, and other comparable qualities are crucial in the area of soft skills. Additionally, since many of the highest-paying occupations require managing a team, if not an entire department or organization, strong leadership abilities are frequently essential. When reading through this list, keep in mind that most of these positions only evaluate people who are currently employed. But this place is not ageist. Download ebooks to gain extensive knowledge about them

Highest-Paying Jobs: Top 30

Here are the top 30 highest-paying jobs in the United States right now. We apologize to readers who are only beginning their careers... There aren't many entry-level positions on this list. But it's okay! A list of the highest-paying entry-level positions has also been assembled.


The field of psychiatry is distinct. It takes a dual, medical, and psychological approach to treat mental health issues. They employ a variety of therapy modalities to recognize and treat mental health illnesses and, when practical, attempt to avert their occurrence. It shouldn't come as a surprise that a psychiatrist receives one of the highest salaries due to their specific knowledge. They are solidly on the list thanks to their average yearly income of $217,100.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Injuries, illnesses, and defects in the mouth and its surroundings are treated by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They may want to improve a person's function, improve their appearance, or both with surgery. These surgeons make an average salary of $234,990 per year. The pay rate might vary, though, and some employees undoubtedly make more money.


In their line of work, obstetricians and gynaecologists (OB-GYNs) specialize in issues related to women's reproductive health, particularly pregnancy and childbirth. They help patients manage menopause and birth control, and they are crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous illnesses. An OB-GYN makes, on average, $239,120 a year, though pay rates do vary. In addition, it naturally follows that the benefits tend to be excellent.

Doctor of internal medicine

Internal medicine doctors also referred to as internists, provide treatment for a wide range of adult medical disorders. Their tasks are more varied than those of many other jobs at the same level because they don't concentrate on just one biological system. Internal medicine specialists are another highly-paid medical field, with annual salaries of $210,960 on average. Additionally, they frequently have the option of joining an established clinic or starting their practice, allowing them more influence over their professional lives.

A doctor of anaesthesia

A surgical team's anesthesiologists are a crucial component. To prevent the patient from feeling any discomfort throughout the surgery, they are in charge of giving an anaesthetic. Before, during, and after procedures, this function also provides patient care, manages pain, addresses concerns, and maintains the patient's comfort. Anesthesiologists earn substantial incomes, like many other medical specialities. Some of the top-paid professions around, make an average of $271,440 a year.

Oral Surgeon

Dental experts known as prosthodontists specialize in restorative operations like dentures, bridges, implants, and crowns. Additionally, they take care of several jaw abnormalities, providing improved bite alignment. It's typical for prosthodontists to make a good living. They earn $214,870 on average a year, comfortably ranking among the highest-paying professions.

You are probably already somewhat familiar with the procedures an orthodontist performs if you have ever worn braces. They are the experts who address anomalies in the teeth and jaw to assist correct bite-related problems. The salary for orthodontists is generally good. They earn $237,990 a year on average. Not bad at all, right?

An optometrist

Ophthalmology may be the ideal career for you if you wish to help others with their eyes and vision while still earning well. These professionals typically make $218,850 a year treating eye disorders, conducting eye surgery, and writing prescriptions for corrective lenses.

Head of the company

Chief executives are one of the positions you might anticipate seeing in a list of the highest-paying careers. After all, the C-suite is recognized for its high wages, with the average annual salary hovering around $185,950. According to your location, your exact responsibilities may change. For instance, a chief financial officer would concentrate on, well, finance, but a chief information officer would concentrate on systems, infrastructure, and processes connected to technology and information management.

Anaesthetist nurse

This is the second time that a job in the field of anesthesiology has made the list of high-paying jobs, yet the entry requirement for this post is merely a Master's degree. Nurse anaesthetists make a good living as well, typically earning close to $183,580 a year.


The paediatrician may be the ideal high-paying career for you if you enjoy working with children and wish to promote their health. The position typically pays $184,570 per year, making it one of the highest-paying careers available. Going to medical school and earning a professional or doctoral degree are prerequisites for becoming a paediatrician. Once you have that, though, you can choose to work at a clinic or hospital or launch your practice, based on how you choose to do things.

Pilot, airline

Among the highest-paying careers in America is piloting aircraft for a large airline. It's not unusual to earn around $130,440 a year, plus get a superb benefits package.


The presence of a dentist on this list shouldn't come as a surprise given that careers in the medical field are frequently among the highest-paying in the USA. They typically earn $164,010 a year in compensation for looking after their patients' mouths, teeth, and gums. A professional or doctorate is required to work as a dentist.

Manager of Information Systems

An excellent career choice if you appreciate technology and are searching for well-paying work is information systems management. By managing a group of experts, you ensure that the business's technological needs are satisfied and that data is safe. To start down this path, you will typically require at least a Bachelor's degree and some experience in the technology industry. With that, you might qualify for an information systems management post that would pay you around $151,150 annually.

Engineering supervisor

It is your responsibility as an engineering manager to direct all engineering-related operations at your business. Depending on your specialty, the specific tasks you'll be overseeing may vary, but the majority entail formulating plans for enhancing products or coming up with fresh ideas. Engineering can take many different forms, including structural, mechanical, chemical, and petroleum engineering. However, it's very wonderful that each of these engineering managers has always had the potential to earn around $149,530 per year.

Marketing Director

Marketing should be high on your list of career options if you're seeking f lucrative job. When you reach the position of marketing manager, your annual salary may be around $141,490. RNice no? Marketing managers' responsibilities include supervising advertising, promotional, and marketing activities to ensure that everything conveys the desired message and encourages customers to make purchases. Most of the time, a bachelor's degree is sufficient to get you started on this path, while some people choose to do a master's to strengthen their application.


Judges typically have a law degree and prior legal expertise. However, it isn't as typical for judges to merely have a Bachelor's degree; it does happen occasionally. On the financial front, judges typically make $124,200 a year. Additionally, you typically receive a strong benefits package along with it, increasing the value of the whole compensation.


As a cardiologist, you might concentrate on the heart and blood arteries throughout your medical career. You spend your time helping patients' heart health, doing everything from managing high blood pressure to fixing valve problems to implanting stents. Cardiologists make among the highest salaries. They typically earn about $399,500 per year. Impressiveimpressive, no?

Director of Enterprise Architect

Directors of business architects are frequently essential in the technological sector. They ensure that a company's technological requirements are satisfied and that the architecture of the technology systems in place, including the hardware and software, is consistent with the overall business plan.

Statistical Analyst

Quantitative analysis is one of the careers that earn a lot of money, yet few people have ever heard of it. These experts aid in risk analysis and opportunity identification as they support businesses in different financial or business decisions. Quantitative analyst salaries do change with experience. In a typical capacity, you may anticipate making $118,931 annually, and after you reach the senior level, $124,738 annually.

Director of Information Security

Today, most businesses place high importance on protecting corporate data. They require knowledgeable information security directors to have a specialist on their team who can guide them through this perilous terrain. Information security directors typically have a Bachelor's or Master's degree and a tonne of experience in the industry. With that, they can typically get an annual compensation close to $174,315, demonstrating how highly valued their skills are to employers.

Software Engineer

Getting a job as a software architect can be the ideal option if you love technology, desire a good wage, yet would rather work independently. These experts decide on important technological choices, ensuring that projects follow the correct standards. You get to plan while also doing something practical, like creating code or checking for errors. Additionally, you can earn $140,924 yearly, considering it a lucrative choice as well.

Clinical pharmacist

You've probably dealt with a pharmacist if you've ever needed to pick up a prescription. According to a doctor's prescription, these medical personnel administer medication. Additionally, they assist patients by responding to inquiries regarding prescriptions and providing crucial details. A license and typically a doctoral or professional degree are requirements for becoming a pharmacist. After it is settled, the typical yearly wage is $128,710

Engineer, Site Reliability

Within an organization site reliability engineers play a special function. They tackle a variety of infrastructure issues using their understanding of software development and operations, ensuring that the company's IT operations run smoothly and can satisfy more complex business requirements. Site reliability engineers often hold a Bachelor's degree or above. Once you've gained some experience, it's not unreasonable to anticipate earning a salary of around $130,021 annually.

The Cloud Engineer

The cloud has never been more crucial than it is right now, as a result of remote work. People may access company assets through the cloud from almost anywhere, which makes telecommuting simpler. As a cloud engineer, you put your knowledge to work by organizing, managing, and supporting cloud computing projects. The average compensation for your competence is around $124,328 per year.

Analyst of data

Data scientists review data to find insights that can be put to use. To review large amounts of data and find patterns that businesses can utilize to their advantage, they frequently employ several number of tools and modelling techniques.


We've gone in-depth on the controller job description before. Controller, however, is a position near the top in the realm of accounting, to sum up briefly. They are in charge of managing all daily accounting activities for the company, including payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. There is a very good possibility that the controller is fully aware of any monetary inflows or outflows from the organization. In terms of pay, controllers typically earn around $222,154 a year. There is still an opportunity for improvement, although some people undoubtedly do make more money.


Lawyers aid businesses, people, and governmental organizations in navigating legal challenges. They are another profession that is among the top earning in America, which is not surprising. Lawyers are skilled in helping with contracts, creating legal defences, and all in between. Attorneys typically earn roughly $126,930 per year in salary. They frequently receive excellent perks as well, raising the value of their whole remuneration.

Financial Director

Financial managers keep an eye on a business's finances. They typically provide recommendations concerning investment activities and other similar measures in addition to evaluating data and producing reports, aiding the firm in achieving its objectives. To work in this industry, you typically require at least a bachelor's degree. You could be able to earn around $134,180 per year once you have that and some pertinent experience.


It is all about risk management for actuaries. They analyze data to assess the safety of various financial transactions, offering advice to their firm to assist in making wiser choices. Actuaries often need a bachelor's degree. With that, anyone can easily start down the road to a career that pays $111,030 per year. There is no one job that is perfect for everyone, but many of the best jobs share a few characteristics: they pay well, continually challenge us, fit our abilities and skills, aren't overly stressful, give us room to develop in our careers, and offer a happy work-life balance.

Which job has the highest hourly wage?

In this case, anesthesiologists lead the list of professions with the highest hourly wages, with a mean pay of nearly $125.

What is an enjoyable job that pays well?

Dieticians, audiologists, technical writers, hydrologists, and geographers are among the professions that pay between $60,000 and $90,000 and provide little stress. The professions of mathematician, astronomer, orthodontist, physicist, and political scientist all offer competitive earnings exceeding $100,000.

A high five digit salary is what?

A five-digit salary is considered to be the average income. Whether you are at the low or high end will determine how excellent of a wage you receive. A high five-figure wage ranges from $70,000 to $99,000, whereas a low five-figure income is from $10,000 to $40,000 per year.

Exists a 10-figure position?

There aren't many professions that can make you a billion dollars, but these are the ones that do: huge technology companies, philanthropists, business and money inheritors from families, and powerful media figures.

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