15.Recognizing the deleterious effects of ozone depletion an international threaty, known as ___ was signed at ___ A. Montreal Protocol, Canada B. Kyoto Protocol, Brazil C. Earth Summit, Montreal D. World Summit, South Africa

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Muskan Anand

7 months ago

Option A Ozone depletion is caused due to the release of harmful gases in the atmosphere such as CFCs that lead to the formation of holes in the ozone layer. Ozone depletion allows the high energy ultraviolet rays to enter the atmosphere which would otherwise have been filtered out by the stratospheric ozone layer. This causes immense exposure to UV and may lead to skin cancer. Montreal protocol To reduce the deleterious effects of ozone depletion, an international treaty was signed in Canada in 1987 called Montreal Protocol which was effective from 1989. It was signed to control the emission of ozone-depleting substances such as CFC with the aim to protect the ozone layer.

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