MBA Digital Marketing: Colleges, Course, Eligibility and more

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MBA is a prestigious programme that executives as well as recent graduates apply for to upgrade their skills in line with current market trends. MBA in Digital Marketing programmes are very popular in Delhi, the nation's capital, as the digital era takes hold.

Over time, it is being observed that the area of marketing has experienced a paradigm shift due to the introduction of new technology. Businesses all across the world have switched from conventional techniques of marketing to modern forms of digital marketing.  As a result, there are numerous new company expansion chances for organizations, as well as fantastic employment opportunities across all industries. A career in digital marketing helps in leading in a variety of ways, including content curation and management, social media marketing, and brand management. Although undergraduate or certificate programs lay a solid foundation, taking a master's program like an MBA in Digital Marketing is crucial to succeeding in the industry in a current competitive environment.

Table of Content:
MBA in Digital Marketing
Why Choose a Digital Marketing MBA?
What Covers a Digital Marketing MBA Course?
Digital marketing MBA Subjects
Digital marketing skills MBA
Top Colleges and Business Schools for an MBA in Digital Marketing
Qualifications and Conditions
Digital marketing MBA Distance Learning

MBA in Digital Marketing
Since the era of Digital India is growing, the use of online or digital platforms has gradually replaced conventional techniques.

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Every organization, from the corner stores in the community to renowned companies like HCL and Myntra, American Express utilizes digital platforms in some capacity.  Regardless of the size of the firm, it is crucial in maintaining a digital presence. Digital marketing is not simply used by digital businesses; but is also employed in the healthcare, educational, financial, cosmetics, fitness, and entertainment sectors. Students are seeking an MBA in digital marketing as a result of the rapidly increasing need for professionals in the field. A 12- to 24-month MBA program in digital marketing covers the subject's in-depth subfields, such as social media marketing, branding, promotion, and advertising.

Why Choose a Digital Marketing MBA?

Universities all across the world offer a variety of MBA programs, from HR to IT. Yet, as companies shifted from offline to online strategies, the MBA in Digital Marketing has become more well-known. The main justifications for why enrolling in this course are as follows:
  • Continuously changing industry
  • Anyone who is a professional  with any experience can pursue it
  • Employment opportunities in a variety of professions worldwide
  • Rapidly increasing demand for a digital marketing expert.
  • Without any effort, it is possible to learn about several parts of digital marketing.
  • Many part-time, full-time, and online courses are offered.
  • will aid in the development of abilities needed for managing positions.
  • Helps in creating a powerful network.
  • Course conby accordance with industry standards.
  • Flexibility when deciding on a specialty
What Covers a Digital Marketing MBA Course?
Many universities provide innovative MBA in Digital Marketing courses which last three years, or six semesters, at Indian colleges, and four years, or eight semesters, abroad. The curriculum for the digital marketing course encompasses a variety of media methods, original perspectives, creative learning, as well as the management side of marketing. It is designed by specialists in the field to provide students with the skills and information that are required to successfully manage the rapidly expanding fields of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing MBA Subjects
This degree program offers both required and elective courses providing in-depth education on many facets of digital marketing as well as important career skills. The major subjects that are a crucial component of the MBA in Digital Marketing curriculum are mentioned below, even though the subjects and curriculum can differ from university to university.
  • Operations Administration
  • marketing administration
  • Use of social media
  • Marketing and Branding in Digital Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, and eCommerce Marketing
  • SEM, SEO
  • Introduction to Marketing Strategy for Web Analytics
  • Growth and Assessment of a Campaign
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Digital marketing skills MBA
Some of the abilities which are necessary for someone to successfully graduate in digital marketing are as follows:
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Composing and Editing
  • analytical and creative skills
  • Design Abilities
  • Skills for Entrepreneurship
  • Automation of Marketing
Top Colleges and Business Schools for an MBA in Digital Marketing
The following table lists some of the top universities that offer an MBA in digital marketing or courses closely related to it:
  • Universities US News Ranking 2023
  • Northwestern University (Kellogg) 1    
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 2    
  • Stanford University 3    
  • University of Michigan (Ross) 4    
  • Duke University (Fuqua) 5    
  • Harvard University 6    
  • Columbia University 7    
  • University of Chicago (Booth) 8    
  • The University of Texas at Austin (McCombs) 9    
  • New York University (Stern) 10
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Qualifications and Conditions
The following are the standards that the best universities mentioned above for digital marketing most frequently follow:
  • A bachelor's degree from a reputable university
  • CV in-depth GMAT or GRE results which tend to vary for different universities
  • LORs are letters of recommendation.
  • A Minimum of 2-3 years of experience
  • Results of IELTS or TOEFL depicting English proficiency
  • All academic records
  • SOP for an MBA
Only a few universities in India provide MBA programs, even though many offer diploma or certification programs in digital marketing. Some of the Indian institutions that offer an MBA in digital marketing are as follows:
  • Indian Institute of Digital Education, Mumbai
  • IIKM, Business School, Chennai
  • Rayat Bahra University, Punjab
  • RVS Institute of Management Studies and Research, Tamil Nadu
  • RIMT University, Punjab
  • JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
  •  Integral University, Lucknow
  • Centurion University of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
  • Graphic Era University, Uttrakhand
Digital marketing MBA Distance Learning
A recent development that is distance learning helps in the acquisition of knowledge and abilities that can be used simultaneously at the professional level. It allows studying from any y prestigious institution in the globe from the comfort of the home without moving as one benefit of getting an MBA in Digital Marketing through distance education. Study materials and resources are available on the university portal. The majority of exams are given online or at testing locations in the city. After being aware of the  benefits of distance learning, let's have a look at the  following organizations offering MBA programs in digital marketing in India and abroad:
  • Amity University, Noida
  • University of Cumbria, United Kingdom
  • Broward International University, USA
  • Montclair State University, USA
  • IMF Business School, Spain
  • Venkateshwar Open University, Noida
  • NMIMS, Mumbai
MBA is a prestigious programme that executives as well as recent graduates apply for to upgrade their skills in line with current market trends. MBA in Digital Marketing programmes are very popular in Delhi, the nation's capital, as the digital era takes hold.

Does digital marketing require an MBA?

A business degree is not necessary for digital marketing. A strong skill set and the ability to develop plans for social media and other digital platforms are prerequisites for a career in digital marketing. But, obtaining a specialized MBA in digital marketing can greatly assist people.

Is a career in digital marketing a good fit?

Absolutely, if the person has the necessary aptitude and enthusiasm for the world of social media and digital platforms, then it is the best profession for him.

What does digital marketing cover?

Training in digital marketing is in high demand. Professionals with solid industry knowledge can easily get work at any platform that offers services.

What qualifications are required for an MBA in digital marketing?

To be eligible for admission to the MBA in Digital Marketing subject, a candidate must have finished their graduation (bachelor's degree course) from a reputable university or institution. The applicant must have earned a graduating degree or a qualifying course with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50%.

Can a person pursue an MBA in digital marketing after getting graduate from high school?

Certainly, if they receive the right training to understand marketing on social media and other websites on the internet. Taking a digital marketing course after high school is therefore always the best choice for pupils.

Is math a requirement for an MBA in marketing?

It is not required to learn subjects like coordinate geometry or calculus after enrolling in the MBA program, but it is crucial to know some fundamental arithmetic to comprehend the topics covered there. Any specialty, whether in finance, marketing, operations, or human resources, has the same limitations.

Does an MBA in digital marketing involve math?

Math is not required. For admission to an MBA program, you must pass both the CAT exam and the personal interview phase. Math is not required. Those interested in learning more about the various elements of the subject of digital marketing can enroll in Chandigarh University's MBA Digital Marketing course.

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