Top 20 PPC Advertising Platforms for E-commerce Websites

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PPC advertising is a sort of online marketing in which an advertiser compensates an advertising company each time for a promotional link. PPC is additionally referred to as the cost-per-click (CPC) model. Pay-per-click advertising is generally provided by search engine providers Google and social media sites Facebook. The most common platforms for PPC advertising are Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing 
Table of Content:
PPC Advertising Platforms for E-commerce Websites:

PPC Advertising Platforms for E-commerce Websites:
1) Free Google Listings:
Merchants may use Google Free Listings to expose their product details to potential clients via multiple Google channels at no charge. It is crucial to note, however, that participation in this program does not ensure that your product listings will show on Google's network.
  • Free Internet store listings: Your items will be shown in various locations on Google.
  • Local product listings are completely free: By taking part in Google's free local product listings program, your listing may be shown to nearby potential customers, along with relevant shop information.
Where will people find your free product listings?
  • Google displays: Google Search is a search engine.
  • The shopping tab: The upper area is dedicated solely to Shopping advertisements, while the portion below has free classifieds.
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2) Shopping on Google:
Google Shopping is a marketing tool that enables publishers to graphically display their items to Google searchers.

Source: Safalta

Shopping ads are image-based product advertising that are set up in the Google Merchant Centre and display a photo of the item you sell, its title, price, shop name, and reviews. Product listings appear at the top of the search engine results pages. If a consumer clicks on your ad, Google will link them to your eCommerce store's product page, where they may make a purchase. You pay each time anyone clicks on your Shopping ad, similar to paid search advertisements.
3) Ads on Facebook:
PPC advertisements are not confined to websites operated by third parties and search engines. Because of the vast amount of people that use the social media giant, social media is an excellent way to reach a massive audience online, and Facebook Ads is one of the greatest platforms for doing so. Facebook advertisements can take several forms, such as banner ads and advertisements for posts.
4) Amazon advertisements:
Amazon primarily targets individuals who enjoy shopping. This aids in the representation of the items in the key outcomes or search results. As a result, it is simpler for customers to see the large choice of items accessible on the site provided by your eCommerce business.
5) RTB Residence:
RTB House, a tiny startup providing its own brand of AI capabilities, is another option for retargeting ad networks. RTB House offers access to additional internet properties for retargeting, but otherwise, it's pretty comparable to the larger and more known AdRoll. RTB House, as the name implies, provides real-time bidding on a wide range of PPC ad networks, all from inside their own platform. RTB House is a quote-only service, so you'll need to contact them to discuss your retargeting ad needs.
6) Youtube:
YouTube is doing excellent business all around the world in terms of brand promotion and exposure. The nice thing about using YouTube advertising is that it may help you bring enough visitors to your company. As a result, if you are thinking about opening an online business, YouTube advertisements might be a great way to generate income leads.
7) Bidvertiser:
Bidvertiser is an excellent platform for developing banner advertisements. Sites that partner with Bidvertiser can receive a share of the revenue earned by the advertising that shows in the edges of their web pages. It also has a relatively cheap cost per click.
8) Taboola:
Taboola is well-known for its advertising platform, particularly for new business owners searching for marketing platforms through adverts. This platform has been used to run really imaginative promotional commercials. They employ either instructional material or advertorials that they create for their websites.

Taboola commercials are unlike ordinary adverts, making it simple to pique the attention of clients. Again, the availability of domestic advertising technologies aids in the tracking, publication, and production of regional promotional efforts. It is ideally suited for brand promotion, amazing audience visibility, and other applications across numerous marketing channels.
9) Instagram advertisements:
Because Instagram is controlled by Facebook, its ad platform functions similarly. Advertisements can be displayed in a number of formats. Best of all, both Facebook and Instagram advertisements allow you to target highly specific user demographics.
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10) AdRoll:
AdRoll, one of the largest retargeting ad networks, is a strong tool for driving repeat visits or converting interested people into paying clients.  AdRoll works by leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze visitor behavior. It combines your marketing approach across many platforms in order to increase interaction on social media, email, or your own e-commerce site. AdRolls' BidiQ, a secret weapon, evaluates user data from online and social networking platforms to retarget advertising at the greatest pricing. You may also utilize AdRoll to send personalized emails to clients, which is frequently cited as a crucial conversion method.

Advertisers may also use the power of dynamic advertisements, which are ads that appear with a related product after you've clicked on them. Advertisers can also use dynamic advertisements, which are ads that appear with a comparable product after you've looked for something similar. Although some individuals find them strange, they have been shown to be highly effective. If you're searching for a solution to unify your retargeting approach and are wondering if there is another option (other than Google Ads), AdRoll is a great option.        
11) Twitter advertisements:
Twitter, along with Facebook and Instagram, is one of the most popular social networking networks. Twitter advertisements come in a variety of flavors, but one of the greatest is promoted tweets, which push genuine tweets from your company to the front of people’s timelines.
12) Microsoft Product Listings (Bing Free Product Listings):
Using Bing Free Listing can assist boost the visibility of your items without incurring additional fees since they can display on the Bing shopping tab for free.
13) Ads on Tik-Tok:
TikTok has grown in popularity among millions of consumers who want to discover and buy things. Sellers may utilize TikTok commerce capabilities to allow users to swiftly see and purchase things in a matter of seconds.
14) Snapchat advertisement
While Snapchat lacks the broad reach of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, it remains popular among a committed and engaged group of young people. Snapchat may be an amazing venue to display your products and services if your target demographic comprises Gen Z and younger millennials.
15) Pinterest advertisements:
Pinterest, the last social media network on our list of online advertising platforms, is a must-have if your target audience fits its greatest demographic of middle-to-upper-class women. Promoted pins may be used to market your products or services.
16) RevContent:
This is an additional content recommendations advertising tool, like Taboola and Outbrain. Although RevContent does not have a large selection of high-end sites, it does have a strong presence among US audiences. According to their own tagline, they are the world's fastest-growing native advertising network. So, if you're searching for a platform with a lot of potential but little competition, RevContent could be a good choice. The typical CPC for a PPC ad network with a relatively limited reach would be fairly cheap. According to sources, RevContent's cost per click is around the same as Taboola's, at around $0.44c per click.
17) Microsoft's Bing Ads:
Though Google is the dominant search engine with a sizable market share, Microsoft Ads is in second place. Microsoft Advertising is a powerful but frequently ignored pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tool for organizations.
18) Google AdWords:
While Google has an obvious advantage over the other search engines, Bing has grown in prominence in recent years. According to Microsoft, Bing continues to hold 14.5% of the worldwide market share for PC desktops search engines. The Bing Network receives 14.5 billion daily PC searches, with 687 million individual PC searchers.

The shocking fact is that 100% of searches on the Microsoft Search Network have made an online purchase in the recent week. If you want to target this shopping population, Bing Ads should be part of your ad plan. Bing Shopping, which is comparable to Google Shopping Ads, is another option.
19) Amazon advertisements:
Our final main inclusion is Amazon Ads, which is necessary if you want to market your Amazon business. Amazon advertisements can show not just as sponsored results for searches on the website, but also as display advertisements on third-party websites.
20) Outbrain:
Outbrain is a similar content recommendation tool to Taboola. They're both content marketing specialists with a portfolio of high-quality websites. With Outbrain, your content will appear on sites such as The Washington Post, CNN, MSN, The Guardian, and WSJ. Outbrain's average CPC is even cheaper, with studies indicating $0.10c against $0.45 on Taboola.
PPC advertising is a type of internet marketing in which an advertiser pays an advertising business every time a promotional link is clicked. The pay-per-click (PPC) model is also known as the cost-per-click (CPC) model. Pay-per-click advertising is often supplied by Google and social media sites such as Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook, and Facebook Ads, are the most popular platforms for PPC advertising.

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What is the most often used PPC platform?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the world's largest PPC platform, accounting for 28% of the industry. They have the world's largest search network and a more than stunning display network, making it simple for marketers to locate and target new consumers.

What is the greatest platform for ecommerce marketing?

  • Ecwid is best suited for existing websites.
  • WooCommerce is the most versatile.
  • Shopify is the best platform for dropshipping.
  • Square Online is the best option for omnichannel selling.
  • Weebly is the best value.
  • Wix has the best drag-and-drop editor.
  • BigCommerce is the best for increasing sales.

Is PPC effective for ecommerce?

PPC campaigns may help your ecommerce business increase ad conversion and revenue by targeting clients who are seeking for your items or services. An effective PPC campaign brings in the correct sort of visitors, not merely more people to a product page or landing page. Measurable, data-driven outcomes.

Which is more effective, SEO or PPC?

SEO can provide regular results while also increasing the authority and worth of your website. PPC, on the other hand, may provide you with instant results with a highly focused audience within a short amount of time, even if your website is not intended for SEO. SEO is extremely cost-effective and provides a far better return on investment.

Is Amazon using PPC?

Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is a component of Amazon's internal ad system.

What are the names of the five internet platforms?

  • Engines of discovery 
  • Payment methods 
  • Social networking sites 
  • Marketplaces 
  • Website creators on the internet

Which eCommerce platform is the most popular in India?

  • India
  • BookMyShow
  • Nykaa
  • FirstCry
  • Amazon
  • IndiaMART
  • Meesho

What is the most rapidly expanding eCommerce platform?

Amazon will once again be far ahead of the competition in 2023, accounting for 37.6% of US retail ecommerce sales, compared to 6.4% for No. 2 Walmart Inc. Amazon's market share has fallen since last year, but that will alter in 2024, when it will grow to 38.0%.

What software is employed in PPC?

It is not only one of the best SEO tools, but it is also excellent for PPC. They provide a total of seven tools for paid advertising and PPC in particular. You may use its paid marketing tool to see what your competitors are up to by learning the keywords they're bidding on.

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