List of Digital Marketing Courses with Certifications

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Is it possible to learn digital marketing on your own with digital marketing certificate programmes? Do marketing certifications increase your chances of being recruited, or are they an absolute waste of time? We did our homework, and you'll discover everything you need to know concerning digital marketing credentials in this detailed evaluation. The top online marketing programmes from credible training institutions, marketing organisations, and universities are included in the list. We'll begin by showcasing the top digital marketing credentials available in 2023. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
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List of Digital Marketing Courses with Certifications:

List of Digital Marketing Courses with Certifications:
1) Certification in Google Digital Marketing:
Google Digital Garage is a Google-owned learning platform. They provide a variety of online courses and certificates on topics ranging from digital advertising to machine education and personal development. The Google digital marketing credential is one of their most popular.

Source: Safalta

You should be aware of the following facts concerning this certificate:
  • It's completely free.
  • The course is titled "Fundamentals of Digital Marketing" and is intended mostly for those who are new to digital marketing.
  • It consists of 26 modules.
  • It is a video course (40 total hours).
This Google digital advertising qualification will help you build the following skills:
  • Email promotion
  • Marketing on a local level
  • Content promotion
  • Strategy for business
  • The fundamentals of e-commerce
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Marketing on social media
  • Google Adsense (display advertising)
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • SEO
  • Video Promotion
Download these Free EBooks:
1. Introduction to digital marketing
2. Website Planning and Creation

2) Inbound Certification from HubSpot:
You'll discover the fundamentals of inbound marketing along with how it will assist you take a more personal viewpoint to your advertising efforts in this programme. It's perfect for existing inbound workers as well as those in marketing or sales. You'll learn concerning the flywheel model, creating a company mission, creating buyer personas, and mapping out your buyer's journey over the course of 15 videos.
3) Digital Marketing Certifications from Semrush:
Semrush is a famous tool for optimising your web content, but they also have a collection of free courses. These courses will get you a certificate in digital marketing in areas such as content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC, and the use of social media. There are SEO classes available on researching keywords, smartphone SEO, and local SEO.  

There's a Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals Exam, for example, that covers topics like content syndication, guest blogging, link building, and more. You might also enrol in the Social Media Marketing Fundamentals course. This one will go over the significance of establishing a social media content strategy, how to build connections that will help your company in the long run, and how to combine traditional and social media marketing. With so many alternatives, there's certain to be something that piques your curiosity. This will assist you in identifying your strengths and shortcomings so that you can see where you can improve. Following that, you'll obtain a certification, which you may include on your résumé and add to your LinkedIn page.
4) Digital Marketing Specialisation on Coursera:
Coursera is an online education platform that offers a wide range of courses, specialisations, professional credentials, and online degrees from prestigious institutions. The lessons are entirely online and cost $49 per month. After registering with Coursera, you will be able to access a variety of courses and get a certificate upon successfully completing one. To earn a specialisation (for example, Digital Marketing), you must finish all of the courses in the digital marketing specialisation route.
The University of Illinois offers a Digital Marketing Specialisation as part of the Master of Business Administration (iMBA) degree.
It consists of the following courses:
  • Marketing Analytics in Practise: Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals
  • Marketing in the Digital Age
  • Digital Marketing Capstone Marketing in an Analogue World
  • Principles of Digital Media and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Media Strategies
5) Facebook Strategy:
Did you discover that Facebook has a distinct certification programme known as the Facebook Blueprint? This programme assists people in demonstrating their skill in utilising their platform of choice, which helps establish trust and looks excellent on a resume. It will be especially useful if you want to work in a position where you will be in charge of Facebook pages, groups, or adverts.
Courses for Facebook Blueprint certification. August 2021, Facebook Blueprint screenshot There are several certifications available, each of which is focused towards various duties you may take on as part of your career.
There is, for instance, a certification course for Digital Marketing Associates and Advertising Science Specialists. They even provide programmes for developers and community managers, so there is something for everyone.
6) Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing from Kellogg:
As a component of its executive development programme, Northwestern University's famed Kellogg School of Business provides a digital marketing credential.
Description of the course:
This comprehensive programme covers all of the major digital marketing channels, including search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, pay-per-click display advertisements (PPC), and email. Hands-on exposure to typical marketing platforms, a capstone project concentrating on real-world applications, and expert assistance in developing a marketing CV and web portfolio are all part of the programme. Students will benefit from a series of live webinars divided into 20 courses, as well as the possibility to attend office hours for additional guidance from renowned digital marketing specialists.
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7) Digital Marketing Certification from BrainStation:

For people wishing to master in-demand computer skills, BrainStation offers online in addition to on-campus boot camps and courses.
Description of the course
Marketing strategy the foundations of drawing in and converting audiences, digital marketing analytics, social media marketing, and email marketing are the five modules of the BrainStation digital marketing certification course. The lectures are delivered online at predetermined times in a live classroom setting, and the project-based aspect of the course will result in you working on a real-world project for your promotional portfolio. You will receive a professional certificate upon finishing the course to share with your network.
Can you learn digital marketing on your own with digital marketing certificate programs? Do marketing certificates improve the odds of being hired, or are they a waste of time? We completed our research, and this comprehensive review contains all you need to know about digital marketing credentials. The list includes the best online marketing programs from reputable training institutes, marketing agencies, and colleges. To begin, we'll highlight the greatest digital marketing qualifications accessible in 2023.

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What is the highest marketing certification?

Attain a score of 80% or above. Those who successfully complete all three certified courses are awarded the highest level of certification, the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional (MACP).

Who may benefit from digital marketing?

The minimum needed eligibility for most digital marketing courses is graduation in any discipline from a government-recognized institution/university. These are also some specialised courses available to professional and trainees.

Is it possible to study digital marketing in one month?

Most individuals can acquire the fundamentals in a few months; specialized online bootcamps can teach the key technical abilities required to begin working with digital marketing in 12 weeks.

Which careers are suitable for digital marketing?

  • Managers of Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • Specialists in SEM/SEO.
  • Managers of Digital Media.
  • Strategists for content.
  • Marketers who use social media.
  • Expert in Brand Marketing.
  • Specialist in e-commerce.

Is the digital marketing course simple?

Digital marketing is not difficult to understand, but it does need time, effort, and perseverance. If you're inexperienced with search engines, data analytics, or management of content, you could feel a little overwhelmed at first, especially if you're learning about digital advertising on your own.

What is a higher digital marketing certificate?

The Higher Certificate in Digital Marketing aims to provide individuals who want to work in marketing and communications with a basic working knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing, as well as the ability to leverage these effectively and perform basic digital advertising communication functions.

Are digital certificates of value?

A website, individual, organisation, device, user, or server's identification and safe encryption are both ensured by digital certificates. They are the basis for establishing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security.

What are the three most crucial aspects of digital marketing?

At its most basic, digital marketing consists of three main elements: lead generation, lead capture, and lead nurturing.

What are the seven major types of digital marketing?

  • Content marketing and search engine optimoptimization.
  • Marketing using influencers.
  • Marketing on social media.
  • Paid promotion.
  • Marketing through affiliates.
  • Email promotion.

What are the eight primary types of digital marketing?

Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay-per-Click, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Marketing Analytics  are the eight major areas of digital marketing.

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