Are You a Fresher Looking for a Job? Here's How to Find It

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As per the State of Working India 2023 report, the Unemployment rate for graduates under the age of 25 has reached 42 percent. Some skills are needed to overcome unemployment Creativity, critical thinking, and analytical abilities are all necessary for problem-solving. Customer service skills include active listening, time management, and prioritization.

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To make your resume more appealing, you can add skills like computer proficiency, leadership experience, interpersonal skills, communication abilities, problem-solving aptitude, and organizational abilities. Only after passing 10th, or 12th, most of the students are worried about which course to do or which sector to go in so that they can get the best job. All education levels in India have seen a decrease in unemployment since COVID-19, but graduates still have higher rates than 15%, and graduates under 25 have higher rates than 42%, according to a report released on Wednesday, September 20, under the title State of Working India 2023. Azim Premji University released the report, which included information from the most recent Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) 2021–2022. Due to a lack of accurate information, many times they keep wandering here and there. Many times they take admission in such courses which do not have any specific scope, in such a situation today we are telling which are those courses or sectors by doing which you can easily get a job.

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There are some jobs in India in which the salary range is high. In these sectors, one gets many times more money than in other fields.

Table of Contents:

  1. Lawyer
  2. Merchant Navy
  3. Scientist
  4. Chartered Accountant
  5. Data Scientist
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Cloud Architect
  8. Investment Banker
  9. FMCG Sector
  10. Information Technology
  11. Telecom Sector

Some Important and high-paying jobs are:

In India, one of the highest-paying professions is that of a lawyer. However, your credentials and area of expertise are the most important factors in deciding your salary in this field as well. Corporate attorneys typically make a respectable living; their yearly average salary is roughly Rs. 7 lakh.

Merchant Navy:
Merchant Navy job is considered good in terms of earnings. Candidates who have passed the science stream can go into this field. Candidates who have passed Physics, Chemistry, and Maths with 55 percent marks can get a job in this field. Captains in the Merchant Navy, Marine Engineering, and Navigation Engineering can apply for these profiles. In the initial phase of the job, this salary is around 50 to 60 thousand rupees per month. This salary increases according to experience and range and reaches lakhs of rupees per month.

The job of a scientist is considered one of the high-salary jobs. The special thing about this job is that one can try for it from a very young age. Candidates who have studied in the science stream can get ample job opportunities in this field. The initial salary of a scientist is around Rs 40 to 45 thousand. After some experience, the annual salary package can be around Rs 8 to 15 lakh.

Chartered Accountant:
Most companies require a chartered accountant for commercial accounting. Their yearly salary is significantly higher than that of other jobs because of this. Their annual salary is Rs 15 to 20 lakh. You can join this field only after studying Chartered Accountant. Graduation or post-graduation in commerce field with 55 percent marks.

Data Scientist:
Data science is a new branch of the IT sector. Its growth is happening rapidly in India. Data Scientist keeps a complete account of the effects of data related to the technical field. A data scientist trainee starts getting a salary of Rs 3 to 4 lakh. After two years of experience, he earns at least Rs 8.50 lakh annually. When the experience in this field reaches about four years, the annual salary reaches Rs 14 to 16 lakh. To go into this sector, one should have a B.Tech, BCA, MTech, or MCA in IT Computer Science, or Statistics.

Digital Marketing:
It is regarded as one of the most in-demand and sought-after professions. During the pandemic, this profession experienced rapid growth while the majority of businesses and professions saw declines. An annual salary of 3.6 lakhs is typical for a manager of digital marketing. You have skills in SEO, SEM, Social Media management, Google Ads, Google Analytics, E-Commerce, Content marketing, Email marketing, etc.

Cloud Architect:
It is one of the professions that is in high demand right now and is growing significantly. One of the highest-paying jobs in India for recent graduates is cloud architect. The front-to-backend platforms of cloud-based applications, deliveries, networks, etc. are designed using cloud computing. A fresh graduate working as a cloud architect typically makes $150,000 annually.
You have Knowledge of computer programs, Google Cloud, Amazon Web, Services Solaris, Red Hat, Linux, and Azure.

Investment Banker:
Investment bankers are always in demand in the banking sector. Their job is to invest money in the right place for their customer i.e. bank or any other firm. Compared to other jobs, the salary of an investment banker is many times higher. Their average salary starts from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 40 lakh per year. If you have done a BBA or MBA in Finance, Economics, or Business subject then you can go into this field.

FMCG Sector:
The demand for jobs in FMCG is increasing day by day among the youth interested in sales and marketing. In India, this field has been included in a very high range in terms of salary. Only after three to four years of experience, the annual salary of those working here goes up to about Rs 11.3 lakh. According to a survey, the salary of 30 percent of people in this field is above Rs 10 lakh. If you have a BBA or MBA in Sales, Marketing, and Finance then you are eligible to do a job in this field.

Information Technology:
The IT sector has always been ahead in terms of paying salaries in India. In cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, and Noida, most of the employed people are IT professionals. The IT capital Bengaluru is the highest-paying city in the country. The annual salary here is Rs 14.6 lakh. If you have B. Tech, BE, BCA, and MCA in IT or Computer Science then you can go into this field.

The telecom sector in India is also quite demanding in terms of jobs. Youth like this field because both growth and money increase very quickly. After some experience, the annual salary in this sector can reach Rs 8.7 lakh. It is believed that in the coming time, the telecom industry will be on top among the highest-paying fields. People who have done a BBA and MBA in the telecom industry can go into it.


Are you looking for a job and are doing everything from giving interviews to sending resumes to different companies but to no avail? Actually, degree and experience alone are not enough for a job. Many times companies are looking for certain qualities in the absence of which the selection stops. Whereas the candidates who have these qualities are given importance compared to others. Know what are those soft skills that can help you in getting a job and moving forward in your career.
To get an advantage, one needs to possess something extra, such as credentials, effective communication abilities, or a significant amount of work experience. Let's examine some tips and strategies that could increase a fresher's employability
Some skills are given below:


Communication Skills:

The first need of today's times is to communicate properly. This is beneficial for both the company and you. The art of presenting one's words properly is such a quality that it impresses the person in front of you at the very first try. If you do not have this quality then develop it and keep in mind that these qualities should be there in all three areas of writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

Problem Solving Attitude:

Don't panic when problems arise and not everyone has the ability to deal with them differently. There are some people in every company to whom everyone reaches out when they have problems. Be someone who has a problem-solving attitude and also has the quality of critical thinking. Develop it. Everyone can work in good conditions; when times are not good, learn how to work.


Team Work:

No matter how good a worker you are, if you cannot work as a team, then you are not considered beneficial for the company. Coordinating with others, exchanging ideas, maintaining healthy relations with colleagues, and making decisions in a group are some of the qualities that make you the first choice for the company.



If something good happens, everyone wants to take credit for it, but when things go bad, it is blamed on others or the team. Don't be like this but also take responsibility for the failure of your work. Be flexible in your behavior and give everyone a chance to speak and express their views. There should be a feeling of working in the interest of the company and not thinking about personal interest.


Knowledge of Technology:

Today's era is the era of technology. The more competent you are in this matter, the better you will progress. Nowadays, it is not possible to survive in any company without technology. At the same time, knowledge of technology along with one's work is counted as an added advantage. So be tech-savvy and try to learn even what you don't know.

Improve your communication skills:

In the modern corporate environment, proficient communication abilities are essential. They often act as a decisive factor between people with comparable academic records.
Since local markets are now merging into one massive global market, job applicants must be proficient in communicating in English, which is recognized as the world language.

Build a Proper Resume:

Although the adage "first impressions are lasting" is true in most situations, it is particularly true in the business world.
The first impression is based on your resume. You have to exercise caution when creating one, for this reason. Make it clear and concise to improve your chances of getting invited for an interview.

Enhance your problem-solving skills:

These days, employers prefer candidates who exhibit quick thinking and resilience under duress. Thus, it might be advantageous to work on skills like creativity, originality, time management, teamwork, language, and research. 

Apply for Internship:

These days, practically all jobs in the industry require applicants to have some prior work experience. In this sense, internships can be very beneficial.
In addition to helping you develop your talents and give better work every time, you could prove to your employer that you have prior work experience.

Networking is Important:

Even if the company is not yours, you still need to establish a strong professional network in order to succeed in business. 
These connections will help you increase your chances of getting hired before you post a job on a public website.

Do Your Research Before Applying for Freshers Jobs:

Often, candidates apply in haste for any job they see, regardless of whether it will advance their career goals or not, or even if they are qualified for the role.
Since they are looking for candidates who can help them grow their business and are qualified for the position, employers do not shortlist such resumes.

These are jobs in India for recent graduates that will support your financial growth and will always be in demand. Pick a job that appeals to you and get started if you're looking for the best positions for recent graduates in this field.
As a fresher in India, you can easily get a great package if you focus on honing the necessary skills. There are now far more high-paying jobs in India than there were a few years ago. Thus, you can make a great start to your professional journey with the right preparation.

What are fresher jobs?

An entry-level position that is appropriate for people who have just finished their education or who have little to no prior work experience in the field is known as a fresher job.

How can I find a fresher job?

Numerous resources, such as corporate websites, recruitment agencies, campus placements, online job portals, networking events, and recruitment agencies, are available for finding fresher jobs. Make use of job search engines and register on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

How should I get ready for interviews for freshers?

Practice standard interview questions, do some research on the business, and be prepared to talk about your training, experience, and any relevant skills. Demonstrate your adaptability, interpersonal skills, and desire to learn. Make sure to show up for the interview on time and wear business attire.

What abilities are hiring managers seeking in new hires

A blend of soft skills (teamwork, communication, flexibility) and technical skills (job-specific knowledge) is frequently sought after by employers. Strong work ethics, a positive outlook, and a readiness to learn are also highly regarded.

Should I apply for internships before applying for full-time fresher jobs?

Employers will find you more appealing if you have internship experience and a strong resume. Having an internship can help you stand out from the competition when you apply for full-time jobs, even though it's not required.

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