5 Best AI Chatbot Platform useful for your Business

Updated Mon, 30 Oct 2023 03:15 PM IST

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Businesses are continuously looking for creative ways to improve their customer service and engagement in today's rapid digital world. AI chatbots are one such advance that has completely transformed the customer care industry. These smart virtual agents can respond instantly and engage with customers in a specific way, increasing customer happiness and reducing the load on support staff. To provide instant support, here is a list of the top five AI chatbot systems available, so you can make an informed decision. 
Banking and finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and customer service are just a few of the areas that have implemented AI chatbots.
According to a Drift survey, over 60% of organizations planned to use chatbots for customer service and interaction in 2021. The global chatbot market is expected to expand rapidly between 2021 and 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 29%.

Source: safalta.com

Chatbot use has resulted in cost savings for businesses of up to 30% on customer support costs.
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Table of Content

HubSpot Chatbot
Zendesk Chat
IBM Watson Assistant
Dialogflow Google's Conversational AI Powerhouse

HubSpot Chatbot

HubSpot Chatbot, a component of the HubSpot CRM platform, for its easy interaction with already-existing marketing and customer support solutions.
  • Businesses can build highly configurable chatbots with HubSpot Chatbot that interact with customers on their websites, social media platforms, and messaging services.
  • The platform makes use of AI and machine learning to offer contextually informed and natural discussions, delivering a unique user experience.
  • Additionally, organizations can continuously enhance their chatbot interactions because of HubSpot's analytics and reporting features, which boost customer happiness and conversion rates.
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Zendesk Chat

Businesses may interact with customers across channels, such as email, chat, and social media, with the help of Zendesk Chat's multichannel chatbot solution.
  • This platform stands out for its flexibility, allowing businesses to create AI chatbots for a variety of use cases, from fundamental customer care to difficult jobs like lead verification and appointment setting.
  • To ensure a seamless transition between automated and human help, Zendesk's AI-powered chatbots may smoothly transfer conversations to human agents when necessary.
  • The platform's analytics and reporting capabilities give organizations insightful data on consumer interactions that they can use to improve their chatbot strategies.

IBM Watson Assistant

An enterprise-grade AI chatbot platform called IBM Watson Assistant is well-known for its powerful features and sector-specific solutions
  •  Businesses may use Watson Assistant to build chatbots that understand and respond to natural language, improving the authenticity and simplicity of customer interactions.
  •  it can be integrated with many different enterprise systems and data sources, IBM Watson is unique and is the perfect solution for big businesses with complex IT infrastructures.
  • Advanced machine learning models from Watson Assistant make sure that chatbots give customers accurate and current information by continuously learning and adapting. The IBM Watson Assistant offers specialized solutions for numerous businesses, whether in healthcare, banking, or retail.

Dialogflow: Google's Conversational AI Powerhouse

A powerful conversational AI platform called Dialogflow, created by Google Cloud, enables companies to build AI chatbots and virtual assistants for their websites, mobile apps, and messaging services.
  • By utilizing Dialogflow, which takes advantage of Google's considerable natural language processing capabilities, companies can create chatbots that understand user intent and deliver answers relevant to the current situation.
  • Dialogflow stands out due to its multilingual capabilities and compatibility with other Google Cloud services like Cloud Speech-to-Text and Cloud Translation.
  •  it is a fantastic option for companies with a global audience. Additionally, organizations can optimize the performance of their chatbot engagements by using Dialogflow's analytics and reporting capabilities.


The development of chatbots is made easier by Chatfuel, a user-friendly chatbot platform that is available to organizations of all sizes.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses wishing to develop AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger are particularly fond of this platform. Without any coding experience, organizations can create chatbots using Chatfuel's user-friendly interface.
  • The platform provides a selection of pre-built chatbot components and themes, making it simple to get going right away. While Chatfuel might not have the sophisticated AI capabilities of some of the other platforms on our list, its accessibility and low cost make it a desirable option for companies looking to experiment with chatbot technology.
AI chatbots are proving to be priceless resources for organizations in a world when providing excellent customer service can be a game-changer. The five platforms we've looked at for AI chatbots—HubSpot Chatbot, Zendesk Chat, IBM Watson Assistant, Dialogflow, and Chatfuel—all have unique characteristics that allow them to meet various business objectives. These platforms can provide you with enterprise-grade AI, seamless integration, omnichannel assistance, or simpler development, among other things. Businesses may improve customer service, increase productivity, and have more meaningful connections with their customers by utilizing the capabilities of AI chatbots. Therefore, which platform would you pick for updating your customer service processes?

What is an AI chatbot platform?

A software system known as an AI chatbot platform enables companies to design, implement, and manage chatbots that use artificial intelligence. The automatic responses and support offered by these chatbots can be done through text or voice interactions with users.

How do AI chatbots work?

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques are used by AI chatbots to comprehend user input and produce appropriate responses. They regularly pick up new skills via interactions, which helps them perform better.

What are the main applications of AI in chatbots?

Customer service, lead generation, appointment scheduling, e-commerce recommendations, FAQs, and many more tasks are performed by AI chatbots. They can be modified to meet unique business requirements.

Do I need coding skills to create an AI chatbot?

Depending on the platform you select, yes. Some AI chatbot systems provide no-code or low-code solutions, enabling non-programmers to build chatbots. Others might need programming knowledge for more complex customisation.

What does it cost to build up a platform for AI chatbots?

The cost varies with the features of the platform, the type of customization required, and the size of your business. The cost of setting up an AI chatbot platform can vary significantly. While some platforms charge based on subscriptions, others offer free solutions with limited capabilities.

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