50+ Types of Links and How to Build them: An Overview

Safalta Expert Published by: Aditi Goyal Updated Thu, 06 Jul 2023 06:21 AM IST

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One of the most crucial factors that search engines consider when ranking websites is links. They're so crucial, in fact, that they're frequently referred to as the "backbone of the web."

Links come in a wide variety of forms, and each type has advantages over the others. Links vary in value and construction difficulty. Some links are more valuable than others. This article will go over more than 50 different kinds of links and how to create them.

Source: Safalta.com

We will also go over the advantages of each kind of link and how to figure out which links are the most beneficial for your website.

A fundamental component of SEO is link building, which entails obtaining backlinks—or references—from other websites to your own. These links serve as signals to search engines, letting them know how popular, authoritative, and relevant your website is. You can raise search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to your website by strategically constructing high-quality links.
The tactics listed below include both options for increasing ranking and increasing traffic.

1. Local Event Links: Increasing Backlinks and Promoting Local Events
Hosting or supporting neighborhood events will earn you backlinks from event directories, neighborhood websites, or news sources. Local events offer a chance to interact with the neighborhood, display your expertise, and obtain beneficial backlinks. Plan and advertise neighborhood events while making sure they are relevant to your brand and target market. To have your event listed with a backlink to your website, contact local event directories and relevant community websites.

2. Internal Links: Navigating Your Website's Architecture
Internal links are those that join pages on your own website together. They are essential in assisting search engines in comprehending the organisation and hierarchy of your website. You can enhance user experience, distribute link equity, and website navigation by optimizing internal linking.

3. External Links: The Strength of Web Connection
External links are links from your website to other external websites, also referred to as outbound links. They offer extra sources, citations, or references to back up the information on your web pages. External links can improve your content's authority and relevance while also building a strong link profile.

4. Backlinks: Developing Credibility and Authority
Backlinks are inbound links to your own website from other websites. They play a key role in determining the authority and credibility of your website. Your search engine rankings can be significantly impacted by high-quality backlinks from reliable websites. A proactive strategy is needed to build backlinks, including outreach, content creation, and relationship building.

5. Nofollow and Dofollow Links: Explicit Considerations
The link attributes nofollow and dofollow control how search engines follow and value the links. The rel="nofollow" attribute on nofollow links instructs search engines not to pass link equity. On the other hand, dofollow links enable search engines to follow the link and pass authority. Dofollow and nofollow links should be mixed together in a healthy link profile.

6. Anchor Text Links: Optimizing Relevance and Context
Links with anchor text are those whose clickable text uses particular words or phrases. SEO must be optimized for anchor text because it gives users and search engines context and relevance. Aim for descriptive and keyword-rich phrases that accurately reflect the content of the linked page when creating anchor text links.

7. Image Links: Visual Appeal and Enhanced User Experience
Hyperlinks attached to images are called image links. Clicking on them will take you to another website or enlarge the image. In addition to adding more information, image links improve your website's aesthetics and user experience. Make sure the file names and alt text for image links are descriptive and keyword-optimized.

8. Links to Social Media: Boosting Your Online Presence
Your website and your social media profiles or share buttons are connected by social media links. By incorporating social media links, you make it simple for users to interact with your content and share it on their networks. It potentially increases traffic to your website and broadens brand awareness. To effectively promote your content and interact with your audience, use social media links.

9. Directory Links: Searching Listings by Industry
Online directories or business listings that classify websites based on different industries or geographical locations are used to obtain directory links. Making your website visible in the right directories can help with your local SEO efforts and draw in more relevant visitors. Ensure that you submit your website only to trustworthy directories that are relevant to your industry.

10. Links in Blog Comments: Interacting and Developing Relationships
By including comments with links to pertinent blog posts, one can acquire blog comment links. Building relationships with blog owners and readers can be facilitated by participating in insightful discussions and offering insightful commentary. Make sure your blog comments are insightful and pertinent, and advance the conversation when you post them.
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11. Links to Guest Posts: Using External Platforms
Writing and publishing articles as guest authors on other websites is how you get guest post links. You can demonstrate your expertise, connect with a new audience, and obtain beneficial backlinks to your website by guest posting. When proposing guest post ideas, make sure your writing is specific to the target website's readership and offers insightful, original material.

12. Links to Forums: Contributing and Building Expertise
By actively participating in online forums and including pertinent links in your forum posts and forum signatures, you can gain forum links. Gaining forum links and establishing yourself as an industry authority can be accomplished by participating in discussions, responding to queries, and sharing insightful information. Select forums that are pertinent to your area of expertise and participate in the community there.

13. Edu and Gov Links: Developing Credibility and Authority
Due to the authority and credibility attached to educational and governmental institutions, edu and gov links are highly valued by search engines. In order to obtain these links, one must engage in strategic outreach, work in partnership with academic institutions, and contribute worthwhile materials or services. In order to obtain top-notch edu and gov links, look for opportunities to collaborate with colleges, universities, and governmental agencies.

14. Press Release Links: Disseminating Information and Drawing Attention
By disseminating newsworthy material via press releases, press release links can be acquired. Press releases can lead to media attention, media coverage, and even backlinks from other websites and news sources. Create compelling and newsworthy press releases, optimize them for search engines, and disseminate them via reliable press release distribution services.

15. Web 2.0 Links: Embracing User-Generated Content
Create and publish content on websites that accept user-generated content, such as blogging platforms or content management systems, to gain links for Web 2.0 sites. The chance to include backlinks to your website is frequently offered by these platforms. On web 2.0 platforms, produce compelling content that is optimised for relevant keywords and contains strategic in-text links to your website.

16. Infographic Links: Combining Information and Visual Appeal
By producing and disseminating visually appealing and educational infographics, one can gain links to their website. An increase in traffic and backlinks to your website can result from infographics' high shareability and ability to draw interest. Make infographics that are visually stunning and data-driven and that your target audience will find useful. Include an embed code with a link back to your website to entice people to share and link to your infographic.

17. Video Links: Using Multimedia to Engage Audiences
Making and sharing interesting videos on websites like YouTube or Vimeo is a good way to get video links. Videos are a well-liked and frequently watched type of content that can draw in a sizable audience. Include relevant keywords in your video's titles, descriptions, and tags to make it more search engine-friendly. To increase traffic and acquire backlinks, add links to your website in the annotations or the video description.

18. Podcast Links: Tapping into Audio Content Opportunities
Having your own podcast hosted or appearing as a guest on another podcast will earn you links to your site. A special chance to connect with a niche audience and position yourself as a subject matter expert is offered by podcasts. Produce high-caliber podcast episodes, fill the show notes or episode descriptions with links to your website, and optimize your podcast's descriptions with pertinent keywords.

19. Resource Page Links: Providing Value to Target Audiences
Links to your website from resource pages that compile useful resources for a particular subject or industry can be obtained by listing your website or content on those pages. Determine which websites have resource pages relevant to your niche, then get in touch with the website owners to ask to have your website or content included. Make sure the resources and information on your website or in your content are useful and pertinent to the audience you are trying to reach.

20. Broken Link Building: Finding Chances in Link Deficiencies
A strategy called broken link building entails identifying broken links on other websites and offering your own pertinent content as a replacement. You can obtain highly-valued backlinks to your website by getting in touch with website owners and providing a fix for broken links. Use broken link checkers or browser add-ons to identify broken links, and then create tailored outreach messages to website owners pointing out the broken links and recommending your relevant content as a replacement.
21. Citation Links: Building Local SEO Prominence
Citation links are references to your company's name, address, and phone number (NAP) on other websites, especially in regional directories and listings. These mentions assist in demonstrating your company's authority and prominence in local SEO. Make sure your NAP information is accurate and consistent throughout all online directories and listings, and actively look for opportunities to be listed in pertinent local directories and sector-specific citation sources.

22. Influencer Links: Leveraging Influencer Relationships
Gaining backlinks from influencers in your industry requires developing relationships with them and using their backing to your advantage. Choose influencers who are well-known online and who have a receptive following. Share their content, interact with them on social media, and add value for both them and their audience. As you become friends, approach them with suggestions for collaborations that will result in links back to your website, like guest blog posts or joint content creation.

23. Brand Mentions: Increasing Brand Recognition and Awareness
A brand mention occurs when your company or brand is mentioned on another website without necessarily containing a direct link. These mentions help spread brand awareness and, if the website owner is willing to include a link, they might even result in backlinks. Utilizing tools like Google Alerts or social media listening platforms, keep an eye out for mentions of your brand, and get in touch with website owners who make mention of it to look into possible opportunities for backlinks.

24. Sharing and Organising Online Resources with Social Bookmarking Links
By submitting your website or content to social bookmarking sites, you can gain links from social media. The users of these platforms can save, arrange, and distribute online resources. You can increase the visibility of your content and possibly draw traffic and backlinks from other users who find it valuable by submitting it to social bookmarking sites. Put your attention towards adding your best and most shareable content to the appropriate social bookmarking sites.

25. Links to Q&A Platforms for Providing Information, Establishing Credibility
By actively engaging on question-and-answer websites like Quora or Stack Exchange, you can gain links to Q&A platforms. You can establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and build backlinks to your website by offering enlightening responses to pertinent questions in that field. As long as you provide value and refrain from being overly promotional, you can include a link to your website in your profile or answer.

26. Article Directory Links: Publishing and Showcasing Expertise
By submitting your top-notch articles to reliable article directories, you can acquire links from article directories. These directories act as archives for educational content on a range of subjects. When submitting articles, make sure they are unique, well-written, and offer the readers useful insights. If it's acceptable, add a link to your website in the author bio or the article itself to increase traffic and backlinks.

27. Press Coverage Links: Gaining Media Coverage and Backlinks
Links from press coverage are acquired as a result of media attention given to your company's name, goods, or services. Engage journalists, reporters, and publications in your industry actively by submitting newsworthy stories, press releases, or expert insights. Press coverage that mentions your company or your content can boost visibility, brand recognition, and beneficial backlinks. Keep an eye on pertinent media outlets, cultivate relationships with journalists, and offer them insightful and useful information.

28. Local Business Links: Boosting Local SEO Efforts
Get your company listed in regional directories, directories for your industry, or websites run by your local chamber of commerce to earn local business links. These listings support your local SEO efforts and raise your standing in local search results. Ensure that the name, address, and phone number (NAP) for your company are the same on all directories, and optimize your listings with pertinent keywords and descriptions.

29. Influencer Outreach Links: Working Together for Mutual Gain
Reaching out to industry influencers and collaborating on content or marketing initiatives will earn you links from influencer outreach. You can reach their audience and obtain worthwhile backlinks by making use of their knowledge and influence. When reaching out to influencers, be sure to personalize your outreach messages, emphasise the advantages of working together, and suggest concepts that are compatible with both their audience and your brand.

30. Podcast Guest Links: Providing Expertise to Podcast Audiences
Being a guest on important podcasts in your industry will earn you podcast guest links. Through the show notes or episode descriptions, you have the chance to share your knowledge, connect with a new audience, and gain backlinks. A compelling pitch that demonstrates your expertise and value as a guest should be sent to podcast hosts after conducting research on related podcasts and listening to previous episodes.
31. Blogger Review Links: Using Reviews to Build Trust
Blogger review links can be obtained by asking well-known bloggers to write about your company's goods, services, or brand. Positive reviews can significantly increase customer trust and increase traffic to your website. Find bloggers in your sector who are popular and appeal to your target market. Send them personalized pitches and offer to send samples or experiences for review.

32. Scholarship Links: Promoting Education and Gaining Backlinks
Scholarship links are obtained by providing financial aid to students or educational institutions and obtaining backlinks from the scholarship pages. Scholarships show your dedication to education and aid students in their academic endeavors. Contact colleges, universities, or websites that list scholarships to offer your scholarship and ask for a backlink to your website on the scholarship page.

33. Links to Resources: Distributing Useful Information
By producing and disseminating useful resources, such as in-depth manuals, tutorials, templates, or tools, one can acquire resource links. When you offer your audience useful resources, other websites may logically link to them as references or recommendations. Create useful resources that speak to the wants and needs of your intended audience and spread the word about them on your website, through outreach initiatives, and on social media.

34. Forum Signature Links: Increasing Visibility in Forum Communities
You can add links to your website in your forum profile or signature to earn links for your signature. Engage in active participation in relevant forums and make worthwhile contributions to discussions. Make sure to include a link to your website in your forum signature, but be careful not to spam or be overly promotional. Put your attention on adding value and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable and helpful contributor.

35. Competitor Backlinks: Examining and Purchasing Competitor Links
Competitor backlinks are obtained by identifying and examining the backlink profiles of your rivals, then contacting them to request similar backlinks for your own website. Utilise SEO tools to investigate the backlink profiles of your rivals and find profitable backlink opportunities. Pitch your content or collaboration ideas to the same websites or industry influencers, demonstrating why your content is just as valuable or even more valuable than theirs.

36. Press Release Syndication Links: Expanding Impact and Reach 
By distributing your press releases via reputable press release distribution services, you can gain links for press release syndication. These services disseminate your press releases to a large network of news organizations, websites, and journalists. You can broaden the audience for your press releases and raise the likelihood that news outlets and other websites will link to them by syndicating them. Select reputable press release distribution companies with a solid network and a track record of distributing press releases to the right audiences.

37. Links to Podcast Directories: Including and Distributing Podcast Content
By submitting your podcast to well-known podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, you can gain links from those directories. Users can find and listen to podcasts on these directories. Because these directories frequently link back to the podcast's website or episode descriptions, submitting your podcast to them ensures that it reaches a larger audience and increases your chances of obtaining backlinks.

38. Guest Post Outreach Links: Seizing Great Chances
Reaching out to pertinent websites or blogs and offering to contribute high-quality guest posts is how guest post outreach links are acquired. You can demonstrate your knowledge through guest posting, reach a new audience, and obtain backlinks. Create customized outreach messages highlighting the value you can offer through your guest post after researching websites in your industry or niche and analyzing their content.

39. Infographic Outreach Links: Increasing Infographic Visibility
By contacting websites, blogs, or online publications and offering to share your educational and aesthetically pleasing infographics, you can gain outreach links for your infographics. Infographics are very popular and can garner attention, which will increase backlinks to your website and traffic. Find websites that publish content on the subject of your infographic, then contact them with a persuasive pitch highlighting the importance and value of your infographic.

40. Influencer Collaboration Links: Working Together for Greater Impact
By working together on content or marketing initiatives with influencers in your industry or niche, you can gain links from influencer collaborations. You can access their audience and obtain worthwhile backlinks by making use of their influence and network. Work together to create content, joint webinars, interviews, or social media campaigns that benefit both your audience and the influencer's audience. Make sure the collaborative content contains links back to your website.

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41. Social Media Bio Links: Making the Most of Profile Link Opportunities
By including links to your website in the bio sections of your social media profiles, you can increase the number of social media bio links you have. Increase the visibility of your website by including pertinent links in the bio sections of social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Send visitors to your website or a specific landing page that is consistent with the objectives and content of your social media presence.

42. SlideShare Links: Sharing Presentations for More Exposure
By making and sharing presentations on the SlideShare platform, users can earn links to their slides. You can upload and share slide decks on SlideShare, giving you the chance to promote yourself and get exposure. Make engaging and visually appealing presentations, optimize them with pertinent keywords and descriptions, and add links to your website within the slides or in the presentation description.

43. Product Review Links: Gaining Credibility from Customer Reviews
Links for product reviews can be obtained by asking industry leaders, bloggers, or influencers to write about your goods or services. Positive reviews can significantly increase customer trust and increase traffic to your website. Find people or websites with authority and influence in your industry, and offer them samples or experiences to review. Make sure the reviews are truthful and objective, and give their audience useful insights.

44. Press Release Aggregator Links: Increasing Distribution Channels
You can obtain press release aggregator links by submitting your press releases to aggregator websites. These press release aggregator websites compile and distribute press releases to a variety of news organizations and online publications. Your press release's distribution channels can be expanded, and your chances of obtaining backlinks from various sources are increased, by submitting it to aggregator websites. Select trustworthy websites that distribute your press releases to the appropriate audiences through their extensive networks.

45. eBook Links: Spreading Knowledge and Attracting Backlinks
By writing and disseminating informative eBooks about your field or industry, you can gain links to your website. For your target audience, eBooks are very valuable because they offer in-depth knowledge and insights. Make thorough, professionally designed eBooks that address common aches and pains or offer fixes for particular issues. Include links to your website within the eBook to encourage readers to go there for additional resources or information.

46. Testimonial Links: Creating Trust with Customer Reviews
You can obtain testimonial links by including client endorsements on your website and encouraging happy clients to link back to it when discussing their positive experiences. Testimonials not only increase credibility and trust but also offer important social proof. Reach out to happy clients and ask them to post their recommendations on your website, along with a link back to your website if they have a personal blog or website.

47. Newsletter Links: Providing Subscribers with Useful Content
By including links to your website in your email newsletters, you can acquire newsletter links. With the help of newsletters, you can interact with your readers and share interesting information, updates, or deals. Include pertinent links in your newsletters to blog posts, resources, or product pages to entice readers to your website for more details or to complete a particular action.

48. Influencer Takeover Links: Using Influencers for the Most Impact
By working together with influencers to allow them to take control of your social media accounts or blog for a set amount of time, you can earn influencer takeover links. The influencer creates and shares content on your behalf during the takeover, which increases traffic to your website and brand exposure. Plan and organize influencer takeovers, making sure the content complements your brand and benefits your audience.

49. Case Study Links: Demonstrating Success and Expertise
Case study links can be obtained by writing and disseminating in-depth case studies that highlight your accomplishments, your area of expertise, and the value you offer your clients or customers. Case studies provide verifiable proof of your abilities and the outcomes you have produced. Make thorough, organized case studies that highlight the difficulties, solutions, and results. Include links to your website within the case study so that readers can learn more.


You can improve your website's SEO, increase its visibility, and outrank rivals by putting into practice a thorough link-building strategy that includes these various types of links. In your link-building efforts, keep in mind to place a priority on quality and relevance by offering useful content and resources that compel backlinks. To maintain and raise your search engine rankings, be proactive in forming connections, interacting with your audience, and regularly producing high-quality content.

For SEO to work, a diverse and high-quality link profile is necessary. You can implement a thorough link-building strategy to raise the visibility, authority, and search engine rankings of your website by comprehending the various types of links and how to build them. To obtain organic and natural links, keep in mind to concentrate on producing valuable content and participating in relevant communities.

What is the difference between internal links and external links?

Internal links connect different pages within the same website, while external links point from one website to another. Internal links improve website navigation and distribute link equity, while external links provide additional resources and references to support the content.

Are nofollow links useful for SEO?

Nofollow links do not directly impact SEO rankings. However, they can still contribute to referral traffic and brand exposure. Additionally, a natural link profile should include a mix of both dofollow and nofollow links.

How can I acquire high-quality backlinks?

To acquire high-quality backlinks, focus on creating valuable and shareable content, outreach to relevant websites or influencers, and participate in industry-specific communities. Building relationships and providing value are key to earning quality backlinks.

Are edu and gov links more valuable than other backlinks?

Edu and gov links are often considered valuable due to the credibility and authority associated with educational and government institutions. However, the overall quality and relevance of a backlink matter more than its domain extension.

Is it important to regularly audit and monitor my website's link profile?

Yes, regularly auditing and monitoring your website's link profile is crucial. It helps identify any low-quality or spammy links that may negatively impact your SEO. Removing or disavowing such links can improve your website's overall link quality and search engine rankings.

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