Hubspot Case Studies on Creating On-Brand Designs: A Canva Guide

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To express its brand identity in products and get rid of UI inconsistencies, Hubspot established its design system Canvas. The design system is governed by five design principles including inbound, Clear, Human, Integrated, and Collaborative.

In 2006, fellow MIT alumni Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah established HubSpot which is considered a top customer relations management (CRM) platform to grow businesses. When they first met at university, they discovered a common love of technology and a commitment to empowering businesses to provide the greatest possible customer experiences, which will help them in expanding their business.  They had the idea for the inbound movement at this time. Since founding HubSpot, Brian & Dharmesh have developed a distinctive environment that encourages companies to concentrate on their clients and form enduring interactions with them by utilizing the innovations of the flywheel methodology.

Over 121,000 companies such as Suzuki, Sendle, and Rever. vn, or GE Lighting, have used HubSpot over the years to empower them to captivate customers by developing useful content and experiences that majorly focus on captivating their needs.

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 The platform offers all the integrations and capabilities businesses want for generating leads, web services, search engine optimization live chat, customer service, social media marketing, revenue operations, and social media marketing.

Table of Content:
The Problem
The Solution
Here is how they achieved it

The Problem
Brand consistency is considered one of the essential tenets of international brands that stand out against their rivals. But I t takes a lot of work, consideration, and planning for many firms, including HubSpot, to drive and maintain brand consistency across various markets and cultures while allowing marketing teams to remain on-brand on a global scale. For HubSpot, a major issue was the absence of an intuitive platform that could support their design system which ensures brand consistency and eases workload and process. Their marketing departments had to deal with design bottlenecks and delays brought on by an overworked design team as a result.

HubSpot's marketing team was frequently left on their own whenever turnaround times were short as they relied on only a small number of designers to execute substantial marketing strategies, on-brand marketing materials, content, and even daily ad hoc design requests. They would then use their desktop programs or individual Canva Pro & Free accounts to produce designs without taking into consideration a particular brand. When out-of-date brand guidelines & assets are used in place of the most recent versions, it may lead to the brand disparity. HubSpot's branding consequently showed improperly on numerous consumer multiple touchpoints, and internal communications, including social media channels.

The global marketing team at HubSpot also handles various geographical areas. HubSpot's English designs sometimes have to be localized with aa objective of properly reflecting a region and market. Even while the small design team at HubSpot worked hard to help them, it became evident that a more effective solution was required to let each marketer independently customize designs. Having empathy for the marketing team, Jenn Proud who was the Head of HubSpot's Global Marketing Design was committed to addressing these issues. She currently oversees a global team of designers. Jenn recalls the challenges they encountered and remarks, "It was difficult for just about any marketer at HubSpot to participate actively on their own. They relied on us to make space and time for their job, and we had a limited team, so they had to wait.

The Solution
As a well-known innovator in marketing technology, HubSpot has also always provided its brand a lot of consideration.  The company has a staff that is completely devoted to building design solutions for marketing and creative teams as part of their quest for the authenticity of the brand and to guarantee the success of their branding activities. The fundamental objective of the group, known as the Brand Infrastructure is to increase HubSpot's branding throughout everything they do while enabling everyone to be more productive mostly in the work they are producing. They are excellent at developing creative in a method that promotes both consistency and flexibility "Jenn elucidates.

It makes sense that when Canva for Enterprise was introduced to Jenn's marketing design team and HubSpot's Brand Infrastructure team where everyone was enthusiastic about incorporating a more effective visual messaging service into the workflow of the company. Jenn claims: "Our Brand Infrastructure team viewed it as an opportunity to use Canva to bring the design system they had developed together. It also meant that they might begin putting together various templates which are customized so that advertising could utilize generally."

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Here is how they achieved it

The Brand Infrastructure team and the Global Design team were adamant and passionate about enabling HubSpot marketing teams so that they could quickly develop on-brand content could communicate with their esteemed HubSpot clients through every touchpoint. As a starting point, they developed templates for landing pages, webinars, landing pages, presentations, print and office materials for live & virtual events, emails, and communication assets.

Establishing brand coherence
The team generated significantly more than 600 templates once the Canva site has a collection of various template designs. They then built HubSpot brand kits, on-brand photos, and brand assets so that they can properly prepare everyone in the company to thrive from the instant they log in. To make it simple for marketers to access everything from anywhere in the world, the team organized everything inside Canva's shareable folders. It was the best one-stop shop for information. When all of the HubSpot team's designs and brand assets, including templates, were centralized on Canva for Enterprise, Jenn started pushing it out to the group. She ensured that everybody was on board and knowledgeable about the platform so that it could be accessible to multiple HubSpot teams, including the advertising, design, communication, and people operations team.

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Localization using templates' flexibility
Localization is always the top focus for HubSpot as a worldwide company. Any marketing effort HubSpot develops in several regions will be effective if it is properly localized with content & branding that takes into account the language, culture, & social norms of each area. Jenn and her design team scored a major victory since the templates they produced were simple for HubSpot's other international offices to use directly from Canva's platform and they were also simple for each market to localize. The templates allowed local marketers to choose and alter the ideal way to convey HubSpot's message or content so that it could be distributed without interruption through social media postings, print materials, presentations, emails, and other channels. Before the pandemic, HubSpot started to introduce webinar series for several virtual events since their popularity was rising. With the help of Canva's library of templates, HubSpot marketers were able to design anything from banners for landing pages to email invitations to the essential screens for the webinar itself thereby creating a full marketing campaign from any location.

Increasing cooperation and output
All commercial requests have been "reduced in half" after the launch of Canva for Enterprise. Additionally, Jenn and her group can automate and organize design requirements in one location. Additionally, there is reduced reliance on independent contractors to handle backlog work by improving operational effectiveness for the company. More significantly, HubSpot marketers may now complete their tasks immediately. They have a platform that streamlines their workflow and puts everything else at their fingertips. They shouldn't be spending so much time designing as claimed by Jenn, because they aren't designers. The faster they can do their task and make it appear fantastic, the better. Through the use of the platform's templates, marketers were able to cut their design time in half, from 45 to 15 minutes. To express their brand identity in products and get rid of UI inconsistencies, Hubspot established their design system Canvas. The design system is governed by five design principles. These include being Inbound, Clear, Human, Integrated, and Collaborative.

Where can I utilise Canva the most effectively?

Even the most demanding image-based projects can be done by Canva on most computers with fluid interaction because it is geared for Chromebooks. With more than 250,000 templates accessible, even people unfamiliar with the platform can easily begin and move through a topic.

A Canva brand kit is what?

With Brand Kit, you can create a brand from scratch or include your already-existing brand assets to keep consistent with each design. After designing something, you may access pre-made brand fonts, brand logos, brand colors, and pre-designed brand templates, including those for corporate design and creative presentations, among other things.

What makes Canva the finest design software?

Teams without previous design skills can easily learn and get started designing on Canva. You and your team may experiment with designs and create excellent visual content with the help of Canva's simple drag-and-drop functionality and editing capabilities.

Is Canva a reliable design tool?

Canva makes it simple to create expert designs, share them, and print them.

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