Top 12 AI Tools for Digital Retail 2023

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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An AI advertising instrument is a piece of program or a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make automated decisions. These judgments are based on data that has been acquired, analyzed, and evaluated in conjunction with the market trend The goal is to develop an advertising plan that forecasts the buyer's next move. Everything occurs in real-time, with absolutely no human involvement. This ability to make automatic judgments at breakneck speed defines AI promotional products for enterprises. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
AI Tools for Digital Retail 2023:
1) Flick:
Flick AI Social Media Assistant is a sophisticated marketing tool that automates the process of thinking, creating, and preparing social media content. This AI-powered platform is dynamically, providing AI Idea Brainstorming for unique content suggestions, AI Caption Writing for creative captions, and reducing extensive material into digestible portions for sharing.

Source: Safalta

It specializes in post scheduling, allowing you to plan and time your posts with a single click. It also assists in effective content management and visibility optimization with features such as Auto-Suggested Hashtags and a Hashtag Search & Manager.

This application, designed exclusively for social media, provides 24/7 assistance and an easy-to-use interface. This solution, designed exclusively for social networking, provides 24/7 assistance and a straightforward setup procedure. Over 100,000 content producers, companies, and marketers rely on Flick AI Social Media Assistant to save time, increase outcomes, and boost their social media presence.
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2) Hunch:
Hunch is a powerful solution for performance-driven digital advertisers that accelerates the design of video and picture advertising while also automating the ad purchase process.  As a Meta Business Partner, I'm curious to see how self-service solutions like Hunch can threaten the realm of programmatic advertising. Hunch, with its automated ad templates, is especially useful for companies and enterprises looking to harness customization in omnichannel campaigns. It accomplishes this by analyzing data from your owned social media platforms and offering deeper insights into what works best and how to capitalize on it to provide experiences tailored to your users. Hunch also offers creative localization for foreign brands and goods, allowing you to contextualize your messaging based on where your consumers are located.
3) SEO for Surfers:
Surfer SEO is a search engine optimization program driven by artificial intelligence that supports users in assessing and optimizing their website's content to achieve better search rankings and more organic traffic. Start your content development process with it by analyzing SERPs and developing content briefs with detailed outlines. Once the content is developed, Surfer uses natural language processing (NPL) to compare it to the top articles in the SERPs and makes recommendations on how to outperform the competition.
4) Midjourney:
Midjourney is an AI text-to-image converter that enables users to produce one-of-a-kind and appealing pictures for a variety of uses such as websites, social media accounts, and marketing materials. Users may begin with Midjourney by making an account on their Discord server.
5) Craftly:
Want to use AI while keeping the human factor in editing? Then Craftly is an excellent choice. Craftly differs from other AI copywriting helpers in that it uses reinforcement from actual humans (both positive and negative feedback) while training its models. Driven by statistics, they have all of their training tailored to certain sectors while infusing their products with all of the success algorithms. They alternate models and training based on a user's preferred style. Craftly is designed to improve as you use it more. As a result, your outputs, or create content, are more likely to seem natural and conversational.

Other AIs that lack this component tend to become rambling and repetitious. Craftly supports over 100 different forms of communications and media, including social media posts, long-form blogs, web content, email outreach, advertisements and e-commerce, and more. Craftly's capacity to handle 25 languages is a huge appeal for worldwide businesses and marketers with international consumer bases, especially given that the product is taught in the specified language while simultaneously being reinforced by individuals who know those languages fluently.
6) Grammarly:
Grammarly is a writing tool that may help you enhance the quality and interest of your material by analyzing for grammatical errors, tone inconsistencies, and even plagiarism. Users may produce their material directly on the platform or choose from a variety of integrations including Google Docs, Gmail, and the Google Chrome Extension.
7) ContentShake:
ContentShake is an AI content writing assistance with functionality comparable to SWA but at a reduced cost. This may be appealing to content makers on a small budget who need to expand rapidly with optimized, engaging, on-brand material. It is accessible in the Semrush App Centre and is powered by Semrush data.
8) Granify:
Granify provides e-commerce business owners with simple and rapid machine-learning income optimization. It operates in a rather straightforward manner. Granify gathers around 500 behavioral data points every second when your clients engage with your e-commerce site. It then compares this data to billions of other customer behavioral patterns to evaluate the consumers' likelihood of converting. Granify may give your consumers optimum messaging when it detects a conversion opportunity, resulting in improved income for your shop. Its predictive analysis assists e-commerce store owners in providing each consumer with the things they want and desire. You may inquire about the price by filling out the contact form on their website.
9) PriSync:
PriSync enables e-commerce store owners to discover their competitors' pricing, methods, and profit margins, allowing them to enhance their sales and income. PriSync operates in an extremely efficient manner. The three simple steps for setting it up and using it are in the following manner:
  • After you've added your items and rivals, you may view the pricing changes in your market on your dashboard. You may research historical price patterns and export all pricing-related data to an Excel file.
  • Add and define your items. You may add them individually or all at once. Then, add your rivals to your dashboard.
  • PriSync also provides proactive and devoted customer care, displays precise and current data, and provides its clients with customizable pricing.
  • You have price data, trends, indices, and so on, which you can simply exploit to expand your share of the market by staying current and competitive.
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10) ViSenze:
ViSenze improves the ability to find your e-commerce store's products. It enhances the way your consumers search for a product by utilizing visual AI and extensive catalog data, ensuring that clients do not leave your business due to a lack of the requested goods. ViSenze claims that visual search will be 9x faster than text search, with a 6x increase in conversion rate and a 29x gain in ROI. It gives contextual product suggestions and consumer insights in addition to strong SEO and comprehensive product search options.

Furthermore, contextual advertising enables e-commerce store owners to produce extremely relevant adverts that correspond to the styles and trends that buyers are actively researching. ViSenze presently works with major e-commerce businesses such as Mango, dfs, and Zalora. It makes use of incredibly intelligent technologies to provide a fantastic experience.
11) ChatGPT:
ChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language processing tool developed by OpenAI that enables us to construct a text-based answer in human language. The language model may help you with things like writing essays and emails, as well as coding. The major goal of developing this tool was to solve the problem of traditional chatbot methods that we were employing across platforms such as e-commerce, banking, and so on, and it operates like a regular human person.
12) AI Lucia
Lucia AI is a cutting-edge AI writing helper that assists users in writing quicker and better in less time. It has a FAQ section that answers often-asked questions like how to prepare citations or draught a press release. It offers features targeted to certain professions, such as writing, learning, advertising, and coding. Users may shorten their writing process and create higher-quality material in less time. The FAQ section is particularly created to answer typical inquiries that writers frequently have.
An AI advertising instrument is a programme or system that makes automated judgements using artificial intelligence (AI). These conclusions are based on data that has been collected, analysed, and compared to market trends. The objective is to create an advertising strategy that anticipates the buyer's next step. Everything happens in real time, with no human intervention. AI advertising items for organisations are defined by their ability to make autonomous judgements at breakneck speed.

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What will be the most powerful AI in 2023?

  • Predictive Modelling is best with the DataRobot AI Platform.
  • Azure Machine Learning Studio is the best option for data scientists.
  • ChatGPT is best suited for creative teams.
  • Tidio is best suited for Customer Success Teams.
  • Google AI is the best for model research and training.
  • Murf: Excellent for text-to-speech.

What will the next AI be in 2023?

AI is breaking out of its mould as a tool for automating mundane work in 2023. It's a foray into the realm of creation. That's correct; we're discussing generative AI, the branch of AI that leverages current data to generate wholly new and previously unseen artefacts.

How will artificial intelligence (AI) impact business in 2023?

Artificial intelligence can enable the automatic and exact formulation of sales predictions based on all customer contacts and prior sales accomplishments. Lead scoring: AI assists in the analysis of leads. These AI technologies can help salespeople prioritise their customers based on their potential to convert.

What is the most intelligent AI right now?

GPT-3, the largest and most powerful AI model to date, was unveiled in 2020. It has 175 billion parameters, which is more than 10 times more than GPT-2.

What is the most recent AI trend?

As augmented analytics affects how organisations look at data, it has found applications in every area, making it one of the key 2023 AI trends. According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of data stories will be created automatically utilising augmented analytics approaches.

What are the AI trends expected in 2024?

As you plan for a career in AI and machine learning, it's critical to keep an eye on the developing trends that will influence the environment in 2024. Among the disruptive trends to watch are reinforcement learning, explainable AI, federated learning, edge computing, and ethical AI development.

What is the latest AI craze?

Computer vision, natural language generation, and robotic process automation were among the most popular.


What are the greatest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for sales?

  • Sales Hub by HubSpot.
  • SalesOS from ZoomInfo.
  • Clari Copilot (Formerly Wingman)
  • Sales Cloud by Salesforce.
  • Drift.
  • Clari.
  • Fathom.
  • Scratchpad.

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