Which is obtained, when H2 S is passed through the solution of sodium zincate?

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Muskan Anand

7 months ago

When H2​S gas is passed into an aqueous solution of ZnCl2​, Zn2+ ions are completely precipitated forming white precipitate of zinc sulphide. ZnCl2​+HCl→ZnS↓(white ppt)+2HCl                                             Zinc sulphide is insoluble in solutions of caustic soda giving white precipitate of zinc hydroxide but on heating with excess of caustic soda  sodium zincate is formed. ZnCl2​+2NaOH→Zn(OH)2​)↓(white ppt)+2NaCl Zn(OH)2​+2NaOH→Na2​ZnO2​+2H2​O  Zinc sulphide dissolves in dilute hydrochloric acid forming zinc chloride. ZnS+2HCl→ZnCl2​+H2​S

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