Top 20 Bachelor Programs in Digital Marketing:

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When deciding on the finest digital marketing degree to start or advance your profession, you should ask yourself a few things. You must decide what form of digital marketing you want to study and which schools offer that degree program. You should also consider online learning against regular classroom learning. Both have benefits and will give you an excellent education. It may just come down to how you study and if you need to work while attending school.
If you want the convenience of an online learning environment, you must select a school that provides all of the courses you require online.

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Because of the ease and flexibility of online learning, you may pursue your education while also meeting your financial commitments. It also allows you to study when it is most convenient for you to absorb and retain the material. Not everyone thrives in a school atmosphere. There are fewer distractions when studying at home, and a student may concentrate wherever they feel most comfortable. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
Bachelor Programs in Digital Marketing:

Bachelor Programs in Digital Marketing:

1) Arizona State University:
It provides a BS in Internet Marketing, which is regarded as one of the top online digital marketing degrees in the state. Students participating in ASU's online bachelor’s degree program must complete 120 semester units spread over 41 different classes. The AACSB has granted accreditation to ASU's online marketing program. The institution has a number of academic locations and facilities in the greater Tempe region, serving about 51,200 students on campus and approximately 90,000 total, including online students.
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2) Oregon State University:
Oregon State University provides a BA in Digital Marketing, which is regarded as one of the finest online digital marketing degrees in Oregon. Students participating in Oregon State's bachelor digital marketing degree program must complete 120-semester credits, 90 of which may be transferred if their application is approved. Digital media and design, writing for digital media, marketing analytics, color theory, typography, and digital layout and design are just a few of the courses available in the digital marketing curriculum. Oregon State University (OSU) is a space-grant, sun-grant, land-grant, and sea-grant university, one of just a handful in the United States having all four titles. OSU enrolls almost 31,400 students. Oregon State University is the state's largest university.
3) BS in Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing:
The ACBSP-accredited SHNU Digital Marketing Degree offers students all they need to know about advertising through mobile, social media, and other online means. You'll learn how to assess KPIs that are important for driving better campaigns and how to create effective plans for pay-per-click and natural ad campaigns. The BS in Marketing can prepare students for entry-level marketing positions or act as a basis for additional study toward a Master's degree. There is an "accelerated degree" track available to assist you to move quickly from a Bachelor's to a Master's degree.
4) Cambridge College Global:
Since every aspect of life goes online, the discipline of digital marketing has evolved and grown. To maximize response, sell products, and expand businesses, a new breed of digitally savvy marketers is required. Specialists that can harness the potential of digital marketing through mobile devices, social media, graphic design, and the Web are in great demand. Marketing manager employment, for example, is expected to expand by 13% by 2022*. Yet, proper training is required to comprehend the complexity of modern business and how digital marketing matches corporate objectives in order to achieve long-term career success in this sector. Our online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing (BSDM) degree is designed to help students enhance their creative, technical, and business skills in order to further their careers as digital marketers.
5) Southern New Hampshire University:
You've definitely seen the ad campaign for Southern New Hampshire University's online degree programs. If yes, you might be interested in SNHU's online Digital Marketing bachelor's degree. This program examines the greatest digital marketing methods while covering numerous marketing concepts and possibilities. You may learn about advertising and analytics in digital marketing, as well as how to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing efficiently (SEM). In addition, you'll learn about mobile marketing, consumer trends, brand management, and a marketing capstone project. You will also take general education classes. SNHU accepts up to 90 transfer credits and has a low credit-hour tuition cost. The institution was founded in 1963 and has expanded to over 150,000 students with its online degree programs.
6) Colorado Technical University:
This program combines classic marketing tactics with changing media technology. CTU has been recognized as one of the finest online bachelor's programs by US News and World Report. This ACBSP-accredited degree is adaptable, and you may earn credits through CTU's Fast TrackTM, which assesses your life experiences and mastery of fundamental courses through mini-modules. The curriculum includes topics such as social network marketing, marketing concepts, successful marketing campaigns, SEO, new technology and software, and so on. While this program does not lead to certification, it is designed to meet the criteria of the American Management Association (AMA) and the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP). This degree will provide you an education that is up to industry requirements. CTU has a rolling admissions strategy and an acceptance rate of 100%.
7) University of Wisconsin Stout:
The University of Wisconsin-Stout provides a BS in Digital Marketing, which is regarded as one of the finest online digital marketing degrees in Wisconsin. The BA in digital marketing at UW STOUT needs 120-semester credits, 79 to 80 of which have to be from the marketing major program. Graphic communications, fundamental data concepts, business technology, dynamic online technologies, optimization for search engines, and internet coding are among the classes offered in UW Stout's bachelor degree program in marketing. Prior learning credit for military, volunteer, or career development, among other things, is available at UW Stout. The University of Wisconsin (UW STOUT) is a public, state university that was founded in 1891. The rural campus of the institution serves around 9,100 students and spans more than 100 acres. UW STOUT is the first school in the state to be certified by the USDLA.
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing
8) Bellevue University:
The Institute for Business & Information Technology (Bellevue) at Bellevue College provides a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Digital Marketing, which College Consensus ranks as one of Washington's finest online digital marketing degrees. Undergraduate marketing students at Bellevue College must complete three capstone courses, as well as classes in branding, market research, event marketing, public relations, eCommerce development, content generation, and media strategy, to mention a few. The total number of semester credits necessary to graduate is 180 or 181 quarter credits. Bellevue College, founded in 1966, has over 29,700 students and offers a range of degree and diploma programs. The campus of Bellevue College is separated into three main divisions.
  • BAS Digital Marketing Program
9) AAFT, Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing:
Our objective is to encourage young people to become tomorrow's leaders. By bringing people together to create extraordinary artistic experiences in cinema, television, print, radio, and digital media, we hope to foster a strong feeling of togetherness in the media and arts community. With dynamic partnerships, we hope to develop strong worldwide communities of media, arts, and culture while also fostering intellectual diversity via artistic breakthroughs. With AAFT's three-year B.Sc in Digital Marketing degree, you may discover the potential of digital marketing. You will learn how to operate in several areas of digital marketing such as website building, content production, social media management, search engine optimization, and Google Adwords.
  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Content Promotion
  • Fundamentals of Marketing and Branding
  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • SWOT Evaluation
  • Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing
  • Internship/Project in Action
  • Digital Marketing and Data Online Reputation Management Analytics
10) Santa Clara University Leavey School:
The Online Master's in Marketing, offered by the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Commerce, can be completed in as little as one year and will put students on the fast road to lucrative promotional careers. The educational track consists of 15 courses, each addressing crucial themes such as customer and marketing analysis, marketing analytics, and MarTech foundations. You can take elective courses in brand management and product innovation, as well as learn about specific aspects of the advertising environment such as programmatic advertising, social media marketing, and technology marketing. This course already has additional electives in the works.
11) Arizona State University:
Arizona State University Online has long been noted for its creativity and knowledgeable instructors. ASU's online programs are trusted by over 60,000 students and are recognized in the top 10 by College Consensus and U.S. News and World Report. The BA in Digital Audiences program at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication provides a comprehensive curriculum focused on influencing audiences via the use of digital marketing technologies. You'll learn about social media marketing, SEO and SEM, digital audience growth and analysis, coding principles, social media campaigns, and other essential business skills. With the 120-credit-hour undergraduate degree, you'll study 41 business courses and general education classes over the duration of 7.5 weeks. You'll be taught by a world-class faculty that includes two Pulitzer Prize winners, a Washington Post Executive Editor, digital media leaders, and a former BET Vice President.
12) University of Wisconsin Stout:
The Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing Technology from the University of Wisconsin Stout is totally online and combines theory and technical abilities to provide you with a thorough grasp of the area. The University of Wisconsin-Stout thinks that the future of digital marketing will include digital competence in SEO, analytics, scripting, multimedia, web development, and server applications. The undergraduate degree needs 120 credit hours to complete, which includes basic courses (English, history, arithmetic, and so on) as well as Professional Technology and Management Core subjects. Transfer credits are accepted indefinitely; however, your last 32 credit hours must be completed at UW-S. You may also be able to gain credits for previous non-traditional education or activities. If you live outside of Wisconsin, be sure your state is included in UW-S and its State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).
13) University of Liberty:
Liberty University provides a BSBA with an academic track in Digital Marketing and Advertising, which is acknowledged as one of the finest online digital marketing degrees in the State of Virginia. On average, students enrolling in Liberty University's business degree in digital marketing finish the 120-semester credit program in roughly 3.5 years. If qualified, degree seekers for this ACBSP-recognized degree program can transfer up to 90 semester credits. Liberty University offers a military tuition discount to qualified service members and their spouses.
Liberty University (Liberty) is an evangelical higher education institution founded in 1971. The university's Lynchburg campus serves over 100,000 students, the majority of whom study online. Liberty University consists of 17 colleges/schools. Liberty University has the distinction of being one of the world's largest Christian higher education institutions.
  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Digital Marketing and Advertising
14) Bay Path University:
Bay Path University's Bachelor of Science in online digital marketing degree offers students the fundamentals of marketing, from building an efficient social media campaign to managing digital media apps and tools. You'll learn how to conduct effective online marketing research and how to use analytics to track marketing performance. Students have access to Various online tools and resources throughout the course, as well as personalized help for their academic journey. For newcomers pursuing their education for the first time, there is also significant assistance and academic supervision accessible.
15) Rutgers University:
This online internet marketing degree program teaches specialists what they need to know to become marketing pioneers. The AACSB-accredited program goes beyond the fundamentals of a core marketing course by covering complicated issues such as consumer behavior in a digital environment, customer journey analytics, and how to conduct marketing research. To assist educate marketing leaders who can thrive in an online world, the courses are connected with popular marketing technology platforms such as HootSuite and Google Analytics. You'll also learn about UX and UI ideas in digital marketing, as well as the fundamentals of digital marketing legislation, policy, and ethics.
16) Johnson & Wales University:
Johnson & Wales University provides a BS in Digital Marketing & Social Media that is listed among the finest online digital marketing degrees by US News and World Report. Students pursuing a bachelor's degree in digital marketing at Johnson & Wales University take eight-week courses over four years. Students who complete this bachelor degree in digital marketing are prepared for leadership roles in the fields of digital marketing and social media advertising by maximising a user's experience in site design and data-driven solutions. Johnson & Wales University (Johnson & Wales) is a private higher learning institution founded in 1914 as a business school by two women. The university's four campuses serve about 13,000 students. Johnson & Wales University runs hotels that provide students with hands-on learning experiences.
  • A Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing and Social Media is required.
17) Southeastern University:
Southeastern University provides a BS in Digital Marketing & Design, which is regarded as one of the finest online digital marketing degrees in the Sunshine State. The bachelor’s degree in digital marketing at Southeastern University requires the completion of 120 semester courses over a 48-month period. Students can transfer up to 90 qualifying credits thanks to Southeastern University's liberal transfer credit policy. Southeastern University's degree program includes classes such as a survey of digital media, writing for digital media, marketing analytics, digital layout, and web page design, to mention a few. Southeastern University (Southeastern) is a Christian higher learning school founded in 1935 by the Assemblies of God. The university's Central Florida campus serves more than 6,900 students and spans more than 80 acres. Southeastern University began as a Christian school Alabama is the location of this school.
18) Full Sail University:
Full Sail University provides a BS in Digital Marketing, which is regarded as one of the top online digital marketing degrees in the Sunshine State. Students participating in Full Sail University's bachelor's degree program in digital marketing have the option of finishing the program in 29 months. Students participating in Full Sail University's digital marketing degree bachelor's program can take subjects such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Foundations of Web Design, Business Accounting, Content Strategy, Storytelling for Marketing, Email Marketing, and Display Advertising. Full Sail University (FSU) is a for-profit higher education school that was founded in 1979. The university's Central Florida campus serves almost 20,000 students, roughly half of whom study online. Full Sail University started off as a recording studio in the state of Ohio.
  • Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing
19) New England College of Business:
New England College of Commerce & Finance provides a BS in Digital Marketing, which is regarded as one of the top online digital marketing degrees in Massachusetts. Students participating in NECB's undergraduate degree program can select between three academic tracks: virtual marketing, marketing analytics, and strategic marketing. Global strategic management, global marketing, investment management, online analytics, mobile marketing, and principles of web design are just a few of the classes available for this digital marketing degree, as well as a digital marketing capstone.
New England College of Business (NECB) is a for-profit higher education institution in Boston that specializes in business and finance. The American Banking Institute was the NECB's initial name. The trustees of Cambridge govern the New England College of Commerce & Finance.
  • BS in Digital Marketing
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20) Colorado Technical University:
Colorado Technical University's Digital Marketing BSBA has been recognized one of the best online digital marketing degrees in Colorado by US News & World Report. The undergraduate degree in digital marketing at CTU has been accredited by ACBSP and requires students to finish 180 semester hours. This degree program's digital marketing coursework includes SEO & Web Design, New Media Marketing Analysis, Data Analytics, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Virtual Marketplace Marketing, to mention a few. The school serves over 22,900 students on-campus and online, with more than 90% of students taking classes through the institution's distance learning programs. Colorado Technological University was founded with a unique priority to train ex-military men.
  • BS Business Administration-Digital Marketing
While selecting the best digital marketing degree to begin or develop your career, you need to consider a few factors. You must determine the type of digital marketing you want to study and which universities offer that degree program. You should also compare online learning to traditional classroom learning. Both have advantages and will provide you with a superb education. It might just come down to how your study and whether or not you need to work while attending school. If you desire the convenience of online study, you must choose a school that offers all of the courses you need online. Due to the convenience and flexibility of online learning, you may further your education while fulfilling your financial obligations. 

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Which is more effective, BBA or BBA digital marketing?

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA(Marketing)) is a broad degree programme. BBA (Digital Marketing) is a speciality of BBA in Marketing. BBA in Marketing is a better option than BBA in Digital Marketing.

What is the finest degree for digital marketing in India?

Degrees such as BBA in Marketing or MBA in Marketing include Digital Marketing as part of the degree curriculum. BBA in Digital Marketing is one of the best Digital Marketing courses. MBA with a specialisation in digital marketing.

Which digital marketing field pays the most?

The highest-paying digital marketing job in India is Digital Marketing Manager. A digital marketing manager's responsibilities include designing multi-channel marketing strategies and deciding on marketing campaigns for various businesses based on their product or service.

Which is superior: an MBA or digital marketing?

Whilst an MBA in digital marketing may lead to amazing jobs, digital marketing is a skill set that is in high demand today and offers excellent prospects in practically all sectors. Digital marketing courses are shorter and more job-focused than MBA programmes.

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