Top 12 Graphics Tools to Quickly Design Social Media Images

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Visuals for social media differ slightly from visuals on websites. They cannot merely be illustrative; they must instantly tell a tale or convey a point. They should be personalized to each social media site as well. To best match the various platforms, you'll need many copies of your social media photographs in varying proportions. A compelling message properly displayed will encourage clicks and shares. 

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Table of Content:
Graphics Tools to Quickly Design Social Media Images:

Graphics Tools to Quickly Design Social Media Images:
1) Canva:

Canva predefined templates, configurable picture sizes for each social media outlet, drag-and-drop interface, stylish fonts, and other features make image creation a breeze.


Almost every unique image you see on our social media platforms was created with Canva. Canva Pro offers a simple background tool removal. Removing the backdrop from a photograph might help the focal focus of your image stand out more. Simply select Remove background' from the 'edit image' menu. Buffer integrates Canva into all of its plans, especially the free one. When you publish a picture to Buffer, just select the Add image from the Canva option and utilize the Canva editors to create a new design from within Buffer. You may also import existing Canva designs into Buffer and upload them from there.
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2) Stock Photo Library

In most situations, you'll build social media graphics using your own unique photographs and videos. However, there may be times when you require a little something extra. For example, you may require a photo to serve as a green screen or a brief video clip to serve as B-roll material. A good stock photo collection may help you supplement your social media material. If you want to acquire stock pictures or videos on a frequent basis, consider graphic design software with a built-in library of free or low-cost content (such as Adobe Express, depicted below).

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3) Visme:

Visme is an excellent alternative if you want a platform with fewer picture editing features and a greater emphasis on graphic design tools. It was designed to be presentation and infographic software, but it additionally functions well for posting on social media graphics. Visme includes predefined themes for all major social sites, including Facebook posts and Twitter covers, Instagram stories, and Pinterest pins. Visme includes at least a few free graphic design templates for each format, so you may start with a blank design.

Visme features considerably more premium (paid) templates than free alternatives, which is one of the most significant contrasts between it and the other platforms on our list. Fortunately, designing your own social network posts using Visme is rather simple due to the platform's extensive library of icons, shapes, pictures, and fonts. It also features a fairly extensive range of animated visuals that work nicely as Facebook and Instagram story stickers. Branding works a little differently on Visme. Instead of manually entering trademark information, the platform's branding wizard tool performs it for you.

All you have to do is enter your website's URL, and the platform will extract your logo, fonts, and colors. Then it may generate branded templates for you to utilize across platforms. These themes are very useful for entrepreneurs who aren't designers and require a simple approach to implement a consistent color scheme. It is vital to mention that Visme has one significant disadvantage. The free plan contains a watermark on any content you download. You must subscribe to a subscription plan to remove the Visme logo.
  • Browser, desktop app (Windows and Mac OS), and iOS mobile app.
4) Skitch:

Skitch, a handy screenshot tool, opens with a simple keypad key (Cmd+Shift+5 on Macs), and you can then click and drag over the area you wish to clip. We keep returning to this tool due to its fantastic and simple annotation features. With a few easy clicks, you can circle things, point to things, blur things, and add text. Skitch, an Evernote feature, allows you to save and store all screen captures in an Evernote folder of your choice.

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5) Stencil:

Stencil is a browser-based designing platform featuring a large stock image collection (5 million+ royalty-free pictures), a good template library (1,350 free designs), and a simple UI. Stencil is my favorite tool on this list since it is the easiest to use and explore. The picture editing tools on the site cover the fundamentals, such as filters and overlays. Stencil also allows you to add text to any image, with over 100 distinct font options. Although the content of the template library is somewhat less than that of some of the other alternatives on our list, it provides an excellent starting point for producing social network posts.

The auto-resizing tool is my favorite Stencil feature. You may modify the width-to-height ratio of your design at any moment, whether you utilize a royalty-free picture from the platform's stock image collection or your own creative materials. Because Stencil includes preset sizes for all major social media platforms, you can easily go from an Instagram post to a YouTube thumbnail with a single click. Stencil, as useful as it is, has a few downsides. For starters, it is solely an image design tool, hence it does not offer video editing. Choose one of the alternatives above if you want a platform that can accomplish both.
Furthermore, the platform's icon collection is somewhat small. It lacks the stickers and graphic features that others supply.
  • Browser and Chrome extension as a platform.
6) Giphy is a GIF maker:

You've probably utilized a GIF or two on social media to congratulate a coworker on an accomplishment well done or to second a tweet that connects with you. Giphy allows you to make amusing and inspiring GIFs from photographs and video recordings. To make a GIF, upload a picture or video to Giphy and add animations, text, and stickers. To stylize your GIF, you may also apply effects such as eerie, dreamy, or black-and-white.

7) Venngage:

Venngage specializes in the creation of infographics (see a theme here?) and other viral material. The free account provides you with access to a range of media to assist you in creating data-driven content. The program includes themes for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Technical assistance is also accessible from genuine living, breathing persons. Most online complimentary image editors cannot provide this.

The templates on allow you to visualize many types of data and information. Its dynamic design makes it simple to include charts, images, and other media. You may start with a pre-built template (which you can then customize) or you can go completely bare-bones and design the full infographic from scratch.
9) App Inforgr. am:

The Inforgr. am app assists with the organization of data into charts and graphs, making it ideal for anybody providing infographics on social media? The complimentary account allows for up to ten picture uploads, the development of two maps, and the storage of ten files. The option to import spreadsheet data is one of the best features. This makes it simple to create charts and graphs.
10) TouchRetouch:

TouchRetouch enables you to eliminate undesired elements or distractions from your photographs, such as telephone cables or picture bombers. With the Brush or Lasso tool, choose the item you wish to delete, or tap any vertical or horizontal line using the Line tool, and it will be removed from the image. When picking things, you don't have to be overly specific. They're gone if you just trace them with the Brush. 
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11) is a digital creativity portal aimed at making design available to everybody. You may use to produce logos, graphics, movies, mockups, and speeches. There are over 20,000 layouts and 10,000 icons to select from. AI is also used by the platform to produce thousands of design variants and millions of design assets. Simply enter your brand information and choices to generate a logo and design template.
12) Pixlr:

Pixlr touts Artificial Intelligence-powered tools and many software versions ("Advanced," "Playful," and Legacy). It has the appearance and feel of strong graphics programs such as Photoshop. However, there is an Express app for swiftly making and altering social photos. There are several borders, layouts, overlays, effects, and other options to pick from. You may upload photographs or use your camera to make images. As a result, you may need to modify your web browser settings for it to operate correctly.
  Social media graphics varies slightly from webpage visuals. They cannot simply be illustrative; they must immediately communicate a story or make a point. They should also be tailored to each social media platform. You'll need multiple copies of your social media images in differing dimensions to best complement the various sites. A intriguing message displayed appropriately will drive clicks and shares.

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What tool can assist you in creating graphics on social media?

We Can All Use Social Media Graphics Tools:
  • Fotor
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • Pixlr
  • Pablo
  • BeFunky
  • Piktochart

Which programme is best for creating social media posts?

The greatest social media graphic design software for free
  • Canva is a template-based design tool.
  • Adobe Express is ideal for growing a side business.
  • Pablo by Buffer is a tool for fast creating photos for social media sharing.
  • Snappa for making random photos.
  • VistaCreate is a free tool for social media and print design.

What exactly is a social media tool?

Tools that aid in the facilitation of social networking. blogs, video logs, RSS, tags, forums, widgets, Web chats, microblogging, instant messaging, location-based services, and podcasts, services are some examples.

Which graphics app is used?

Photoshop by Adobe
Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the most popular graphic design programme, with millions of artists worldwide using it.

What are the two primary graphic tools?

Photoshop and Illustrator are the two most common programmes used by graphic artists. The graphics designer's creativity is incomplete without these two instruments.

What are the fundamental design tools?

Objects such as a pencil, compass, ruler, and drawing triangle have traditionally been regarded design tools and used to characterise design and designers.

What exactly are social media graphics?

Social media graphics are visual bits of material that are posted on social media platforms. Facebook photographs, Instagram Stories, Twitter gifs, TikTok videos, LinkedIn infographics, Pinterest pins, and other content may be included.

What exactly is a social media design kit?

A social media kit is a collection of branded tools and resources that businesses may utilise to develop compelling content. It usually contains logos, brand colours, hashtags, photos, or visuals that are simple to distribute and broadcast.

Is Figma appropriate for social media design?

You can use Figma to design Instagram advertisements that are not only visually appealing but also offer ROI and engagement. Use our templates to quickly and simply build catchy advertising.

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