Crack NEET 2022: Books, Previous Year Question Paper, Tips, Tricks, Mock Tests etc.

Updated Wed, 23 Dec 2020 01:37 PM IST

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Making a career in Medical is one of the most sought after job opportunities in India. Many aspirants aim for getting into medical services. They have to appear for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam. This exam is conducted by  ‘National Test Agency’. The syllabus for NEET basically focuses on three main subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Source: English Labs

Mathematics will also help you to score higher in NEET. So you can take it as an additional subject. Those the level of questions asked will not be more than the 12th class level. Getting a firm grip on mathematics will eventually help you score well in Physics especially on topics such as calculus and vectors.

Check out the Syllabus now
  1. Syllabus for NEET - Physics

  2. Syllabus for NEET- Chemistry

  3. Syllabus For NEET- Biology

1. Understand the division: Biology section is further subdivided into Botany and Zoology sections, each carrying equal weightage.  Majority of questions asked in the botany section are from class 11th topics whereas the opposite holds true for the zoology section where a major chunk of questions is from your 12th standard syllabus.
Although this division of questions is variable yet it is advisable that you lay more emphasis on topics which carry more weightage in exams. 

2. Time management: Divide your time equally. Each and every subject deserves your full concentration and focus. Do not miss out on important topics such as Linear programming. While you are writing the paper do not waste time on questions that you are not confident with. You should be able to manage your time and attempt maximum questions.


3. Understand Concepts: Major chunk of NEET aspirants try to understand the concepts of Physics by solving the questions. However, it should be the other way round. You should focus more on concepts and try to understand the process of derivation. This will enable you to solve most of the questions related to that particular topic.

Once you are familiar with the physics syllabus for NEET exam and have decided on what study materials to follow, begin with the first chapters that introduce Physics to you like Mechanics, calculus, etc. Remember; be very choosy in selecting your study material because the relevance of books and online sources is of utmost importance. Do not pick books chosen by JEE aspirants; rather stick to the books that have been recommended for NEET Physics only. Same goes with Bio

You should follow a sequence while studying each topic like start by reading that chapter from NCERT book. Then refer to your coaching class notes. While studying, try to understand the logic behind a particular derivation. Once you think you have formed a base about the chapter, go on to read it from a reference book you have opted for. In the end, take up some relevant questions or numerical and by solving them test your concept clarity. But, do not spend too much time studying for physics as it carries only 25% weightage in NEET exam.

Physics 11th Class - (NCERT + Competition) - Online Batch (On Monthly Subscription)


4. Prepare a timetable: Having a well structured, realistic timetable is a must for any NEET aspirant because it will help you to organize your preparation. While making a timetable for the physics section, one thing to be kept in mind is that more emphasis should be laid on topics such as Waves, Optics, Modern Physics, Electrodynamics, Mechanics, etc. Questions are bound to come from these topics so if prepared well, they will help in fetching easy marks.
Make short notes of formulas and highlight important concepts while studying. This will not only help you to solve numerical at the end of the chapter but will also help you in your last-minute revisions. In your timetable set aside time for attempting previous year question papers on a regular basis. This will not only train you to be quicker in answering questions and revising your topics, but you will also get an insight into the frequently asked topics and questions.
For instance, electrostatics, simple harmonic motion, optics, magnetism, heat and thermodynamics, modern physics, etc are some of the most commonly asked topics in NEET exam. Hence, attempting different question papers will enable students to properly understand the topics as well.


5. Previous year question papers: Worried, which topics are important from the exam’s viewpoint. Go through some of the previous year question papers to find out the weightage each topic carries. For instance, topics like Human Physiology Biological Classification, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Biomolecules, Biological Classification, Animal Kingdom, etc are more important. So, make sure that you prepare these really well. The majority of questions that you get in the botany section are based on topics like Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Genetics, Cell Biology, etc.

Below are a few previous year question papers that you can practice. 

NEET 2018 Previous Year Question Paper 

NEET 2020 Previous Year Question Paper 

NEET 2020 Previous Year Question Paper 


6. Relevant study material: The books that you choose for your preparation are of utmost importance. So, be very careful while choosing them. You should preferably start studying topics from NCERT books because these books will provide you with clarity on various topics and they are written in very easy to understand language.

Then move to some additional readings, for example, you can take up books like:

  • Elementary Biology Volume 1 & 2 by Trueman

  • Question Bank for Biology by Dr. Ali, 

  • Objective Biology by Dinesh 

  • NEET 2020 Biology Guide- 5th Edition by Disha Publications along with many others.

Even before you start preparing for NEET 2021, the first thing I would suggest you do is to have a look at the NEET syllabus so that you can then decide on relevant study material to be followed while preparing for the test. You will observe that your botany section syllabus requires knowledge on topics like Biological Classification, Kingdom Monera, Cell Biology, etc. Since most of these topics are the ones that you will have or will study in your 11th and 12th standards. So, the best book to follow will be your NCERT books of both the classes. Make sure you go through the diagrams of NCERT as many questions in NEET are based on diagrams. If you want to follow an additional book then AC Dutta is recommended.

The best thing to do would be to join online courses because then you will not have to waste time searching for relevant study material. Everything will be available at your fingertips no matter those are live or recorded classes or notes related to some important topics. 

7. Revision: No matter how hard you practice or join the best coaching institute, all your learning fails if you do not revise what you have studied. The human brain is such that we tend to forget things if not gone through time and again. So, make it a habit to revise your day’s learning before going to bed. You can make use of mind maps for the same.
Be it formulas or numerical everything has to be thoroughly practised and revised if you want to retain it for a longer time in your memory. Moreover, you should not forget that the NEET exam has negative marking. Therefore, there should be no scope of any errors when you are aiming to achieve such a high score as incorrect answers can stop you from reaching your goal. Solve as many mock tests as possible because the more your practice and revise, the better will be your speed of solving questions and more will be your accuracy due to concept clarity. Also, a few days before the exam, stop reading or learning new topics rather revise the ones you have already learned. For this last-minute revision, you can use the short notes which you can make while preparing for the NEET exam.

 8. Use Analogies: NEET aspirants should make use of codes to remember important botany concepts. These help in long term retention of concepts because they help you to connect concepts to already existing concepts in your mind.

9. Make use of technology: We are very fortunate to have access to everything just at the click of the mouse. If you find it difficult to understand some topic then just Google it out. Watch YouTube videos and other tutorials related to that topic. There are various online platforms which you can follow for more quick and effective learning.


10. Mock Tests: Taking the mock tests will help you in self-evaluation. You will be able to analyze your situation and work on your flaws. A mock test will help you know your weaknesses and strengths.


NEET Coaching:
You should join some NEET coaching institute either online or offline because this way you will end up saving huge amounts of time which otherwise would have been wasted trying to find the best books and best strategies to prepare for the biology and other sections. You will have a well-educated guide to impart you with his knowledge which he has gathered over years by teaching students like you appearing for NEET exam.

In case you face any difficulties in any topic you can reach out to your guide to get it solved. Also, your problem of finding the relevant study material and mock tests would also be taken care of by the coaching institute.

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2 Year 11th 12th Integrated Program - NEET (UG)


NEET Dropper 2021 Program


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