Top 10 Career Opportunities After Post-Graduation in Digital Marketing

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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This book is for all graduates and young professionals who want to get a post-graduate degree in digital marketing and learn everything there is to know about it. A crucial question for each student is to determine what their employment options are after completing a specific degree or program this article, we will define post-graduation in digital marketing, discuss the top employment prospects after completing the program, and discuss the finest schools for a post-graduation in digital marketing. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:
1) What is a Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing?
2) Which are the Employment Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India?
What is a Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing?
A post-graduate diploma in digital marketing is normally a one-year program. This is a professional course that provides students with all of the technical knowledge required for digital marketing. Its primary goal is to teach students how to use digital marketing abilities in the real world. The main courses in any post-graduate program in digital marketing include inbound marketing, outbound marketing, media marketing, automation, managerial skills, and soft skills.


Many institutions that offer this curriculum require an internship and provide job placement aid.

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Which are the Employment Opportunities in Digital Marketing in India?
Manager of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Managers must have at least five years of experience, and if you possess certificates that demonstrate your skill, you will get recruited swiftly.
Companies are searching for Digital Marketing Job Opportunities for specialists, thus the demand is great. Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for overseeing the company's digital marketing team and answering the Vice President of Marketing. They are also in charge of integrating and optimizing various aspects of digital marketing. Digital marketing pay packages for specialists range from 15 to 20 lacs per year. It may reach as much as 40 lacs based on expertise.
Manager of Client Services:

Clients are the core of every business, and ensuring that procedures and services run smoothly for them is the top concern. This is where client service managers come in. The primary responsibility is to ensure that every consumer has a completely trouble-free experience. It is critical to develop ideas for it, maintain a continual eye on the processes, and solicit input from clients in order to offer better and ideal solutions to the table. A client servicing manager is also in charge of supervising and collaborating with client servicing professionals.
Marketing on Social Media:

Jobs in Social Media Marketing are concerned with increasing website traffic or attention through social media networks. The goal is to focus on efforts to develop content that draws attention and persuades people to share it on social media. As per Octane Research 2016, social networking posts were the most desired option for increasing consumer involvement (46%). Furthermore, social media dominates the listing of marketing efforts scheduled for 2016 (66%). If you want to work in the Social Media field, you can expect to earn an average digital marketing income of 328,300 a year.
Manager of Brands:

Among the most in-demand career roles is that of a brand manager. A brand manager is responsible for overseeing a brand's entire marketing practices. It entails developing brand strategies for brand marketing, introducing a new product, and so on. It entails analyzing large amounts of information and making choices based on that data. The key goal is to meet the brand's commercial objectives while working with a team of qualified specialists.
Manager of Inbound Marketing:

You already have marketing knowledge. However, because the procedures are becoming digital and online, you must update your expertise properly. In such case, you can apply for the post of inbound marketing manager at any moment. An inbound marketing manager's primary tasks include monitoring the sales funnel, overseeing the drip marketing campaign, and so on. The manager's primary goal is to welcome more clients and develop methods accordingly.
Search Engine Marketing (SEO):

Irrespective of your expertise, SEO would almost probably play a significant part in digital marketing. It is the foundation of all written material since the purpose of all material is discoverability. Professionals that understand social networks, content quality assessment, competitive analysis, instant search, and website analytics are in high demand.
Analyst (Pay Per Click or SEM):

SEM or Pay per Click Analyst primarily evaluates website traffic in order to connect it with campaign tracking, as well as all aspects of internet advertising, search analytics, and SEO, among other things.
Optimizer of Conversion Rates:

A conversion rate optimizer's goal is to increase the conversion ratio at each level of the marketing funnel. A CRO specialist, for example, can collaborate with the inbound marketing manager to create high-converting landing sites.
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The marketing industry has changed significantly over the previous few decades, with online ads currently dominating digital marketing. Marketers are in charge of matching the right things with the right viewers. For competitive creatives looking for a fast-paced, people-oriented atmosphere, digital advertising has an excellent digital marketing job outlook.
Writer of Website Content:

A content writer is not the same as a website content writer. A website writer focuses only on creating material for various sorts of websites. As a result, there are several work possibilities accessible in this industry. All you require is to be a skilled writer with exceptional grammar and editing abilities.
Salary After a Degree in Digital Marketing

Newcomers to digital marketing may anticipate earning between Rs. 3 and 4 lakhs per year. Based on experience and a number of other factors such as the company they work with and the city in which they live, digital marketing managers in India make an average salary of Rs 8.0 Lacs. A digital marketing manager in Bangalore claimed a yearly income of Rs 15 lacs. A one-year post-graduate degree in online marketing is typical. This is a practical course that teaches students all of the technical skills necessary for digital marketing. Its main purpose is to teach students how to use their digital marketing skills in the actual world. Inbound marketing, outward marketing, media advertising, automation, management skills, and soft skills are the key subjects in any postgraduate degree in digital marketing. Many of the colleges that offer this program demand an internship and assist with job placement.

What will I do once I graduate from digital marketing?

Writer of SEO Content
Some prominent digital advertising occupations and vocations include: web developer/designer. Manager of Analytics. CRM Supervisor.

What are the finest digital marketing job opportunities?

  • Marketers who use social media
  • Specialists in SEM/SEO
  • Strategists for content
  • Managers of Digital Media
  • Specialist in e-commerce
  • Expert in Brand Marketing
  • Managers of Pay-Per-Click campaigns

What is the highest-paying digital marketing job?

The greatest digital marketing career in India is Digital Marketing Manager. A digital advertising manager's responsibilities include designing multi-channel marketing campaigns and deciding on advertising campaigns for various businesses based on their product or service.

Can I simply find work in digital marketing?

According to LinkedIn, Digital Marketing Specialist is one of the top ten most in-demand careers, with 860,000 job opportunities. You must have prior expertise in digital marketing topics such as online media, content marketing, SEO, and others.

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