Top 10 AI Case Studies for An Marketing Agency

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vast subject of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines capable of doing tasks that would ordinarily need human intellect. Although AI is an interdisciplinary discipline with many techniques, advances in machine learning and deep learning in particular are causing a paradigm change in almost every sector of the IT industry.  Artificial intelligence enables robots to mimic, if not outperform, the capabilities of the brain of humans. From self-driving vehicles to the emergence of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard, AI is fast becoming a part of everyday life — and a field in which organizations of all sizes are investing. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing Course
Table of Content:
AI Case Studies for An Marketing Agency:

AI Case Studies for An Marketing Agency:

1) Volkswagen:
Volkswagen use artificial intelligence to anticipate purchasing choices. Volkswagen is another excellent example of AI in marketing.

Source: Safalta

You've probably heard that Volkswagen is automating its automobiles, but have you heard that it is also automating its ad-buying decisions? Because Volkswagen's ad agency was providing personal interpretations of ad purchasing decisions, the marketers at Volkswagen chose to depend entirely on data, for which they elected to trust an AI in order to invest less in campaigns while increasing sales. By better projecting purchasing decisions, Volkswagen was able to reduce the previously levied hidden fees by the marketing agency. Not only that, but sales at Volkswagen dealerships increased by 20%.
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2) For social listening, the News Movement employs AI-powered analytics:
The Concept: The News Movement, a media platform, wished to engage and increase its audience as much as possible. This forced them to go deep into data and grasp what their target market was thinking and ranting about. Sprinklers Unified-CXM driven by AI is used to collect petabytes of customer data from many platforms and analyze, recognize, and comprehend every indicator of consumer intent.
3) Forecasting sales:
One of the most popular applications of AI in marketing is sales forecasting. Predictive analytics may be used by AI-enabled applications to estimate future revenues. It is based on machine learning (ML) and large data incorporating prior sales information. These data are used to train machine learning algorithms to find patterns in incoming data and predict future events. Because it learns from more data gathered over time, the more accurate the technology becomes the longer it is used. This implies that, in the long term, the software will provide more and more benefits, allowing sales executives to more precisely forecast KPIs (CPAs, conversion rates, client retention rates, and so on) and change marketing campaigns appropriately.

Levi Strauss & Co. stated that it used artificial intelligence and a vast data repository built on Alphabet Inc.'s Google Cloud to accelerate sales growth and enhance profits. The apparel firm supplied its ML pipeline information about its customers from the repository, augmented by external data from both government and private sources tracking consumer purchasing habits, weather forecasts, and more. Levi Strauss & Co. used the ML model to forecast demand, improve consumer marketing customization, make educated price decisions, and forecast sales. In one instance, an ML model noticed that a certain T-shirt was popular among female shoppers in China. ML research revealed that, despite the sales department's incentive to lower the product, the corporation continued to sell it at the same price.
4) Predict Winning Creative Prior to Launch Using A/B Testing:
Marketers can now forecast which creative will work best for their commercials prior to the start of campaigns. By utilizing your data to acquire forecasts and insights into what customers desire and why, you can cut the time and cost of discovery. Before campaigns began, EHL Group wanted to see whether they could establish their finest advertising creative. Using artificial intelligence to forecast the efficacy of their ad content, they were able to generate conversions at a reduced cost.
5) JP Morgan Chase:
JP Morgan Chase's confidence in artificial intelligence for its copywriting efforts.
The Concept: When it realized that AI could develop better copy than people, Chase negotiated a contract with Persado, a software firm, when the copy generated by AI had greater click rates--in most cases, almost double--than humans. JPMorgan Chase's chief marketing officer, Kristin Lemkau, said in a statement, "Persado's technology is incredibly promising." It rewrote language and headlines that a marketer would not have done based on subjective judgment and expertise. And they were effective."
6) Cosabella:
The concept: Social media and marketing are critical components of advertising, and Cosabella scored a major victory by incorporating AI into its advertising strategies. Cosabella and its agency opted to give an Algorithm dubbed Albert their sponsored search and digital marketing efforts utilizing creatives and KPIs given by the brand as marketing communication grew time-consuming and complicated. The results: While AI taking over the world may be frightening, Albert taking over Cosabella's marketing enhanced its search and social media return-on-ad-spend by 50% while decreasing ad expenditure by 12%.
7) ROI can be calculated by channel, campaign, or overall:
The capacity to assess campaign success and set baselines that may serve as a reference for subsequent attempts is a vital aspect of any marketing team. The amount of money generated after investing in anything is referred to as the return on investment, or ROI. Zigatta uses Salesforce CRM, which enables smooth collaboration across departments and supports informed decision-making by providing a comprehensive picture of departmental performance.

As a result, corporate procedures become more standardized and streamlined. Providing a high return on investment (ROI). Choosing the correct metrics to assess ROI is crucial for understanding which actions are most effective in converting customers to connect with the brand, buy products or services, and eventually become brand champions.
8) Netflix:
Netflix uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized suggestions. The concept: We all know how good Netflix is at marketing, but one aspect that jumps out is its use of AI for personalization. How do they manage it? ''We accomplish this by analyzing data on what material our members view and appreciate, as well as how they engage with our service, to grow better at figuring out what the next great movie or TV program for them will be,'' says Netflix. The AI collects data and proposes shows, movies, and even artwork that is personalized based on the individual.
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9) Make Data-Informed Content:
Understanding your customer's purpose is a strong method to make smarter decisions, decrease waste (in terms of time, energy, and cash), and develop higher-performing advertising. You currently have the data and ecosystem in place. All that is required is the correct AI platform to provide insights directly into your workflow. Starbucks collects prospect data with AI in their Rewards Programme and Mobile App. In reality, Starbucks has effectively created consumer relationships through its Rewards Programme. Starbucks uses this AI-powered application to learn about your purchasing habits and then makes suggestions based on the date of purchase, time of order, and location.
10) Provide Personalised Content Experiences Across Channels:
Personalizing customer experiences entails adapting the material we provide to each individual client's tastes and demands in order to ensure interesting interactions. When clients visit your firm, you will be able to deliver a unique and personalized service thanks to the application of personalization tactics. At Zigatta, we utilize the Salesforce solution, which allows marketers to automate relevant messages along the customer journey by using dynamic content blocks for personalization, predictive content powered by Einstein, and pre-defined event triggers.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent computers capable of doing activities that would normally need human intelligence. Despite the fact that AI is an interdisciplinary science with several methodologies, breakthroughs in machine learning and deep learning, in particular, are generating a paradigm shift in practically every sector of the IT business. Robots can replicate, if not outperform, the powers of the human brain thanks to artificial intelligence. AI is quickly becoming a part of everyday life, from self-driving cars to the rise of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard — and an area in which organizations of all sizes are investing.

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What is an AI case study example?

Netflix employs artificial intelligence to provide streaming recommendations based on your viewing history. Facebook utilises all of the information you provide on the network, from the videos you watch to the words you use in your status updates, to identify which adverts you would be interested in.

What is the application of AI in marketing?

AI enables marketing teams to rapidly analyse massive volumes of consumer data in order to forecast a customer's requirements and desires and hence improve the customer experience. Advanced AI technologies enable a company to better understand its clients and engage with them.

How may AI be used in a digital marketing agency?

AI-Assisted Personalization:
In the following ways, AI may increase digital marketing personalization: Marketers may use AI to give personalised offers and product suggestions to customers based on their previous behaviour. AI enables businesses to track their consumers' browsing activities and propose items in real time.

What are some case study examples?

John Martin Marlow's case study on Phineas Gauge and Sigmund Freud's case studies, Little Hans and The Rat Man, are two well-known examples of case studies. Case studies are frequently used in psychology to shed light on unusual situations.

Can artificial intelligence write case studies?

Using established narrative frameworks and chatbot technology, the AI tool quickly creates interesting case studies. It is intended for the B2B market and lowers the time spent gathering tales by conducting virtual interviews on the customer's behalf.

Which of the following are common AI applications?

  • E-commerce platforms employ recommendation algorithms.
  • In security systems, image and facial recognition are used.
  • Financial institution fraud detection.
  • Vehicles that drive themselves.
  • Medical diagnostic and healthcare delivery.
  • Virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa are examples of widespread AI uses.
  • NLP is used in chatbots and customer service.

What role does AI play in marketing in India?

Artificial intelligence is making its way into marketing strategy. Marketers can use AI-powered technology to automate tedious activities, enhance ad targeting, and customise consumer experiences at scale. AI accelerates marketing trends and helps digital marketers choose the most effective strategies for better outcomes.

What are the applications of AI in the Indian government?

According to an AIMResearch report titled "How The Indian Government Is Championing The AI Revolution," the Indian government's use cases of AI include facial recognition and hotspot analysis, biometric identification, criminal investigation, traffic and crowd management, wearables to empower women's safety, and more.

How is artificial intelligence applied in social media marketing?

AI may be used to produce post content and captions, analyse consumer feedback and comments, identify influencers, and schedule posts, among other things. AI may also assist organisations in uncovering customer insights that can inform their marketing tactics.

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