Wask: What, Why and How it works

Safalta Expert Published by: Aditi Goyal Updated Tue, 02 May 2023 06:50 PM IST

A web-based program called WASK is used by firms to manage their advertising campaigns from a single platform. The following features are essential: automated publishing, content management, post-scheduling, analytics, and conversion monitoring. Using WASK's intelligent features, you can combine and optimize your Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube ads to reach more people.

Wask, what is it? 

Users can link their digital ad accounts to WASK, an all-in-one online digital marketing platform, for convenience. The WASK platform makes it simple to develop, publish, and manage all adverts.

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Ads are planned and updated automatically based on user preferences thanks to WASK's innovative smart solutions, including the scheduler and autopilot. With the help of WASK's artificial intelligence technology, users can quickly and easily establish the ideal target audience. Ads are started, paused, and eliminated at the appropriate times, so they handle themselves automatically. Users can view performances through performance comparison, and adverts are contrasted through A/B tests.

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What makes Wask a good choice?

The advantages Wask offers its consumers include:
  • One platform for all of your digital advertisements, including those on Facebook, Google, and Instagram (a feature for Twitter and LinkedIn ads is coming shortly).
  • Emoticons, pictures, and other design elements are all available for free.
  • Highly practical ad scheduling and A/B testing capabilities
  • the best target audience is selected using AI
  • Comparative and reporting tools for ad performance
  • ad management solution that is affordable
  • Your WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify websites have remarketing options.
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How does Wask operate?

WASK is a thorough ad management platform that aids customers with a variety of business-related tasks, including analytics for digital marketing, AI-based target management, autopilot mode, and scheduling. Users can begin with the monitoring portion of the platform by quickly connecting all of their digital ad accounts (including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) in one click. 

Utilizing built-in tools like the scheduler, autopilot, and performance comparison, they can also conduct thorough comparisons between ads. Additionally, WASK provides businesses with a personal advisor to assist them in managing their advertising budgets effectively. Users who use the software can create effective ad designs and campaigns with the aid of the free themes, background colors, and emojis that are provided. 

By using the built-in drag-and-drop functionality offered by the software, they may easily produce professional photos. In addition, WASK employs AI-based algorithms to produce the appropriate target audiences and enable real-time monitoring of them. Additionally, users can display to potential customers the overall success rates of their business by integrating the software with their own websites, using platforms like Shopify, and WordPress.
With the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the application enables marketers to establish and manage target audiences, create and measure conversions, and compare performance to develop marketing strategies. The effectiveness of Google and Facebook advertising may also be evaluated using A/B testing that consumers can construct. 

Managers can periodically monitor and manage adverts with the help of the AutoPilot function. Companies can link their websites to the platform, which gives them the ability to promote to both current and new consumers and remarket advertising via plug-ins. 

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Support is provided through phone, email, FAQs, and an online contact form for WASK, which is offered on a monthly subscription basis. 

1. Basic $19 /Monthly
1 Ad Account
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Google Search Ads
Google GDN Ads
Facebook Pixel
Ad Designer, And More

2. Premium $49 /Monthly
4 Ad Account
Premium Templates
Ad Publisher
Smart Optimize
Smart Audience
3 Competitor Analysis
20 Comment Manage
AutoPilot, And More

3. Professional $89 /Monthly
20 Ad Account
∞ Comment Manage
A-B Test
Smart Advice
WordPress Plugin
Shopify Plugin
Reporting, And More From a single dashboard, WASK allows you to create, publish, and optimize your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. You may select the most appropriate audience for your advertising using the smart audience function, and you can produce high-performing ads with the assistance of smart recommendations and the projected quality score offered by WASK's clever algorithm. Utilizing WASK, you can easily create various target audiences for your advertisements.

What categories of users and business entities does WASK work with?

Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprises, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government are some of the users and entity types that WASK works with.

What can I accomplish with the help of autopilot rules?

By automatically analyzing various metrics like CPC, CPM, CTR, and clicks, you can stop or delete your ineffective ads and change the daily budget of your ads.

Can I use the designs I made using WASK's Designer tool in my advertisements?

You can quickly use these images in your media library while using WASK to create your ads by saving the designs.

Can I incorporate my own images into my designs?

The WASK design tool allows you to easily upload your own images for use in your designs.

Which layout sizes are offered by Design Tools?

There are templates for social media posts and stories, and you can also design your own unique layout by choosing the layout's height and width.

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