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Digital marketing was formerly considered an exclusive ability for a select set of professionals in the early days of the Internet. Today, the internet and marketing are so inextricably linked that it’s nearly hard to separate them. Every recognized now employs digital marketing in some form or another, from search engines and social media to mobile applications and advertising. While digital marketing remains a niche talent, it is no longer an exclusive one. Anyone can now learn digital marketing, owing to the same internet that gave birth to it in the first place.

Source: Safalta

There are several methods to study, whether you’re self-taught, attending a recognized digital marketing course, or brushing up on your existing abilities with the newest trends and technologies. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
Best Platforms for Digital Marketing Courses:

Best Platforms for Digital Marketing Courses:
1) AboutSafalta:
Safalta, as an endeavor, has constantly attempted to plan ahead for the country's young aspirations. Safalta aspires to innovate in the burgeoning field of online education, which caters to hardworking and brilliant minds. We provide students an entire learning experience while guaranteeing our students get the necessary guidance and information to pave their route to success and a bright future.

Advanced Digital Marketing Course (Batch-16): 150 Learning Hours:
This Digital Marketing Course includes Live Classes, PDF Notes, Q&A Meetings, Case Studies, and much more. It covers both fundamentals and in-depth knowledge of all Digital Marketing specializations. To help you learn more successfully, this course employs an industry-based methodology.

This Digital Marketing Course includes Live classes, PDF Notes, Question & Answer Meetings, Case Studies, and a great deal more. It incorporates both fundamentals and an in-depth grasp of all Digital Marketing specialisations. This course employs an industry-based approach to help you understand more successfully.
The Most Important Points:
  • Google Certified Experienced Professors
  • Ten modules based on industry
  • Complete Placement Assistance
  • 8+ ongoing projects and case studies
  • 20+ Learning Resources
  • Masterclasses with industry specialists
  • Complementary soft skills training
  • 150 hours of live instruction plus concept classes
  • Weekly question-and-answer session
Download these Free EBooks: Introduction to digital marketing  

Modules Base:
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Blogging and content creation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Marketing on Social Media
  • Email Promotion
  • Marketers who use inbound marketing
  • Analytics for the Web
Modules of Special Interest:
  • Management of Online Reputation
  • Blogging and content creation
  • Preparation of a Digital Infographic Resume
  • WordPress Web Development Digital Marketing Strategy Integration
2) Digital Academy India offers a digital marketing certification course:
Digital Academy India is a program that provides digital marketing training and consulting services in India in order to equip the population with digital knowledge. Quick to recognize the practical impact of the digital aspect in the marketing field, the institution created a number of specialized digital marketing colleges for hopefuls.
Their Digital Marketing courses include the following:
  • Course in Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • Search Marketing Certification in Social Media and Mobile Marketing
  • Certification for Digital Marketing Courses
  • Training Programme for Corporate Digital Marketing
The courses combine quantitative and data-driven components of Internet marketing in a comprehensive manner. They give you the ability to manage, develop, and assess digital marketing initiatives. They have mastered their craft in just two years.
3) NIIT:
NIIT offers a program for postgraduate in online advertising and branding. The institute has a stellar reputation in India and across the world, having built a presence in over 30 countries. What began as an effort to balance staffing needs in the IT sector expanded to Digital World in order to bridge the gap for competent experts in the business. The Post Graduate Programme in Digital Marketing is an online endeavor designed to prepare graduates for rewarding professions in the Digital Marketing Industry.

This program teaches SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Inbound Marketing, Content preparation, and a variety of other functional areas. Acquiring experience in these specialized marketing sectors not only offers you a competitive advantage, but also allows you to emerge as a leader in the digital realm. As a result, it is a viable choice for the finest Digital Marketing institutions in India.
Highlights of the course:
  • Time commitment: 400+ hours of online training
  • Qualifications: Graduates from any discipline between the ages of 19 and 24 are eligible for this course.
4) Digital Vidya:
Digital Vidya was formed in 2009 with the goal of delivering social media training all around the world; however, they did not begin full-fledged courses in digital marketing until 2013. They not only teach students but also business experts in digital marketing and other IT courses. They cooperate with notable businesses to provide updated courses and train their students for careers in digital marketing.
  • Duration: You have the choice of doing this course in 4 or 7 months. You may view the course schedule by going to their website.
  • This course will be delivered online with live instructor-led instruction.
5) Full Digital Marketing Course on Udemy:
This digital marketing training is great for people who want to improve their employment skills without spending too much money. Apple, Eventbrite and Volkswagen, all utilise Udemy's digital marketing program to help their staff grow. Udemy is also ideal for anyone who wishes to broaden their skill set before launching their own business.

While Udemy is another school that uses video instruction, it takes a more practical approach, emphasizing learning by doing. The program steadily improves your abilities through the use of videos, quizzes, sample projects, and checklists. The 12 lessons cover every aspect of the online advertising lifecycle, from market research to building a WordPress website.

It does more than just describe the various digital marketing approaches. It aims to equip you with practical expertise with digital marketing methods rather than simply teaching them. With over 600,000 students, this is one of the most downloaded courses on Udemy.
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6) Tools and Training for Copyblogger Content Marketing:
Copyblogger primarily targets authors as a content marketing resource. Aside from that, its target audience is not very defined. Copyblogger will assist you whether you are a newbie searching for a low-effort approach to learning or a seasoned professional who enjoys keeping up with the newest trends and viewpoints. Copyblogger is a combination of a blog, a training resource, and a newsletter. Unlike classes that need a time commitment, you can join up for Copyblogger and receive 20 emails covering subjects ranging from copywriting and SEO to keyword research and more.

Because it is delivered directly to your inbox, you may read it whenever you choose, rather than feeling pressed to take notes in front of instructors. While Copyblogger is not a typical course, it is quite popular in content marketing circles. Another reason it's on our list is how rapidly digital marketing trends change. While a structured education might teach you the essentials, the specifics quickly become outdated. With new technologies, fads, and ways of thinking always appearing, digital marketing professionals must stay up with current trends by visiting sites like Copyblogger or something similar. It's fine if you decide it's not for you. However, we strongly advise you to identify and follow a comparable blog.
In the beginning stages of the Internet, digital marketing was thought to be a unique skill for a small group of specialists. The internet and marketing are now so tightly interwoven that it's practically impossible to separate them. Every well-known brand today uses digital marketing in some capacity, from search engines and social media to applications for mobile devices and advertising. While digital marketing is still a specialist skill, it is no longer exclusive. Because of the same technology that gave birth to it in the first place, anyone can now master digital marketing. There are various ways to learn, whether you're self-taught, taking a recognized digital marketing school, or brushing up on your existing skills with the most recent trends and technology.

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Can I obtain a job after completing an online digital marketing course?

Whether you work as a Digital Marketing Executive, Social Media Manager, or Content Marketing Manager, digital marketing provides profitable high-salary packages.

Is the Udemy course worthwhile?

Udemy is still a terrific alternative if you appreciate studying and want to continue to enjoy instructional stuff. Their low-cost courses allow you to keep studying without breaking the wallet. You may take advantage of free or low-cost courses, as well as track deals and obtain coupons to spend on more expensive courses.

Who is qualified for a position in digital marketing?

The minimum needed eligibility for most digital marketing courses is graduation in any discipline from a government-recognized institution/university. There are also some specialised courses available to professionals and interns.

Can I learn digital marketing from home?

The quick answer is yes! Read the entire article to learn about the in-depth work method of digital marketing as a Work from Home alternative.

How long does it take to study digital marketing?

The basic course begins with a three-month programme. Advanced classes might last up to 6 months. Some courses are intended for people who desire to work as digital marketing professionals. The duration of such digital marketing courses ranges from 8 to 12 months.

How can I get started with digital marketing from home?

Practise on your own webpage is the greatest approach to master digital marketing. Create a blog and begin producing material. Spend time learning SEO before moving on to Google Ads and Facebook marketing. If you have the chance to work for a well-known digital marketing business, take it.

How quickly can I master digital marketing?

Most individuals learn the various digital marketing tools and strategies in one to three months, and it takes six months to a year to master those abilities via practise. Of course, this is dependent on a number of circumstances.

Who is the digital marketing king?

In digital competition, content allows you to outperform your competitors. Furthermore, it drives your sales funnel by allowing you to produce high-quality leads. As a result, content reigns supreme in digital marketing.

Is Coursera superior to Udemy?

Coursera's teachers are top experts from globally renowned schools, ensuring that the level of instruction is more constant than on Udemy (which enables anybody to offer courses on its site).

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