What Are The Advantages Of Marginal Costing ?

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Muskan Anand

1 year ago

The marginal cost remains constant per unit of output whereas the fixed cost remains constant in total. Since marginal cost per unit is constant from period to period within a short span of time, firm decisions on pricing policy can be taken. Overheads are recovered in marginal costing on the basis of pre-determined rates. If fixed overheads are included on the basis of pre-determined rates, there will be under-recovery of overheads if production is less or if overheads are more. Advocates of marginal costing argue that under the marginal costing technique, the stock of finished goods and work in progress are carried on marginal cost basis and the fixed expenses are written off to profit and loss account as period costs. Marginal costing helps in carrying out break-even analysis, which shows the effect of increasing or decreasing production activity on the profitability of the company. Marginal costing helps the management in taking a number of business decisions like make or buy, discontinuance of a particular product, replacement of machines, etc.

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