Case Study: How Cadbury Dairy Milk use tech for Madbury

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Using technology, Cadbury Dairly Milk India paired two participants from different regions of the country as part of their long-running user engagement IP - Madbury. Social media channels were used actively to spread the message.

By using technology, Cadbury Dairy Milk India is carrying on their long-standing customer engagement IP - Madbury, which paired two participants from various regions of the country. Social media platforms were extensively used to spread the message.

The chocolate sector in India has grown at a very high rate due to the country's robust economic growth over the last ten years, which has led to a rise in per capita disposable income. Due to this, people are increasingly purchasing chocolates regularly as opposed to a situation where they only it is bought on special occasions. The country's sizable young population, which represents an important market sector for chocolates, is another significant factor that is propelling the chocolate business. India has a long way to go to catch up to a market like the UK, where the average person consumes 10 kg of chocolate annually, with a per capita spending of just 140 gm.

Table of Content:
About Cadbury India
Clientele Served by Cadbury
Statement of the Issue/Objective
Cadbury's an advertising and marketing campaigns

About Cadbury India

John Cadbury founded Cadbury in Birmingham, England, in the year 1824 which was later purchased by Kraft Foods in 2010 and is currently run by Mondelez International.

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Source: Safalta

In 1948, Cadbury India was founded in India, and its current administrative center is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its corporate headquarters in Mumbai are also known as "Cadbury House." The five categories in which Cadbury India currently operates include chocolate confections, drinks, and biscuits. Among its well-known goods include Dairy Milk, Oreo, Tang, Bournvita, etc. Another FMCG behemoth in India, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), has partnered with the firm to make co-created goods including Kwality Walls Cornetto Oreo & Kwality Wall jewels. Over the years, the business in India has developed where a variety of high-quality products have been added which has helped it ain attracting devoted clients. So, in the following section, let's examine its target audience in more detail.

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Clientele Served by Cadbury
The segmentation of products by Cadbury India has been influenced by a variety of variables. Not any specific category of customers from all social classes enjoy Cadbury products.  For instance, Cadbury Bournvita used a marketing strategy where products are marketed to parents of young children between the ages of 2 and 8 as a must-have for developing youngsters. Nowadays, millennials are also pretty fond of Bournvita and it can be purchased by people from every income group it is a reasonably priced item. While people with greater incomes can afford premium chocolates like Cadbury Temptations and Bournville. The consumers of Dairy Milk Silk are millennials and people who find it difficult to resist chocolate.

Statement of the Issue/Objective
  • Allowing access customers to innovations
  • Fostering brand loyalty and participation for Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Bringing to life the company's mission of uniting people with a Cadbury Dairy Milk
  • Improving the Madbury experience to infuse new life into the cherished platform
  • Staying ahead of the game by developing items that are adaptive to the changing tastes of consumers
Cadbury's an advertising and marketing campaigns
It can be agreed by everyone that one Indian firm that frequently makes headlines and conversations is Cadbury India due to its innovative and effective marketing strategies. Let's discuss some of Cadbury's marketing and advertising initiatives that had a long-lasting effect on its branding, sales, and ability to stand out in consumers' minds in the coming section
So let's start with the most current campaign from Cadbury India.

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Mum's birthday
The main difficulty Cadbury encountered along the way was continuing to be consistent and relevant and the brand needed to uphold was crucial for the brand to uphold its standards, especially in the eyes of the public. In addition to the category of sugar amount, Cadbury has offered other options in its goods to address this. However, research on Cadbury's sales and data revealed that the sale of the company had decreased by 3-4% and that its ranking had also fallen. Based on these figures and information, the business decided to replace the "Free of Joy" campaign with the "Mum's Birthday" ad. In the advertisement, a young girl was shown who was attempting to purchase Cadbury dairy milk for her mother's birthday. The young child comes in, asks for chocolate, and then hands her mother a handful of items as change before rushing out to give her the treat.

Chocolate Bar Competition
It is an outstanding ad based on a contested concept where Cadbury is incredibly inventive. For instance, the business once held a contest for its customers to create and design a unique Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar. Following the highly successful Trucks and Gorilla campaign, Cadbury organized its chocolate bar-making competition on the internet. Participants designed and constructed their chocolate bars using the computer program "Chocolate Steam Dream" before the judge decided who won. The winner would have then received a customized Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar, which was the most entertaining aspect.

Cadbury’s famous Gorilla
Since the gorilla displayed him performing the drums to Phil Collins' 1981 hit song "In the Air Tonight," it gained considerable popularity in 2007. In light of this, Cadbury's well-known Gorilla was successful in achieving a great deal of fame and ended up becoming the most popular and watched advertisement in the United Kingdom. It is because as compared to today's advertising, humor and quirkiness weren't as important in advertising in 2007. However, with Cadbury's Gorilla advertisement, the advertisers completely deviated from the norm and produced something that fascinates and warm the viewers. 

Cadbury Creme Eggs
The Arrest of Twisted Creme Eggs, another highly well-known campaign from Cadbury, was well-received and well-liked by the audience. The rectangular bar was created by the corporation instead of the oval bar. The three commercials for this campaign depicted "oegoo on the loose" by capturing, holding, and stifling the rival chocolate confection. It becomes highly famous and was enjoyed by the audience due to the presence of original and witty personifications. Customers were able to relate to the company's products more strongly due to the use of a highly effective marketing strategy. Additionally, it constructs a solid bond between customers and the business.

Game of Cadbury Creme Bus Stop
It is incredibly boring and exhausting to wait at the bus stop for the bus to come. To address this, the advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi created a public interactive gaming option that converted several UK bus stops into gaming stations. The only thing left for the travelers to do is to quickly smash all of the eggs that are falling to unleash the creamy goop. Shockingly, this marketing company has created television commercials for Cadbury as their very personal Touch Screen Bus Shelter Game. Using technology, Cadbury Dairly Milk India paired two participants from different regions of the country as part of their long-running user engagement IP - Madbury. Social media channels were used actively to spread the message.

What is Cadbury madbury?

Cadbury Madbury is a tournament for Indian residents. India's citizens are able to develop their own unique Cadbury flavour thanks to the competition. People can enter two names for the flavours that can be created utilising the 7500 ingredient combinations by entering the competition.

What is the Cadbury marketing plan?

Every bar in the brand's glass & a-half of milk line has that amount of milk. Cadbury also thinks that the brand represents benevolence. And everyone contains glass and of. Cadbury launched a global marketing campaign based on the notion of charity.

How does Cadbury interact with its clients?

Because it has already had excellent success turning fans into brand evangelists, Cadbury sees the benefit of keeping an active Facebook presence and engaging with customers.

Why did Cadbury employ an ape?

He desired something for the Dairy Milk brand that would "demonstrate the positive effects of eating Cadbury's chocolate." Cabral proposed the idea, betting that a drumming gorilla may be effective. Rumbol immediately ordered it since he loved it.

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