Concetrated nitric acid is used in the laboratory is 6.8 % nitric acid by mass in aqueous solution. what should be the molarity of such a sample of the acid if the density of the solution is 1.504 g mL-1 ?

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Muskan Anand

1 year ago

Consider 100g sample of HNO3 solution .As solution is 68% (m/m). Mass of nitric acid = 68g Molar mass of HNO3 = 63 g mol-1 Number of moles of solute, HNO3 = 68/63 = 1.079 mol Density of solution = 1.504 gmL-1 Volume of solution = mass/ Density = 100g/ 1.504gmL-1 = 66.5mL = 0.0665L Molarity of the solution = Moles of the solute / Volume of the solution in L = 1.079mol/ 0.0665L = 16.23 mol L-1

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