How to get an AI Internship in Abroad

Safalta Expert Published by: Aditi Goyal Updated Thu, 21 Sep 2023 10:33 PM IST

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An internship in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) abroad can revolutionise your career in the quickly changing technological landscape of today. With artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of innovation, getting practical experience in this area can lead to many exciting opportunities. This in-depth guide will take you step-by-step through the process of getting an AI internship abroad.

Why Look for an International AI Internship?

One of the fascinating and fastest-growing fields in the world today is artificial intelligence (AI). Students have the rare chance to work on cutting-edge projects and obtain practical experience with the newest AI technologies through AI internships.


Studying abroad for an AI internship can be especially beneficial for students because it gives them the chance to learn from professionals in the field and widens their perspective on AI. 
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Let us first discuss why it is a great idea to pursue an AI internship abroad before getting into the specifics.

International Exposure
You are exposed to various cultures, viewpoints, and AI methodologies when you work abroad. This experience improves your ability to adapt and solve problems.

Opportunities for Networking
With the opportunity to network with AI specialists worldwide, international internships offer a singular opportunity to establish a worldwide professional network.

Enhancement of Skill
You can have the opportunity to learn from the top experts in the field as many nations are leading the way in AI research and development.
There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of landing an AI internship abroad if you're interested:

1. Examine your options.

Investigating your options is the first step. Which location are you interested in interning at? Which sort of AI business or organisation would you like to work for? What kind of credentials and abilities are they seeking?

You're ready to begin your search once you have a firm grasp of your options. You can find AI internships abroad using a variety of resources, such as:
  • Companies' websites: A lot of businesses use their websites to advertise available internship positions. To locate relevant opportunities, you can search by company name, location, and keyword.
  • Jobs boards: AIESEC, GoAbroad, and Internships Abroad are just a few of the job boards that focus on international internships. Moreover, you can look for AI internships on employment boards like Indeed and LinkedIn.
  • Talking to your professors, fellow students, and industry professionals will help you find out if there are any AI internship opportunities abroad.

2. Get ready with your application materials.

Making a strong first impression on potential employers can be achieved with the help of your cover letter and resume. When applying for internships, make sure your resume is well-written and customised for each position. In your cover letter, you should address your reasons for applying for the internship and your suitability for the role.

You might also be asked to submit a portfolio of your work, recommendation letters, and/or a transcript in addition to your resume and cover letter. Make sure to thoroughly review each internship's requirements and turn in all necessary paperwork.
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3. Submit an internship application

You can start applying for internships as soon as you have your application materials ready. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions on each company's website.

While some businesses may accept applications on a rolling basis, others may have a deadline for submissions. To maximise your chances of success, it is crucial to begin applying as soon as possible.

4. Get ready for the interview.

Make sure to fully prepare for any interview you receive if you are invited for an internship. Do some homework on the business and the internship role, and get comfortable responding to typical interview questions.

It is also beneficial to prepare a few questions for the interviewer. This indicates your interest in the internship and your careful consideration of it.

5. Exercise initiative

Get in contact with businesses directly to find out about internship opportunities if you can't find any AI internships that pique your interest. Even when they don't have any open positions posted, many businesses are willing to hire interns.

If there are any AI research projects that need interns, you can also get in touch with professors at universities abroad.

A great way to get important experience and skills in a field that is expanding quickly is to apply for an AI internship abroad. You can improve your chances of success by heeding the advice provided above.



It can be a life-changing experience to land an AI internship abroad. It provides both personal and professional enrichment. You will return home with a plethora of knowledge and a global network if you embrace the opportunities and challenges that present themselves.

Starting an overseas internship in this field in the AI era is a noteworthy step towards a bright future. Therefore, get ready, do your homework, and apply right away for that ideal AI internship abroad!

Is it necessary to speak the local language of the host country?

While knowing the local language can be advantageous, many AI internships abroad are conducted in English, so language proficiency varies depending on the host country and organization.

How long does the application process for an AI internship abroad typically take?

The application process can vary widely, but it's advisable to start at least six to twelve months before your intended internship start date to account for visa processing and other logistics.

Can international students apply for AI internships abroad?

Yes, international students can apply for AI internships abroad. However, they should be aware of visa regulations and ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria.

Are AI internships abroad paid or unpaid?

It depends on the organization and country. Some AI internships are paid, while others may offer stipends or be unpaid. Always clarify the compensation structure before accepting an internship offer.

How can I stay updated with AI trends during my internship?

To stay updated with AI trends, follow industry news, read research papers, and participate in online courses or webinars. Additionally, engage with your colleagues and mentors for insights into the latest developments.

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