Digital Marketing courses by NIIT: Programme, Courses, Fees, Placements 2023

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NIIT was founded in 1981 on a wet, monsoon evening in Bombay over countless cups of tea. Two engineering graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi saw the potential of IT training and formed a firm that is today regarded as the crucible of India's IT revolution. During the past 40 years, NIIT has risen from being India's most recognized education brand to earning the faith of numerous Fortune and Global 500 corporations in over 30 countries. Every day, NIIT's instructional designers employ award-winning design approaches and cutting-edge media and technology across numerous sectors, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, life sciences, financial services and banking, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, and industrial. The purpose of NIIT is to assist top corporations in running training like a business by enhancing training efficacy and efficiency. 

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Table of Content:
Digital Marketing Course
Benefits of NIIT


Digital Marketing Course:

Program for Digital Marketing Learns about Google Keyword, SEO, advertising on social media, and other facets of Digital Marketing. A forward-thinking program that gives you the freedom to pick your study hours, flexible qualifying requirements, and 100% assurance of a wonderful job from Day 1.


  • Assured Placement
  • Interviews with top companies
  • Learners were assigned to 10 LPA CTC
  • 1.2k students enrolled
Flexible Study Hours: 16/32 weeks
Least Requirements to Participate: Every Graduate

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Top abilities you will Get:

  • Tick the ROI Optimization box
  • Circle-check
  • Tick the SEO Optimization box (Both On Page And Off Page)
  • Make a Website Without Coding

Information about Eligibility for a Placement:

  • Assurance: X, XII, Grad/PG >= 60%; Age: 25 years
  • X, XII, Grad/PG>= 50%; Age 30 or X, XII, Grad/PG: Pass; Age 28



The Program fee (incl. GST): ₹ 94400

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Grooming for Professionals:


Step 1: Matching your profile to the appropriate job position
Step 2: Improve your communication abilities to boost your confidence.
Step 3: Finish your preparation for aptitude exams.
Step 4: Conduct mock interviews with personalized feedback.
Step 5: Talk to and connect with people in your industry.
Step 6: Tips for Creating a Digital Profile and a Resume


The software was created by analyzing industry trends. Its hands-on education qualifies you for certification from several organizations.

  • Google Digital Garage
  • YouTube Certified
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Certified
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube AnalyticsSemrush

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  • Mastery Education: Mastery may be attained through our customized and group-based learning approach.
  • Practitioner Created: Mentors may help you restructure your design and code.
  • Final Projects: Create and test a fully functional non-trivial web application for a pre-defined case study.
  • Hours of Study that are Flexible: Select based on your qualifying requirements.
  • Result Oriented: Make yourself project-ready from the start.
  • Solving Problems Integrated: For deep skill development, practice difficult, real-world problem-solving exercises.

Highlights of The Program:

The curriculum of the program is meant to put you above your colleagues:

  • Learning Mode: Industry professionals devised an online mentor-led curriculum.
  • Methodology of Instruction: Develop the skills you acquire by applying them to real-world business circumstances.
  • Job Functions: Prepare students for jobs such as Digital Marketer and SEO Professional, as well as for successful entrepreneurship.
  • Mastery Education: Get complete command of the topic via practical utilization of abilities in real-world business situations.
  • 100% Placement Guarantee: Obtain a guaranteed placement with a starting salary of INR 3 LPA.
  • Customized Instruction: Learn interview skills and CV writing, with personalized 1:1 professional, grooming.

Eligibility for the Program Any Graduate
Duration of the program: 16/32 Weeks

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The curriculum of the Program:

  • Website Design and Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising in the Google Ecosystem
  • Project
  • Marketing on Different Social Media Platforms through
  • Successfully Utilize eCommerce Channels

Learning Mode: Online
Guarantee of Placement: 25 years; 10th, 12th, Grad: 60%


  1. 10th, 12th, Grad: 60%; 25-28 years or 10th, 12th, Grad: 50%-60%; 28 years

  2. 10th, 12th, Grad: 50%; 29-30 years old or 10th, 12th, Grad: Pass; 28 years old

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Benefits of NIIT:

  • Increasing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Learning Portfolios:

    The Customer is a prominent worldwide bank located in the United States that services 67 million consumers and small corporate customers. With over 200,000 workers globally, one of the customer's main issues was managing a vast learning portfolio. The training portfolio accounted for 8 million hours of participant time, with over 6000 courses in the learning catalog and over 90 suppliers providing in the same region. To make matters more difficult, 75% of the courses were either instructor-led or virtual instructor-led. Moreover, there were several duplications and redundancies, as well as no obvious return on investment. The firm hired NIIT's advising and consultancy services practice to conduct a thorough analysis of the portfolio and provide recommendations to optimize and maximize value. The portfolio transformation methodology developed by NIIT is a structured engagement technique for transforming learning portfolios to offer greater value at a lower cost. We use a mix of 12 levers to systematically discover opportunities to minimize portfolio size by reducing redundancies and redundant course material.

  • Changing Customer Education:

    With 138,000 people, our client is one of the world's leading international computer technology corporations. While the customer's training programs in the United States were well-established, those in Europe were fragmented and non-standard due to different partners and stakeholders. The corporation desired that its European clients share a global high level of education delivery and management. For the firm in Europe, NIIT offers Education Services to provide seamless training delivery and management to its customers.

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  • Process Improvement in Recruiting and Onboarding:

    The client is a global leader in benefits administration and cloud-based HR and finance solutions. Because of the breadth of the portfolio, a major portion of our customer's L&D efforts was focused on the benefits administration team. Before they could make these new workers productive at work, the organization underwent a rigorous system of onboarding new hires for up to 15 weeks depending on job positions. This resulted in significant direct and indirect expenditures even before the new staff was productive. Seasonal peaks and troughs in job output resulted in significant attrition. NIIT assumed responsibility for hiring, training, and analyzing important job responsibilities in benefits administration in order to supply work-ready employees to the client through a novel program model. This methodology has reduced start-up costs and time to productivity for new workers, as well as overall employee attrition. talent to the client via a unique program concept. This methodology has reduced start-up costs and time to production for new workers, as well as overall employee attrition.

  • In record time, a high volume of in-person training was converted to virtual training: 

    NIIT provides demand planning, training delivery, and administration for a variety of business units throughout the world. NIIT has altered the entire service delivery for the consumer by providing a highly tailored platform and structure for sales forecasting and delivery execution. Our customers maximize usage and better prepare for upcoming training objectives and volumes by having a clear perspective of the whole process. COVID-19 forced our customer, a top global technology business, to cancel in-person training. In March 2020, the NIIT team proactively collaborated with the customer to transition over 20 in-person training courses to online training sessions at record speed, with no losses or late cancellation costs. While the epidemic continues, the NIIT team has organized and executed over 104 VILT training sessions and answered 224 end-to-end requests to guarantee that all classes may now be provided online in a safe setting.

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NIIT was created on a damp, monsoon evening in Mumbai in 1981 over several cups of tea. Two engineering graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi recognized the potential of IT training and founded a company that is now known as the crucible of India's IT revolution. NIIT has grown from being India's most-known education brand to winning the trust of multiple Fortune and Global 500 organizations in over 30 countries over the last 40 years. Every day, NIIT's instructional designers use award-winning design methodologies as well as cutting-edge media and technology in industries such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services and finance, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, and industrial. The goal of NIIT is to help top businesses operate training programs.

Is a three-month digital marketing training worthwhile?

Digital marketing courses are well worth the investment. Taking a course or many courses (as in digital marketing) is a quick and effective approach to learn new skills or expand your knowledge of a subject. Several firms, in my experience, overprice their courses.

How much does a digital marketing course cost?

Basic digital marketing training costs between 15,000 and 20,000. Because advanced courses are longer and give more skills and tools than basic courses, they have a larger pricing range. These courses' digital marketing course prices range from 30,000 to 80,000.

In digital marketing, what is paid placement?

Sponsored placement, in which marketers pay a search engine to have their product appear prominently among the results of a keyword search, has evolved as a dominating kind of Internet marketing.

Is digital marketing a viable job option in 2023?

In the future years, the demand for talented digital marketers will only grow. According to LinkedIn, one of the top talents to master in 2023 to advance your career is digital marketing. 

How much does a digital marketer make?

Digital Marketer salaries in India range from 0.5 Lakhs to 9.1 Lakhs per year, with an average yearly pay of 3.0 Lakhs. The salary projections are based on the most recent 3.4k salaries obtained from Digital Marketers.

Will I obtain a job after digital marketing?

A degree in digital marketing prepares individuals for tasks ranging from site strategist to social media marketer in online marketing. The advanced education can lead to roles in marketing or leadership, such as internet ads or digital sales managers.

What are the marketing 7 Ps?

Price, Promotion, Place, Product, People, Physical evidence, and Procedures are the seven Ps of marketing.

Is digital marketing expensive?

Many of your expenditures with digital marketing are inexpensive. Email marketing, social network interactions and postings, and website material are all inexpensive to generate. When clients find you through these means, your CAC is minimal.

Can I make a decent living from digital marketing?

Salary of a Digital Marketer in India: A digital marketing executive's average income is 2 LPA, and with experience, your compensation may climb to 6 LPA.

Is there a good wage in digital marketing?

The average annual compensation for a Digital Marketing beginning / newbie is around Rs 3.0 Lacs to 4.0 Lacs. This will be determined by a variety of other elements such as talents, organisation, and job location.

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