How to Improve Grammar for CLAT 2021

Updated Mon, 01 Feb 2021 04:38 PM IST

Grammar is like a game. Some who are well-versed with the language learn grammar intuitively; some struggle with tenses, clauses, sentences, and so on. Below we put forward some effective ways to learn & improve English grammar.

1. Make a commitment
Learning English grammar needs a lot of motivation. Once you are ready to begin studying, stick by it until the end.

2. Keep a grammar book at your disposal
Keeping an English grammar book will allow you to revise what you have learnt in class, as well as force you to learn grammar as often as you can.

3. Utilise a grammar app
Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. Make use of it.

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Download a dictionary app and a grammar app. You can use it while commuting or in your free time.

4. Practise everyday
One of the best ways to improve your grammar is to solve as many exercises as possible. Your teacher will also help you determine some of the rules behind the grammar before confirming your answers and explaining in detail to you. Don’t forget to take notes during classes and do all your homework.
English grammar mastery also involves the acquisition of five critical skills sets (reading, thinking, listening, speaking and writing). Seek every opportunity in your daily activities to practise these skill

5. Read more in English
This is one step you can’t skip if you want to get better at grammar. Reading helps you to see how the grammar works. Choose something that you are interested in and read about it. Find books, magazines or newspaper articles that suit your current level of English. You will find new words every time you read, you will start to understand the ‘tone’ of the writer and how they deal with grammar aspects. Whenever you find something that seems different to you, Google it or ask your teacher. Indeed, when you are grammatically incorrect, the correct sentences could sound strange to your ears.

6. Listen in English
Don’t think of learning English as happening only in the classroom. You can learn English all day, every day by looking at and listening to what is happening around you, on the street, on the bus or train, in the supermarket. Keep your mind, ears and eyes open and you will be amazed how much English, and the culture of the people using it, you will pick up.

7. Understand the logic behind a grammar rule
There is always a logic behind a grammar rule. Note down all the rules you erred in previously and figure out why a particular word or sentence is the way it is. Once you got to know its logic, you would never make that mistake again.

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