18 Digital Marketing Key Techniques: An Ultimate Guide 2023

Himani Mehra

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18 Digital Marketing Key Techniques: An Ultimate Guide 2023

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Digital marketing is marketing that can be done online, using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This is done as a way to advertise and promote your brand to get in touch with potential customers and target audiences. We can easily say that today’s generation spends most of their time online and is devoted to the digital world. So it would be smart to market your company or brand online as well. 
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Have you ever thought about when we see an advertisement on our Instagram or Facebook, what makes us want to follow the link and check out their website? Knowing what is digital marketing is one thing, but knowing the key techniques of digital marketing to boost your company’s marketing strategy is the main game changer. So let us see what strategies we can use to level up our digital marketing strategy.


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Search Engine Optimisation

This is probably the most important technique to boost your digital marketing strategy. The most popularly used search engine is Google. So you would want to increase as much traffic as possible on your website in order to make sure that your website appears in the highest order when a topic related to your website is looked up for.


2. Search engine marketing

It refers to paid advertising where you pay google or any other search engine to show your website at the top whenever someone searches for a relevant topic on your website. However, it is very important to educate yourself before going through any such thing as it might get risky real soon. You can also hire a professional to handle your digital marketing.


3. Social media marketing

As most people in today’s generation spend their time on social media, we can use it to our benefit and use it as a digital marketing tool. There are many ways to promote your brand’s social media presence. You can hire any social media influencer to promote your brand on their own social media accounts. Also, you can actively post and engage in your brand’s social media account to promote its image.


4. Email marketing

Email marketing is a great tool to get customers for your brand and make a purchase. This can increase your sales and will create a lot of new leads as well. You can send emails to the people who have visited your website about upcoming deals and events. The most important thing about email marketing is that it is free of cost in most cases unless you are using outsourced services. 


5. Content marketing

As the name suggests, creating content relevant to your brand, and making it attractive will bring a lot of potential customers to your platform. One way to do this is by being consistent and making content by understanding the needs of your customers. Writing engaging content and making customers emotionally attached to your brand is essential in order to have loyal and loving customers.


6. Website

The way your website looks to people when they first visit it, the first impression of your website, can influence them a lot. If your website makes them feel safe, if your website is user-friendly, that person is more often than not going to make a purchase. Not only this, make sure to make your website conforms to mobile screens as it is very important for digital marketing. 


7. Creating an app

While having a website that is mobile friendly, having an app can give viewers an easier way of communication and show where to purchase and get notified of new products. If we want to purchase a product from a specific brand, we will prefer to do so from the app rather than go to their website every time. Apps can save your data so that the next time you open it, you get it exactly how you left it.


8. Video Marketing

Video marketing goes hand in hand with content marketing. We prefer watching a video more than reading an article as it is easy, saves our time, and more often we understand better after watching a video. By creating quality commercials, companies can ensure a brand image in the heads of their audience that are long-lasting and get them to think about purchasing your product.


9. Affiliate advertising

A brand can affiliate itself with someone valuable with a large audience. This will help the brand get the trust of that person’s followers as well, thereby increasing sales of your company. It believes that you can sell anything and everything instead of manufacturing the product according to the customer.


10. Remarketing

Not every marketing strategy works the first time. So instead of losing hope, you can remarket your brand in a more structured and fashionable way. In order to do so, first you will have to do your research as to what type of marketing strategies works the best, and by analyzing your target audience as well.


11. Pay per click

What this means is that any place you choose to show up your advertisement, be it media or any other website, you pay for every display or click that your ad gets. However, it can be very tricky. So it's best to hire a professional to handle it for you.


12. Keywords

When you pay any search engine to show your website at the top, you target those keywords that a user will type in the search engine. So using the keyword that you think will have the most searches will give you the benefit.


13. Marketing automation

Instead if carrying out repetitive tasks by yourself, you can get tools to perform those tasks instead of humans. This can include activities such as sending emails to your website subscribers and using AI chatbots for solving customer queries.


14. Dynamic content strategy

Your content should be active on all platforms to cater to your customers. Having attractive content across all of the platforms will ensure your place everywhere your competitors are present.


15. Brand story

Your customers will be more loyal to your brand if they know the story behind your journey. Make sure that your audience is aware of the values you portray through your products. Create a bond between your brand and your customers to foster loyalty and repeat sales.


16. Chatbot marketing

When we have a query or need any help, many of us choose to chat with the customer service. As you may have noticed, a computerized help person talks to us, and when there is nothing it can help us with, it connects us with an actual human. Chatbots can improve customer experiences, and they have a vast, untapped marketing potential too. 


17. Voice search

Having an assistant voice search can make it easier for your website viewers to search for things. Consumers love the hands-free experience that voice search provides. So, having this option can give a sense of user-friendliness as well as how much you care about your audience.

18. Overall personalization

Make your brand unique. Make it stand out. When people look at your website, they should have an understanding of what they are buying. An example of this is Nike’s infamous swoosh logo, when people see it on a shoe or piece of clothing it is instantly synonymous with the high-quality Nike prides itself on.

Any marketing, be it online or offline, should do its level best to be on top. It should stand out from the rest of its competitors and when people look at you, they should know your values. So do your research and always strive for the best.

Is digital marketing effective?

Yes for sure. Compared to companies that do not promote their brand through digital marketing, those that promote their brands are at a higher rank in terms of customer relations and sales.

What are the advantages of digital marketing?

Through digital marketing, you are letting people know what you have to offer. You can market your brand according to how you like it. This not only gives you flexibility, but it allows you to connect with people at a deeper level.

How do you start digital marketing?

The first step to doing anything for an effective outcome is to plan and strategize your goals and activities. After you have done this, move along with your plans while building on knowledge. Be thorough with your research and plan your tactics according to what suits you the best.

Can digital marketing increase online sales?

Yes of course. This is the main goal of digital marketing, to improve your online sales, and help reach your overall business goals. If you are not sure how to do this, you can either build your knowledge in this field or hire a professional to do it for you.

Importance of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an effective way to promote your company across the target audience. You can create a meaningful relationship between your company and your customers. Digital marketing is a great way to advertise your brand across a variety of platforms and increase your sales.

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