Top 8 Podcasts to Upgrade Your Work Performance and Career Growth

Priya Bawa

She has started her career as a Content Writer and writes on blogs related to career.

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A podcast is an audio file in digital form that may be listened to online or downloaded. It is normally pre-recorded and polished before being made available in digital form. It's similar to on-demand talk radio. They can be stored on a variety of platforms, including many that are free to use. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing
Table of Content:

Podcasts to Upgrade Your Work Performance and Career Growth:

Podcasts to Upgrade Your Work Performance and Career Growth:
1) Career Pathways:
Your career, like many other aspects of life, may not always proceed on a straight path. Career Curves episodes are inspirational because they are "real stories told by actual individuals about real careers." Beth Davies, the show's host, hosts talks with successful people from a variety of professions about handling the ups and downs of their careers.

Source: Safalta

Career Curves may be a decent choice if you're seeking straight-up inspiration.
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2) Being the Boss:
I enjoy the Being Boss podcast for something a bit different. This presentation is all about getting the job done and offers insights into scheduling training and innovative business ownership. Being Boss, hosted by close companions Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, is a blend of professional interviews and business chats that include day-to-day guidance. In a nutshell, the podcast is great for executives who want to control their own careers.
3) The Productive Woman:
The show's goal is to assist busy women in finding a work-life balance. Laura provides advice on the best tools and encourages people to improve their lives, handle stress, and do other things. For example, how to determine the time of day when you are most focused, motivated, and energetic. As a consequence, you may use this time to improve yourself and become more productive at work while also lowering your stress level. These suggestions will assist you in achieving your goals and creating a life that is meaningful to you.
4) Tara Brach:
Brach has your back. She utilizes her episodes to center you and help you just breathe as a psychotherapist and Buddhist meditation instructor. So, if you're running on adrenaline and unable to take a deep breath or focus, this audio will help you calm down, reframe, and simply be more present, no matter where you are.
5) ProdPod:
Ray Sidney-Smith hosts the ProdPod, a two-minute podcast. Yes, this show is just two minutes long, but it packs a lot of useful information into each episode. Ray discusses subjects such as rewarding yourself for reaching your objectives, book summaries, and kaizen. The ProdPod cast is meant to enable even the busiest people to listen to the podcast for at least two minutes.
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6) Smart Passive Income
Pat Flynn of The Smart Passive Money Blog reveals all of his online company and blogger tactics, money streams, and great marketing concepts and approaches so you can keep your online company or blog above your rivals. Discover how to build several streams of passive income that work for you, giving you the time and flexibility to do what you want, whether it's traveling the globe or simply living comfortably at home. This podcast covers a wide range of subjects on what works to help you better grasp how to smash it with your internet company. A Day in the Life of Pat - My Routine, Schedule, and Habits Shared is full of practical information for anybody looking to learn how to begin their day off correctly for optimum productivity.
7) Back to Work:
Back to Work is an award-winning conversation program hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin that covers issues such as efficiency, interpersonal relationships, work, obstacles, constraints, tools, and more. The speakers' casual banter makes this a fun listen as well as is full of advice on any productivity issue you can think of. Space Geisha (38 minutes) is a recent episode that I hope you'll find intriguing and informative, in which Merlin and Dan address invasive ideas, how they may take over our lives, and how we might perhaps learn to deal with them.
8) WorkLife of Adam Grant:
Adam Grant, best-selling author, and organizational psychologist, teaches you how to ask the correct questions and reframe your perspective in order to discover how to improve your work life. Grant is interested in how we discover purpose and inspiration in our work, how we may rethink our most fundamental beliefs, and how we can live more creative, honest lives. You might never look at your work the same way again.
9) Dave Asprey's:
Dave Asprey's fifteen-year single-minded campaign to better the human being by utilizing all available technology gave birth to Bulletproof Executive Radio. He employed hacking techniques and tried anything himself, passionately searching for the answer to the question: What are the most fundamental things you can do to improve at anything? Introducing bulletproof, a state of outstanding performance in which you regulate and improve your biochemistry, body, and mind so that they operate in harmony, allowing you to perform at levels well above what you'd anticipate without burning out, becoming ill, or just seeming like an anxious jerk.

This one is for those of you who enjoy finding out how to utilize technology and science to improve your life. No matter how knowledgeable you believe you are, Dave is sure to have something fresh for you to try. There's an explanation as to why it was the top health podcast on iTunes last year. This overview of 2014 programs (1 hr. 27 min.) will give you a fair indication of how Bulletproof Radio may improve your health, happiness, and overall well-being.
A podcast is a digital audio file that may be listened to online or downloaded. It is often pre-recorded and polished prior to being made digitally available. It functions similarly to on-demand talk radio. They may be saved on a number of sites, many of which are free to use.

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What exactly is the podcast about staying happy at work about?

Happier at Work is a weekly company podcast for HR and company executives who understand that their people are their most valuable asset and want to keep their best employees.

What is the happiest industry to work in?

People working in this industry indicated the highest levels of satisfaction in three areas: emotional wellness benefits (80.25%), job empowerment (79.01%), and compensation (79.01%).

What factors influence workplace happiness?

Workplace satisfaction is dependent on five factors: meaningful responsibilities, a team environment, work-life balance, feeling respected, and having possibilities for progress.

Why are podcasts beneficial to one's well-being?

Podcasts may also be an excellent source of information regarding mental health. There are several podcasts available that provide instructional material on issues such as anxiety, despair, and self-care. This can serve to raise awareness and lessen stigma.

Is Taylor Swift a podcaster?

Swiftcast is the number one Taylor Swift podcast.

Why are podcasts entertaining?

One of the primary advantages of listening to podcasts is that it allows your eyes and brain to rest. Simply close your eyes and let your imagination to run wild. Because podcasts use less energy, your brain is more engaged when listening to them than when watching TV or reading a book.

How can I make a job transition at the age of 35?

A career transition into a different field at the age of 35 may entail obtaining adult internships and freelancing to get appropriate experience. Volunteering may also help you earn useful experience that companies will take into account throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

What should I do when I'm 25?

With the advancement of technology and the expansion of the industrial and educational sectors, the need for talents has no bounds. With the shifting face of the present working environment, some of the greatest profession alternatives to mention include teaching, mechanical, interior design, web development, entrepreneurship, hospitality, and journalism.

How can I find a career that I enjoy?

  • Don't base your decision just on income.
  • Consider what piques your interest.
  • Request an unbiased opinion.
  • Determine your ideal working environment.
  • Improve your abilities.
  • Consult a career counsellor.
  • Look into firms that interest you.

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