Best 12 LinkedIn’s New Personalized Features & Enhanced Searches: Guide Tour

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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LinkedIn is known as a professional networking site where users may learn about the newest business trends. This is because, unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is focused on helping its users stand out and attracting potential employers. But, as LinkedIn has evolved from a job board to an active and flourishing social platform, I've found myself scrolling through it more than ever before. Indeed, many people use LinkedIn to establish their brands. The site's most recent addition of features has made it even easier to establish a fantastic profile and interact with like-minded individuals and organizations.   
Table of Contents:
Here are the most recent LinkedIn features

Here are the most recent LinkedIn features: 
1) Video Resume: With this tool, users may make a brief video introduction to showcase their abilities and knowledge, as well as an outline of their experience and expertise.

Source: Safalta

Viewers can record a video of up to one minute in length using the Video Resume feature. The video may be published to the user's profile to create a more interesting and customized introduction to potential employers or connections.
2) Increased Customization:
LinkedIn may give you a survey question about whether a post was helpful to ensure you see the relevant material. LinkedIn's search tool has been enhanced, allowing you to access excellent material from trustworthy sources on topics of interest to you. LinkedIn's search bar now includes additional criteria for finding newsletters, organizations, events, instruction, and trending news. LinkedIn will also propose pertinent subjects when users search to help them keep up to date. You may provide feedback, and LinkedIn will utilize it to enhance your feed. There's also an "X" button to remove any postings you don't want to view.
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3) Cover Story Created by AI: LinkedIn's new AI-generated cover journey feature allows users to build a customized cover image that highlights their career journey. This tool analyzes a user's profile and suggests photographs that symbolize their career experience using artificial intelligence.
Users can choose up to six photographs that represent their career experience and add words to each image to offer context. The cover story can also include a headline and a call to action, making it an effective personal branding marketing tool.
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4) Live on LinkedIn:
LinkedIn Live, like TikTok or Instagram Live, allows producers to broadcast in real-time to their profile. This is an excellent method to improve your relationship with your LinkedIn network and engage in meaningful conversations that go beyond the comments. Minda Harts, an author and equity advocate, hosts a weekly LinkedIn Live presentation called Secure the Seat in which she discusses equality, diversity, and leadership.

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5) Background Image:
While you are limited in what you may use as your profile image, you have greater leeway with your background photo. This is an excellent picture site for reinforcing your brand. Here are some pointers on how to make the most of this profile feature. Use the appropriate picture type. LinkedIn supports the following image formats: JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Make a picture of the appropriate size. LinkedIn suggests that the photo you post fits the particular size of the available area. 1584 pixels wide by 396 pixels high are the dimensions. Furthermore, photos larger than 4MB are not accepted by LinkedIn. Make it your own. Create a picture that integrates your logo, phrase, or brand promise to enhance your business brand. Make it personal. Upload something personal to you to give users an insight into who you are. It may be a motivational phrase, a photo of your favorite vacation spot, or an image of your workstation.
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6) Designer Mode:
Creator Mode is a relatively new feature that debuted in late 2022 and gives users access to many new tools as well as changes the way a LinkedIn profile is displayed. LinkedIn believes that by enabling this feature, a user may expand their reach and impact on the network. When you enable Creator Mode, the "connect" button changes to a "follow" button, which means you will acquire followers in addition to connections. These profiles will also be discoverable by others, as LinkedIn may suggest you as a creator. Because she has selected Creator Mode, Anjali Oberoi's LinkedIn profile has a "Follow" option.

When a profile is in Creator Mode, the Featured section, rather than the About section, is displayed as the first block. The Featured block displays a creator's pinned posts as well as any work samples they choose to promote. This section differs from the Activity section in that, whereas Activity simply displays what you've been up to on the platform in chronological order over the last 45 days - including your likes, posts, and comments - you can curate your Featured block to highlight what's most important to you, such as specific posts.
7) Post Carousel:
The carousel post type allows you to incorporate numerous photos and videos in a single post. The user may manually swipe back and forth between these photos/videos or they can be shifted to the next automatically. Carousel posts are far more engaging, visually appealing, and user-friendly than ordinary LinkedIn posts. This functionality may also be used to display multi-page PDF files, presentations, or blog entries. However, this function is still in the works and is only offered to a select few subscribers. To begin, select "Start a post," then expand with the "More" Icon, and finally select "Create a carousel."
8) Pronunciation of a Name:
LinkedIn groups are used by brands to create credibility, develop authority positions by showing knowledge, increase their content reach, and generate new leads. Enter relevant terms in the main search field and use the "Group" filter to identify a group of interest. To make a group, go to the upper right corner and click the "Work" button, then pick "Groups." In the new box, click "Create Group."
9) Preparation for an Interview:
One of the underutilized but really valuable LinkedIn tools is Interview Preparation. It aids in your preparation for forthcoming interviews. This tool provides you with professional advice, example responses to frequently asked questions, helpful videos, and direction from hiring managers across the board. Moving on, you may privately practice your responses by recording them and receiving AI feedback on them. The AI feedback will point out areas for improvement such as your speed, filler words, and sensitive phrases.

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10) Individual URL:
The default URL format for LinkedIn is first name-last name-alpha numerals. That means your default URL will not be just your name, which may give the impression that you are unconcerned about personal branding. Whether you are searching for new clients or new professional ties (or even a new job), your URL should be tailored to you. Make use of your given name. You want your URL to be unique to you and as brief as feasible. For the best URL, simply use your first and last name without anything in between. Don't get too caught up with capitalization. URLs do not distinguish between upper and lower case, so don't worry about it.
11) LinkedIn Happenings:
LinkedIn now allows you to host your events from start to finish on the platform. It blends LinkedIn's live functionality with event scheduling and provides a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. This implies that you may not only advertise your virtual event on LinkedIn and attract the correct audience, but you can also hold meetups, online workshops, seminars, and so on.
12) The Dark Mode:
If you use LinkedIn for an extended amount of time, the bright white light might cause eyestrain. LinkedIn understands this, therefore it introduced the Dark Mode option to improve user experience.  By selecting Dark Mode, you may see LinkedIn information on a dark backdrop. It minimizes eye strain, decreases blue light exposure, aids sensitive persons, and extends battery life. To enable Dark Mode, navigate to Settings on your LinkedIn profile, scroll down to Display, and select "Dark Mode."
LinkedIn is a professional networking website where users may learn about the most recent business trends. This is because, unlike other social networking networks, LinkedIn is primarily concerned with supporting its members in standing out and attracting future employers. However, as LinkedIn has developed from a job board to a vibrant social network, I've found myself skimming through it more than ever before. Indeed, many people utilize LinkedIn to build their brands. The most recent feature additions to the site have made it even easier to create a spectacular profile and communicate with like-minded individuals and organizations.

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What has changed in LinkedIn?

Pages can now be followed by one another: Just as an individual user may follow a corporate page, brands and company pages can now follow one another. Plan your posts ahead of time: Individual users and corporate pages may now schedule posts up to three months in advance.

What exactly are LinkedIn features?

The Featured section is a new section on your LinkedIn profile where you may highlight work examples that you're particularly proud of. You may include posts you've written or re-shared, articles you've published on LinkedIn, and even external material like as photographs, documents, and links.

What is the best use of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the internet's largest professional network. LinkedIn can help you locate the ideal job or internship, establish and deepen professional contacts, and gain the skills you need to advance in your career.

What are the new LinkedIn features for May 2023?

LinkedIn has teased seven new features for 2023, including increased video accessibility, job search updates, post scheduling, and content analytics.

What are LinkedIn's free features?

A basic account allows you to: Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates.
  • Receive an unlimited number of InMail Messages.
  • Request and make suggestions.
  • Look up and browse the profiles of other LinkedIn members.
  • Save up to three searches and receive weekly updates on them.


Who is on LinkedIn?

Millennials account up the bulk of LinkedIn's global user population, with persons aged 18-24 accounting for 21.7% and people aged 35-54 accounting for 15.4%. LinkedIn is used by just 2.9% of adults over the age of 55.

What exactly is a LinkedIn profile?

A LinkedIn profile is a page that outlines your work background and education, as well as any other information you want to share with employers, recruiters, and other professional contacts. The goal of a LinkedIn profile is to make a good first impression.

How can LinkedIn help students?

People may use LinkedIn to communicate their opinions, ideas, and insights about certain subjects or interests. Such information sharing allows potential recruiters to learn about your expertise and interests. It successfully demonstrates to potential employers that the individual is up to date on industry trends and insights.

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