Trello: What and When with Features

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Trello is a visual project management and task tracking application that gives your team the ability to manage any kind of project.

Kanban-based project management software called Trello was developed. Arranging projects into boards that are then divided into lists and cards that reflect smaller, more manageable tasks, helps teams to streamline projects. Trello users can establish processes, add notes & attachments, engage with clients, & track progress in addition to visualizing development projects to help teams see what has to be done. Trello has barely been around for ten years but already has more than 50 million users all across the world. Wired, Kickstarter, and UNICEF are a few of its customers. 
Trello is a project management tool that helps you organize and prioritize your work.

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It allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to represent tasks and ideas, and you can use it to track the progress of your projects. Some common uses for Trello include:

Organizing and prioritizing tasks for a team
Tracking the progress of a project
Collaborating with others on ideas and tasks
Creating to-do lists and managing personal tasks
Planning events and projects
Trello is highly customizable and can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is often used by teams in business, software development, and other fields, but it can also be useful for individuals looking to stay organized and manage their personal tasks and projects.

Table of Content:
Features of Trello for Developers
Boards for Kanban
Controlling Tasks
Agile Processes
Mobile Application

Features of Trello for Developers
A list of Trello's features that are beneficial to development teams & programmers from small to large shops can be found below.


Trello's user-friendly UI is one of the factors contributing to its global user base of more than 50 million users. Trello is simple to use and looks excellent on any screen, so you can get in and start working right away without much trial and error. Download ebooks to gain extensive knowledge about them

Boards for Kanban

Trello is built on the Kanban system, as was already explained. As a result, it performs similarly to a digital Kanban board, replete with boards, lists, including cards which make projects much simpler to understand and manage. Items are divided into columns with the labels To-Do, Doing, and Done to help team members understand where individual tasks stand. Trello uses drag-and-drop features to make it simple to move cards around.

Controlling Tasks

In Trello, clicking a card will display a popup with more information about the task. The task's description, due date, and user-defined labels can all be added by users. Project managers can allocate cards to individuals on the team so they are aware of what has to be done to help them delegate tasks. Users can also add checklists to tasks to indicate mini-tasks as well as any progress made toward completion, further breaking down tasks. Trello enables users to effortlessly post file attachments by integrating with third-party file-sharing programs like Dropbox and Google Drive. A "Watch" button allows them to receive immediate notifications on changes to work items.

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Trello enables real-time collaboration and communication among teams. To ensure that no one is missing any important information, they can attach files, notes, or comments to cards. Files can be previewed by clicking upon thumbnails and uploaded straight from Dropbox, Google Drive, or even other file-sharing programs. Due to markdown syntax support and the ability to include images, notes and comments can be highlighted. Team members can communicate with one another, annotate other team members with the @ sign, and arrange their work using the discussion tool. All remarks are time-stamped & threaded to offer clear context.

Agile Processes

Trello can manage these workflows even though Scrum and other Agile methods weren't considered while it was being designed. Trello's Kanban boards may be easily customized by development teams to serve as useful tools for the planning phase, product backlog, user stories, etc. Cards can be assigned to team members, have due dates added, and more by sprint masters and product owners. Members of the team can view all the information they require to complete the task by clicking on a card. Trello also allows for the use and bug tracking. Simply rename the columns to "Reported by the team," "In progress," "Done," etc. to accomplish this. Trello's color-coding system, which includes classifications like "Trivial," "Minor," and "Major," can also be used to prioritize issues.

Trello integrates with several apps that can help increase its usefulness, speaking of power-ups. Keep in mind that your Trello pricing plan will determine the access to power-ups while comparing options. GitHub, Jira Cloud, Hootsuite, Adobe XD, Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, Confluence Cloud, CloudApp, and MailChimp are a few examples of power-ups for Trello.

Mobile Application

The Trello app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Use it to add labels, due dates, and checklists to tasks, manage ones that already exist, and more. The app will notify you anytime team members or task update boards are finished. Additionally, you may work using Trello offline to update any adjustments if you're on the move and without a connection. Those modifications will be reflected as soon as you re-connect to the Internet. Trello is a visual project management and task-tracking application that gives your team the ability to manage any kind of project.


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What does Trello's drawbacks entail?

For some things, Trello is fantastic. It works brilliantly, for instance, when just a small number of users manipulate a small number of cards each day or week. However, it gets harder the more lists that have on a board, the more cards there are on each list, and the additional users you add.

What sets Trello apart?

Trello concentrates on tracking the development of numerous tasks using a central Kanban board with completely customizable lists & cards. Users can create a visual map of their content production and action plan by using several dashboards for various projects.

What is the best purpose of Trello?

Trello is a visual project management and task-tracking application that gives your team the ability to manage any kind of project. Add paperwork, a to-do list, or even automation: Make everything specific to how your team functions best. Simply sign up, and make a board, but you're ready to go! Join now, it's free.

What advantages does the Trello board feature offer?

Because Trello task management uses a kanban project management system, Trello boards serve as the foundation of the entire platform. Multiple boards can be made for your projects. You can always keep an eye on the status of your project thanks to the board system. It's much simpler with task cards posted on the main Trello dashboard .

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